How to unlock the SDA Subverter in MW3 and Warzone

Master the meta-shifting SDA Subverter in MW3 & Warzone. Unlock guide & tips inside!

This article shows you how to unlock the SDA Subverter in MW3 and Warzone. The announcement of four new weapons, including the highly anticipated SDA Subverter, has made people even more excited. This is a big deal because it’s the first battle rifle added to either game after the launch.

The players can’t wait to get their hands on this powerful new weapon. When you unlock the SDA Subverter, the game will be more complex and fun to play, adding a new tactical element for fans of both MW3 and Warzone. Because of its unique features and possible strategic uses, many players will likely make learning how to use this weapon a top priority.

The arrival of the SDA Subverter will change the meta and give players new challenges and ways to explore, whether they’re fighting enemies up close or far away. The community is getting ready for Season 2, and the race to unlock and use the SDA Subverter is sure to make both MW3 and Warzone very competitive and exciting.

How to unlock the SDA Subverter in MW3 and Warzone

In MW3:


  1. Reach Level 70 with any weapon.
  2. Get 10 kills with the SMAW launcher in a single match without dying 25 times.
  3. Earn 50 kills with the SMAW launcher.

Special Ops:

  • Complete Mission 11: “Safehouse” on Veteran difficulty.
  • Get a 5-star rating on Mission 11: “Safehouse” on any difficulty.

In Warzone:

Battle Royale:

  • Get 3 kills with launchers in 15 different completed matches.
  • Destroy 10 enemy vehicles with launchers.
  • Get 50 eliminations with launchers.


  • Deposit $1,000,000 in a single match.
  • Win 5 Plunder matches where your team deposited the most cash.
  • Get 25 eliminations while carrying at least $100,000.

Understanding the SDA Subverter in MW3 and Warzone

There are unique abilities and strategic benefits that make the SDA Subverter a powerful weapon in both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone video game.

How to unlock the SDA Subverter in MW3 and Warzone

What does it look like?

  • As a directed energy weapon (DEW), the SDA Subverter is a unique weapon. It’s not like regular guns; it fires a steady beam of energy that hurts things over time. You can see through thin walls and objects with this beam, so it can hit enemies hiding behind cover.

Comparison of the SDA Subverter to Other Weapons

Assault Rifles:

  • Pros: High damage, good range, versatility for various combat situations.
  • Cons: Recoil can be challenging, slower fire rate than SMGs.
  • Subverter vs. Assault Rifles: The Subverter lacks the raw damage output and range of assault rifles, making it less effective in direct gunfights. However, it can excel at disabling vehicles and equipment, potentially turning the tide of a battle.


  • Pros: Fast fire rate, high mobility, close-quarters dominance.
  • Cons: Lower damage per shot, limited effective range.
  • Subverter vs. SMGs: Similar to assault rifles, the Subverter’s damage falls short of most SMGs. However, its ability to disrupt electronics can be useful in close-quarters situations against enemies relying on equipment.

Sniper Rifles:

  • Pros: Long-range elimination potential, high single-shot damage.
  • Cons: Bulky and slow, requires precise aiming.
  • Subverter vs. Sniper Rifles: The Subverter serves an entirely different purpose than sniper rifles. It’s not meant for long-range engagements but can be a strategic tool to counter snipers relying on scoped optics or electronic aids.

Utilizing the SDA Subverter in MW3 and Warzone

Good points:

  • High damage: At close range, the SDA Subverter can kill an enemy with just one or two shots.
  • Tight spread: Its pellets focus well, doing the most damage at the range they’re effective at.
  • Fast ADS: Aiming down sights is quick, so you can quickly find your target.

Bad points:

  • Slow fire rate: It fires slowly, which leaves it open to attack in long firefights.
  • Limited range: Damage drops a lot when fighting other people close up.
  • Small magazine: Because the magazine is so small, it needs to be reloaded often.

How to properly use the SDA Subverter:

  • Style of play: This shotgun is great for close-quarters, aggressive battles. To make it as deadly as possible, use cover well, strategically push corners, and aim for headshots.
  • Set up your class: For better mobility and stealth, think about perks like Ghost, Dead Silence, and Amped. Quick Draw helps with ADS speed, and Fast Hands can speed up reloads.
  • Attachments: Pay attention to attachments that build on its strengths. You could choose chokes for a tighter spread, laser sights for faster ADS, or longer magazines to cut down on reloading.


How much is Season 2 Battle Pass mw3?

Battle Pass for the whole second season and 20 level skips (25 on PlayStation). 1,100 CoD points right away.

What’s new in Season 2 warzone?

Season 2 is now live and is full of scary, badass, and other new content, like different Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, and more. Take a look at what the Season 2 Battle Pass, BlackCell, and the new Store Bundles have to offer.

How does Battle Pass work in mw3?

You can use Battle Token Tier Skips to get items in a Sector on the multi-Sector Battle Pass map. Once all the items in a Sector have been claimed, the sectors next to it will unlock and more items will be available. Everyone can get the base Battle Pass for free, and it comes with 20 free items.

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