How to Unlock All Classes in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor's got Dwarf problems? This guide unlocks all classes fast!

Starting the first moments of “Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, video game” players take on the role of the Scout Class and begin their journey into the depths of unknown, dungeon-like environments. Foraging through dangerous terrain and fighting off endless waves of alien monsters, the Scout is the leader of exploration and survival. In this guide we showed how to Unlock All Classes in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor.

With an arsenal of different weapons and specialized tools like the grappling hook and flare gun, players must learn how to move quickly and accurately in order to complete the many challenges that lie ahead. By completing missions and earning experience, players can switch between different character classes, each with its own set of skills and ways to play.

Each class, from the robust Driller to the tech-savvy Engineer, has its own benefits and synergies that make it easier for teammates to work together as a team as they search for riches and glory in the dangerous depths of the galaxy. Therefore, the first adventure as the Scout begins an exciting journey of discovery, danger, and friendship in the harsh world of “Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor.” We encourage you to visit the official website for comprehensive information.

How to Unlock All Classes in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor

  1. Unlock all Deep Rock Galactic Survivor’s classes by playing through the game and either beating or failing each level.
  2. Gain experience points regardless of whether you succeed or fail, helping you level up.
  3. Player level is crucial for accessing more game mechanics and unlocking new classes.
  4. Class level directly impacts each class’s strength and abilities.
  5. Reach Player Rank 3 by putting in considerable effort over time.
  6. Achieve Player Rank 3 after approximately 90 minutes of gameplay, unlocking the Gunner class and significantly aiding in the battle against bugs.

Understanding Classes in Deep Rock Galactic

Girl Scout:

  • Move around easily: Skilled at crossing obstacles with grappling hooks and flares. Can quickly check out caves and reach goals.
How to Unlock All Classes in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor
  • Recon and Support: Points out weak spots, heals teammates, and gives you valuable information.
  • Damage: Can fight from a distance, but is weak and can’t control a crowd.

The gunner:

  • Heavy Weapons: Minigun, autocannon, and grenade launcher give it a lot of power. Great for damaging a single enemy and slowing them down.
  • Defence & Support: Protects teammates and gives them ziplines to get around. Can protect objectives and set up choke points.
  • Mobility: Moves at an average speed and relies on ziplines to get around quickly.

Expert: Engineer

  • Platform Gun: Makes platforms for building, moving and changing the landscape. Can build complicated structures and reach their goals.
  • Turrets and Traps: Sentry turrets and proximity mines keep enemies out automatically and block off areas.
  • Versatility: Can handle different situations by manipulating the platform and using a variety of tools.

Strategies for Unlocking Classes Efficiently

Basic Advice:

  • Focus on completing objectives. This is what Deep Rock Galactic is all about, and it’s how you get the most XP and credits. You can get to higher class levels faster and have more resources to use for forging promotions.
  • Sign up with experienced players: If you play with skilled dwarves, you can finish missions faster and learn useful strategies that will help you unlock classes faster.
  • Use Deep Dives. These difficult missions give you big rewards, like extra class XP. They do, however, need good teamwork and planning.

Strategies tailored to each class:

  • Scout: Focus on exploring and completing your goals. You can easily get to areas and minerals by using your grappling hook and flares.
  • Engineer: Plan how to build platforms and turrets to help your team and protect objectives. Use your shotgun for fighting close up.
  • Driller: You can use your drills to make tunnels and short cuts that make it easier to get to minerals and objectives. The flamethrower is great at getting rid of swarms.

Tips for Progressing in Survivor Mode

Planning and getting ready:

  • Be smart about your class and perks: Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. Pick one that fits the way you play, and think about which perks will work best with the weapons you’ve chosen.
  • Set a goal: Choose whether you want to focus on getting to high levels, completing goals, or getting certain upgrades. This helps you make better choices during the run.
  • Make a plan to escape: Check out the map ahead of time and have a general idea of how to get away from the last Dreadnought battle.

How to Play and Fight:

  • Don’t stay in one place; move around! Make the most of your class’s movement skills and the terrain.
  • Use the environment to your advantage. Digging tunnels can help you make choke points, draw enemies into dangerous areas, and fix damage to the environment.
  • Set priorities for goals: First, focus on enemies that pose a high threat, such as Grabbers and Exploders. No need to worry about grunts now.


How do you unlock more perks in Deep Rock Galactic?

To progress to the the next tier of perks, you must buy a set amount of perks from the previous tiers. For example, to unlock tier 3 perks you must buy three tier 2 or tier 1 perks. Additional passive perk slots are available for purchase at tier 4 and at tier 9. Higher tiers may also contain higher levels of perks.

Can you repeat deep dives?

Players can run a given Deep Dive as many times as they want, however the rewards can only be received once per Deep Dive. Along with the Weekly Assignments, new Deep Dives become available at 11am UTC each Thursday.

Which class should I choose in Deep Rock Galactic?

The gunner is a good choice for solo players who are just starting out on Deep Rock Galactic because they have a wide range of tools and abilities that work well together, as well as a number of follow-up bonuses that make them even better.

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