How to Use Apple USB SuperDrive On Windows and Mac

Stuck with CDs & DVDs on the wrong OS? This guide unlocks Apple's SuperDrive for Windows & Mac!

If you need an external CD drive that works with a Windows PC, an Apple SuperDrive is a good choice. We will look at how to use Apple SuperDrive on Windows 11 and Windows 10 in this post. Make sure you have the Boot Camp driver for Windows installed before you can Use Apple USB SuperDrive On Windows and Mac.

As the internet and streaming services improve, DVDs are used less and less each day. You may already know that most new Apple and Windows laptops don’t come with DVD or CD drives. So, things like the Apple SuperDrive can help you play, read, and write to these optical drives if you still have them. Let’s begin right away.

What is Apple USB SuperDrive?

The Apple USB SuperDrive is an external hard drive that comes in a case. It was first released as the MacBook Air SuperDrive with the first MacBook Air in early 2008. After 2013 Apple stopped putting optical drives in all of its Mac products.

The SuperDrive was renamed the “Apple USB SuperDrive” and is still available for $79 as an official Apple accessory. For Mac computers, this is the only way to play optical media right now. Apple SuperDrive: Can you store files on it? Yes, you can use it like any other optical drive to store music, videos, and files. With an Apple USB SuperDrive, you can play CDs and DVDs and burn them on a Mac.

How to Use Apple USB SuperDrive On Windows and Mac

How to Use Apple USB SuperDrive On Windows and Mac

Using Apple SuperDrive in Windows

  1. If you haven’t already, turn on your Windows PC and connect the drive.
  2. The most recent version of Boot Camp support software is 5.1.5722 or later. You can get it from Apple’s support download site.
  3. Get the Boot Camp support software in the form of a zip file, then open it on your computer.
  4. Find “AppleODDInstaller64.exe” in the “Bootcamp5” folder that you extracted, specifically under “BootcampDriversApple.”

on Mac

  1. Connect the SuperDrive: Simply plug the SuperDrive into an available USB port on your Mac.
  2. Use the SuperDrive: macOS should automatically recognize the SuperDrive. Insert a CD or DVD and open it in Finder or through your preferred media player.

Tips for optimal performance with Apple USB SuperDrive

  • Connect to a High-Speed USB Port: Opt for USB 3.0 or later ports for faster data transfer speeds, especially when burning discs. Avoid using old USB 2.0 ports for optimal performance.
  • Power Up: If your SuperDrive feels sluggish, consider using an external power adapter directly connected to it. This can be especially helpful for older Macs with limited USB power output.
  • Keep Drivers Up-to-Date: Ensure you have the latest drivers installed for your SuperDrive on both Windows and macOS. Check Apple’s website for your specific operating system version and update accordingly.
  • Defragment Drives: Regularly defragmenting your hard drive (especially on Windows) can improve overall system performance, including disc read and write speeds.
  • Close background applications: Resource-intensive background programs can hog bandwidth and slow down disc operations. Close unnecessary applications while using the SuperDrive to ensure smooth running.
  • Choose Appropriate Disc Media: Use high-quality discs from reputable brands for optimal burning results and avoid older or scratched discs that might lead to errors.


Does Apple external DVD drive work on PC?

Windows is set up to recognise optical drives that are connected via USB, so the Apple drive should show up in the list of Devices and Drives. Remember that Windows 10 doesn’t come with a DVD player programme, so you’ll need to get one in order to watch DVDs.

Does Apple USB SuperDrive work with Windows?

It takes a while for Apple SuperDrive to work on a Windows PC. You need to either run a virtual machine or install Apple SuperDrive drivers for Windows. In general, iPhones and iPads don’t work with optical drives like a Mac USB SuperDrive.

How do I install Apple SuperDrive on Windows 10?

Get the most recent Apple Boot Camp drivers here. You can find the Boot Camp zip file in the Downloads folder. Right-click on it and choose “Extract All.” Open the AppleODDInstaller64.exe file, which can be found at /BootCamp/Drivers/Apple/AppleODDInstaller.exe. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to set up the driver on your PC.

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