The Finals: How to Use Arena Carriables

Guide to wielding The Finals' hidden weapons & reign supreme in the arena.

The Finals is a fun, fast-paced first-person shooter game where teams play against each other in virtual venues that can be destroyed. If you want to know how to Use Arena Carriables in The Finals. The way you play is exactly like watching a fight show on TV, with huge virtual crowds cheering for the contestants in the background. That team that has the most Multipacks is the final winner.

For this destructive fighting game show, the most important thing is to use the realistically detailed venues to beat your opponents. And there are a lot of guns to pick from, but throwing a canister into a crowded area is the most satisfying thing ever. Users in The Finals can choose from a number of different types of stadium carryables.

What are arena carriables in The Finals

In The Finals game, arena carryables are boxes that are spread out all over the maps. On PC, you can get these by pressing the F key. You can pick these up and throw or shoot them to make different things happen. These include goo that changes the ground, poison, and explosives that do damage. You can learn to fire at red drums in most video games, but not many let you throw them at enemies. If you pick them up the right way in The Finals, you can even slightly open them so the tanks can leak gas and zip towards enemies.

How to Use Arena Carriables in The Finals

There is an easy way to deal damage through arena carryables. All you have to do is throw them at your enemies straight on and at the right time. What you need to do is press F on your keyboard, Triangle on your PS5, or Y on your Xbox.

The Finals: How to Use Arena Carriables
  1. Goo cylinders: When broken, they form a wall that you can use to protect yourself.
  2. Explosive cylinders: When they touch something, they explode and do a lot of damage in a wide area.
  3. Poison cylinders: If you blow up a poison cylinder, it releases toxic animals into the area.
  4. Flammable cylinders: Burst when shot after being thrown at an enemy.
  5. Powder cylinders: When they go off, they make a layer of smoke.

Each of these cylinders is useful in its own way, and you will need to figure out how to best use them to help your team. But it might not be fun to just throw these carryables at your opponents. You should instead bomb them in the game.

  • Focus on Objective Play: In modern competitive video games, objective-based play is often more important than pure removal. Arena Carriables in The Finals follow this trend by giving teams extra points for catching and depositing them. This adds another level of strategy to the game beyond just getting rid of opponents.
  • Tactical Positioning and Teamwork: To use Arena Carriables effectively, you need to be able to position yourself well, work together as a team, and make smart decisions. This part fits with the growing focus on working together and using strategy in competitive games.
  • Dynamic Matchflow: Arena Carriables make matches more unpredictable and able to change quickly. Their capture spots and routes can change the battlefield’s focus, making teams change their plans and act quickly. It fits with the current trend in professional shooters for games to move quickly and smoothly.
  • Individual Skill vs. Teamwork: Individual skill is still very important, but Arena Carriables stress how important it is to work together and coordinate your movements. Achieving goals often takes coordinated pushes, flank moves, and good communication, which pays off for teams that work well together.
  • Strategic Depth: Arena Carriables make The Finals a lot more difficult to plan for from a strategic point of view. Teams have to choose when and how to push for carriers, keep track of their resources, and change their plans as the situation changes. This level of detail is good for players who like to look at their strategies and make them better.


What are arena carriables?

Arena carryables come in five main types that players can use as tools against enemies. These include different kinds of cylinders, each with a unique but possibly game-changing benefit. Explosive Cylinders: When they hit something, explosive cylinders explode, as the name suggests.

Why use an arena stage?

A thrust stage has people sitting on three sides, an end on stage has people sitting on one side, and an arena stage has people sitting on all four sides. When there is no need for a background and the audience needs to be able to see the show from all sides, these kinds of stages are used.

What is the largest stadium in the world?

This is the big one in North Korea. The world’s biggest stadium, which can hold 150,000 people, has been the site of events like the wrestling match Collision in Korea and the gymnastics show Invincible Socialism

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