Tricks to Speed Up Internet on Android: Everything you need to know

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Check Tricks to Speed Up Internet on Android: Everything you need to know

Have you ever wondered why your Android phone’s internet connection is so slow? It can be for a variety of causes. Imagine watching your favorite show, listening to music, or watching a live stream of an event like the Super Bowl or the Oscars, only to have it load and load and never end! That is the situation most Android users find themselves in. In this article, we’ll go over some of the different reasons why your Android phone’s internet is slow, as well as some ideas on how to speed it up and prevent it from slowing down again.

Tricks to speed up the Internet on an Android smartphone

clear cache

The cache fills up as the phone is used automatically which slows down your android phone. To speed up the internet on an Android phone, clear the cache, a process that is usually done by deleting your search history. You can complete a comprehensive search for step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process for your specific phone, but it can usually be completed from the settings or internet icon.

Uninstall apps

Some apps that you may not even use will run in the background while consuming your internet bandwidth, slowing it down. Uninstall any unnecessary apps from your phone to help open up some of the memory and bandwidth for the Internet. You may not even need some apps because you can access the information from the browser. An example of this is banking information.

An app that increases speed

On the other hand, download applications that help increase the speed of your Internet. There are several applications designed for Android phones that help improve the connection when the phone’s Internet is slow. Unlike the apps mentioned above, these work to help maintain your cell phone’s Internet connection without draining your bandwidth.

ad blocker

Pop-up ads are the bane of existence in the Internet world, and phones are not immune. As you load a page and a popup blocker invades the space, it requires internet connection and speed to load. Most of the time, a popup will include text as well as links and images, which will slow down the loading speed of the requested page. Downloading a pop-up blocker will stop the ads immediately, allowing your browser to continue loading your original website. The Google Play Store contains all kinds of ad blocking apps that you can try on your phone. Remember to keep only the one that works best, and you will use it constantly to avoid bricking your phone with unnecessary apps.

different browser

Different phones work better with different apps, and the same goes for the browser. This may require a bit of narrowing down, but you might consider using a different browser on your specific Android phone. You may find that one browser works faster than another, and you may want to stick with that one.

Max Data Load Option

Android phones come equipped with a setting that helps speed up your Internet connection. Under the Network and Wireless Settings umbrella, you can select GPRS for Preferred Data as a way to increase Internet speeds. Also known as the Max Data Load option, it allows your phone to download as much data as possible on each site as a way to increase the speed of the Internet and the load of each browser.

network type

As smartphone technology advances, so do the speeds available to smartphone users. 3G overtook 4G, and now some areas now get 5G. In your phone settings, select the latest preferred network type in the Cellular network connection settings section. Whenever your phone is in range of the best type of network, it will use it to speed up your Internet connection, allowing for better dialup, Internet, and texting capabilities.

off and on again

Simple but effective, try turning your Internet connection off and on. By doing so, your phone has a chance to refresh the original internet connection. You can complete this process fairly quickly by turning off your aircraft settings and quickly turning them back on. The more often you do this, the better your Internet connection will stay, just as it would with the modem inside your home.

Browser text mode

If the search you’re doing on your phone doesn’t require you to look at images, you can enable a simple feature called text mode. The text mode feature is enabled through the browser app on your phone and greatly increases the speed at which the website downloads. Without the need for images, the site focuses only on the words and does not get any additional data.

Put off

A constant Internet connection is the key to happy phone use. No phone is immune to the problems of a poor Internet connection, not even Lifeline phones. As frustrating as a poor connection is, increasing your Android phone’s Internet connection is partly up to you. The various tips above will walk you through the steps you can take to ensure you fix your phone’s slow internet speeds and help you navigate the World Wide Web with ease. By managing the various settings and applications that are already present on your phone, you can significantly improve the speeds at which your phone’s Internet connection works. You can then open websites or apps that require a good connection with ease. Additional steps to increase speed are to install apps that help with a good connection or remove pop-up blockers, which slow down loading speeds.

Final words: Tricks to Speed Up Internet on Android: Everything you need to know

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