How to Use ‘Continue Thread’ Feature on Twitter

Learn the secrets of Twitter threads with our guide to "Continue Thread.

Twitter has released a new feature that is meant to make it easier to link multiple tweets together without any problems. With this update, users can easily link tweets while they’re writing them, which makes it easier to make lines that flow together. When someone writes a new tweet, they can easily see their past posts by swiping up. In this article we will show you how to Use ‘Continue Thread’ Feature on Twitter.

This gives them access to both new and old tweets. When a previous tweet is chosen, a “Continue thread” button shows that makes it easy to add the current tweet to an ongoing conversation.

This simple feature should improve the user experience by making tweet threads run more smoothly and more efficiently, leading to better conversation and participation on the platform. With this update, Twitter social media keeps working to give users more tools to help them share their ideas and interact with others through threaded chats.

How to Use ‘Continue Thread’ Feature on Twitter

On iPhone and iPad:

  1. Write a new tweet.
  2. Next to the compose window, tap the down arrow sign.
  3. Your most recent tweet will show up in a new window. To pick another tweet from your feed, just tap on the one you want.
  4. Click Continue Thread” next to the tweet you want to add to.
  5. Write your next tweet and keep the conversation going.
  6. Press “Tweet” to share your new thread.

On Android:

  1. Write a new tweet.
  2. Move your finger down on the compose box.
  3. Your most recent tweet will be shown. You can also choose an existing tweet by tapping “Show this thread” and then picking the tweet you want.
  4. Click “Continue Thread” next to the tweet you want to add to.
  5. Write your next tweet and keep the conversation going.
  6. Press “Tweet” to share your new thread.

Tips for Maximizing Engagement with ‘Continue Thread’

  • Start with an interesting tweet: This is your chance to make a good first impression. Use questions, interesting facts, humour, or a statement that makes people think to get their attention and get them to read more.
  • Make the person want more: Leave them with a question or tease at the end of your first tweet to get them interested and to click “Continue Thread” to find out more.
  • Maintain a constant story: each tweet in your thread should build on the previous one and make sense as a whole. Make sure that every tweet you send adds to the story or point you’re trying to make.
  • Different is key: Change the way your tweets look within the thread. Along with text, add pictures, GIFs, videos, or polls to keep the material visually interesting and break up the monotony of reading text all the time.
How to Use 'Continue Thread' Feature on Twitter
  • Make it easy to read: Make sure your tweets are short and easy to understand. If you want to make things easier to read on smaller screens, use strong images and structure like bullet points or linked lists.
  • Keep your brand voice: While you’re trying out different styles, make sure that your material fits with the voice and personality of your brand as a whole. This helps make things consistent and easy to spot.

Integrating ‘Continue Thread’ into Your Twitter Content Strategy

  • Figure out your goals. What do you want your “Continue Thread” posts to do? Want to teach, entertain, start a conversation, get more people to your website, or raise knowledge of your brand? Figuring out your goals will help you make material that meets those needs.
  • Pick out the best topics: Pick topics that are interesting to your audience and fit with the message you want to send as a whole. Think about what kind of information your followers like and what works well in a threaded format.
  • How to properly organise your threads: Plan out your threads ahead of time to make sure the story flows smoothly and keeps readers interested. Make sure your structure is clear by having an introduction, body, and end.
  • Write hooks that get people interested: the first tweet in your story is very important. Draw people in with interesting questions, surprising facts, or funny things to get them to click “Continue Thread.”
  • Diverse and Interesting: Add different kinds of material to your threads. A mix of text, pictures, GIFs, videos, and votes will help break up the text and keep people interested.
  • Urge to act: To get people involved, ask questions in the thread, wait for answers, or run polls to get people’s opinions and start conversations.


What is the Twitter thread feature?

A thread from someone you follow with two or three posts will usually show up on your feed, with a line between them to show that they are a bundle. There will be a choice to “Show this thread” when there are 4 or more posts in a thread. The posts will be cut off after 4 posts. To see the whole thread, click or tap this message.

What is the difference between Twitter Threads and long posts?

But they handle character limits for posts in different ways, which can change the type of talks that happen on these sites and how deep they go. Twitter limits tweets to 240 characters. Threads raises this limit to 500 characters per post, which lets people have more in-depth talks.

Can you schedule a thread on Threads?

Instagram just released a new social media app called “Threads” that looks and feels a lot like Twitter. In just a few days, it gained over 100 million users. A lot of people are now wondering: Is it possible to plan when to post on Threads? Yes is the answer!

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