Diablo 4: How to Complete Traveller’s Superstition Quest

In Diablo 4: How to Complete Traveller’s Superstition Quest, there are a few quests that give you puzzles to solve. Most of the time, the emote system can help solve these problems. Most of the time, players use emotes to say short phrases to each other, but they can also be used to solve puzzles found all over Sanctuary.

You might find the Traveler’s Superstition side quest in Hawezar, which is on the east coast of Sanctuary. This is one of those quests where you have to solve a puzzle and use a certain emote. Find out where to start this quest and How to Complete Traveller’s Superstition Quest below.

What is the Traveler’s Superstition Quest?

In Diablo 4 game, the Traveler’s Superstition Quest can be found in the Rotspill Delta area of Hawezar. On the note it says: Players will be able to see the bodies of several adventurers who seem to have died near the statue after reading the note. To finish the quest, the “Hello” emote must be used on the statue. This will bring up a chest with some Renown, elixirs, gold, and XP in it.

Diablo 4: How to Complete Traveller’s Superstition Quest

Location and prerequisites for the Traveller’s Superstition quest

This quest is in the Rotspill Delta area, in the town of Hawezar. If you’ve unlocked the waypoints in Hawezar, you can just fast-travel to the one closest to Rotspill Delta. You should head to the coast. When you finish Act 5, you’ll be climbing through the wreckage, and this quest is just north of that. It will say that you should be at least level 61 or higher.

How to Complete Traveller’s Superstition Quest in Diablo

  1. The first step is to locate the statue you must pay your respects to, which is conveniently right next to the note.
  2. Take a few steps towards the statue.
  3. Open your emote wheel to proceed with paying your respects.
  4. Choose the “hello” emote from the wheel to complete the quest.
  5. If the “hello” emote is not already in the wheel, access the customization menu.
  6. Drag the correct emote into an empty slot in one of your wheels.

Reward and Renown

  1. The reward itself may be paltry, but the important part lies in the renown you gain.
  2. Completing the quest will grant you 20 renown points for the Hawezar region.
  3. This will help you progress towards your next renown reward and also provide you with more health potions.

Additional Activities

  1. For those looking to complete more quests quickly, head to the Dry Steppes for the Keeping the Old Traditions quest and the Reject the Mother quest.
  2. If you encounter difficulties in the open world, consider checking out our recommended builds for the Barbarian, Necromancer, and Druid classes.

Comparing the Traveller’s Superstition quest to other Diablo 4 quests

CharacteristicTraveler’s SuperstitionOther Diablo 4 Quests
Quest locationRotspill Delta, HawezarVaries by quest
Quest objectivePay respects to a statue by emoting in front of itDefeat enemies, collect items, solve puzzles, etc.
Quest rewardsRenown, elixirs, gold, and XPVaries by quest
DifficultyEasyVaries by quest
Time to complete1-2 minutesVaries by quest
Unique featuresRequires players to emote in front of a statue to completeNone
Website Visit Website


What is the secret of the spring Diablo 4?

What is the answer to the Diablo 4 riddle “The Secret of the Spring”? To finish the Secret of the Spring quest in Diablo 4, you have to be patient and use the ‘Wait’ emote. Stand by the hot spring and use the emote. A chest will appear, and the Secret of the Spring puzzle will be solved.

What is max level in Diablo 4?

Level 100 is the game’s true cap, and you will no longer earn any XP past that point.

Who is Diablo a villain of?

Diablo, whose real name is Esteban Corazón de Ablo, is a supervillain who appears in comic books made in the United States by Marvel Comics. The character is shown to be a bad alchemist who is the Fantastic Four’s enemy. The character was made by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. He first showed up in Fantastic Four #30 (September 1964).

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