The Callisto Protocol: How To Block And Dodge

Survive Black Iron Prison's horrors! Master blocking & dodging to beat The Callisto Protocol.

Next-generation survival game is presented in The Callisto Protocol, which features a number of well-known cliches that are intended to make the gameplay more difficult. However, the close-quarters combat can be challenging to learn, which can make the combat a nightmare for players who lack expertise and desire to take on alien biophages that are quite powerful. In this article we will show you how To Block And Dodge in The Callisto Protocol.

Due to the fact that money pickups and bullet drops are available in a restricted number of locations, players are need to be frugal with their supplies and ammunition when playing the Callisto Protocol. Even the game’s own tutorial does not provide a lot of information about how to employ the ‘perfect dodge’ approach when you are surrounded by several attackers. As a result, the following helpful pointers may come in handy for players who are selecting a more challenging difficulty level in order to obtain a trophy or recognition.

How To Block in The Callisto Protocol

  1. Blocking in Callisto Protocol is not that big of a deal.
  2. As mentioned above, the tutorial about movements is all theory while actually performing is different.
  3. All you got to do is press the S key on the PC or the left analog backward to Block an attack in the Callisto Protocol.
  4. Although, the game won’t specify a spot on which you can Block. Hence, just observe how the enemy moves.
  5. This means that you can simply Block when an enemy is all set to land a blow.
  6. The most beneficial thing is that you can counter attack after successfully Blocking an attack.
  7. Just press the melee button right after Blocking so that you knock back the enemy.
  8. In addition, make sure that you have Auto Dodge turned off in the Accessibility Settings.
  9. Because you won’t be able to Block attacks until you have this setting turned off in the Callisto Protocol.

How To Dodge in The Callisto Protocol

  1. Fight comparatively weaker enemies, face brutes.
  2. Block hard-hitting strikes; unable to Block against brutes.
  3. Tackle brutes by Dodging.
  4. Callisto Protocol’s tutorial: Dodge by holding right or left movement keys.
  5. Trust instincts before Dodging an attack.
  6. Follow direction of enemy’s arms.
  7. Dodge in direction where enemy swings hand for attack.
  8. Example: If enemy swings hand to Jacob’s right, Dodge by holding right movement key; vice versa.
  9. Ideal way to Dodge enemy’s attack in Callisto’s Protocol.

Improving Gameplay through Blocking and Dodging

  • With frame-perfect blocks and dodges, players who time their moves just right can avoid or lessen damage, which makes battle more skill-based.
The Callisto Protocol: How To Block And Dodge
  • Clear audio and visual cues help players predict enemy attacks and time their reactions correctly.
  • Different ways that enemies can attack: Players are encouraged to learn how enemies act and change their defences to match.
  • Successful blocks that leave room for counterattacks: letting players be aggressive on purpose and praising those who take smart risks.
  • Dodging creates gaps that can be used for flanking or repositioning, which increases movement and gives players control over the battlefield.
  • Managing stamina means finding the right balance between using defence moves too much and making strategic choices.
  • Different types of blocks and dodges for different types of enemies or attacks: making the game more difficult and pushing players to learn a lot of different moves.

How to purchase The Callisto Protocol game?

The Callisto Protocol is a survival horror game set in 2022. It is often called a spiritual cousin to the Dead Space series. Here’s a quick list: It’s you, Jacob Lee, who is locked up in Black Iron Prison on Callisto, Jupiter’s moon. The jail is in chaos because of a strange outbreak that lets out horrible creatures and dark secrets. If you check price of this game on amazon.


What is the blue bar in Callisto protocol?

You can determine whether or not you have sufficient energy by looking at the blue bar that is located above your horsepower bar. In the event that your GRP battery is empty, you will be unable to capture adversaries, and you will be required to locate the battery in order to recharge your GRP.

What is the best gun in Callisto protocol?

It also has incredibly inexpensive upgrades that can increase the magazine capacity, improve accuracy, and even enable the weapon to fire explosive projectiles, which gives it even more ability to control crowds. These upgrades are available for purchase.

How many levels are in Callisto protocol?

Within the entirety of The Callisto Protocol, there are eight chapters. Below you will discover a guide that we have created for each of them all: It is important to remember that the pages will contain certain tale spoilers when they are required to do so.

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