How to Unlock and Craft Fishing Rods in Lego Fortnite

Ready to cast your line? Discover everything you need to know about fishing in LEGO Fortnite, including crafting rods and catching rare fish.

As part of the big Gone Fishin’ update that came out in February 2024, Lego Fortnite Unlock and Craft Fishing Rods. Now that you know how to make different kinds of fishing poles, you can cast a line and catch a variety of small fish that you can cook.

You will also be able to show off Legendary Fish as prizes in a later update. We’ve written about how to make a Fishing Rod in Lego Fortnite. The guide includes steps for making Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic Fishing Rods. we will show you how to fish in Lego Fortnite. Need help with LEGO Fortnite? The official website has a wealth of resources to get you back in the game.

How to Unlock and Craft Fishing Rods in Lego Fortnite

  • Adding Cord to your collection will let you get the Common Fishing Rod.
  • Knotroot Rod can be added to your inventory to get the Uncommon Fishing Rod.
  • You can get the Rare Fishing Rod by putting the Flexwood Rod in your collection.
  • You can get the Epic Fishing Rod by putting the Frostpine Rod in your backpack.

Once you have access to the Fishing Rod recipe, the next step is to get all the ingredients you will need to make it. This is different for each Fishing Rod, with rarer ones needing more advanced elements. Here are the things you need:

Common Fishing Rod1 Wooden Rod + 2 Cord + 1 Wolf Claw
Uncommon Fishing Rod2 Knotroot Rod + 3 Cord + 1 Silk Thread + 3 Wolf Claw
Rare Fishing Rod3 Flexwood Rod +1  Drawstring + 2 Wool Thread + 3 Sand Claw
Legendary Fishing Rod4 Frostpine Rod + 2 Drawstring + 3 Heavy Wool Thread + 3 Arctic Claw

Advanced Strategies for Fishing Rods in Lego Fortnite

  • Pick the right rod for the job. Different types of rare fishing rods have different chances of getting certain fish. For basic catches, use a Wooden Rod. For better chances at rarer fish, move up to an Uncommon Rod. And for the most elusive aquatic prizes, aim for a Legendary Rod.
  • Make rod updates a priority: Whenever you can, spend money to improve your fishing rods. With higher-tier rods, you have a much better chance of getting rarer and more valuable fish, which can give you better rewards and materials for crafting.
How to Unlock and Craft Fishing Rods in Lego Fortnite
  • Look for different biomes: Different types of water hold different kinds of fish. Explore lakes, rivers, oceans, and even coral reefs in Lego Fortnite video game to see all the different kinds of sea life that are there.
  • Fish at certain times: Some fish are more likely to show up at certain times of the day or when the weather is certain. To improve your chances of catching the fish you want, try new things and look for trends.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Fishing in Lego Fortnite

  • Practice makes perfect: Hone your casting technique to improve accuracy and reach. Aim for areas with visible fish activity or near underwater structures like rocks and coral.
  • Patience is a virtue: Don’t get discouraged if you don’t catch a fish immediately. Be patient, observe the water, and keep casting until you find success.
  • Bait them in: Craft Bait Buckets of different rarities to attract specific types of fish to your chosen location. This can significantly increase your chances of catching the desired species.
  • Multitasking is key: While waiting for a bite, engage in other activities like gathering resources, building structures, or exploring your surroundings. This optimizes your time and keeps the gameplay engaging.


How do you make an epic bait bucket in Lego fortnite?

You will need a Food Processor and a Fish Fillet in Lego Fortnite to make a Common Bait Bucket. We explain how to get each of these in more depth below. Once you have both, all you have to do is put a Fish Fillet into the Food Processor to make a Common Bait Bucket.

What is a pro fishing rod in Fortnite?

In Season 4, pro fishing poles were added as a new way to catch more fish and as the only way to catch some Legendary fish. A pro fishing stick might be able to be found among the other items in the game, but they aren’t common, and it could take a long time to find one.

How do you get a Lego piece?

There is a very good chance that a bad set will get through, and we take it very seriously when it does. We can send you the things you need, though, so don’t worry! On our Customer Service site, go to Bricks & Pieces and click on “Missing Bricks” to buy the piece you need to finish your set.

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