How to Use Emotes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Learn to use emotes in Mobile Legends to communicate with teammates and show off!

This guide shows you how to Use Emotes in Mobile Legends, emoticons let players express themselves and talk to their friends in a fun way during intense game sessions. These bright symbols and images are more than just pretty pictures; they show a wide range of feelings, from happiness and excitement to anger and support.

Emotes, like a thumbs-up after a successful team fight or a funny facepalm when someone realises they made a mistake, give player interactions more meaning than just words. Because they are easy to find in the game interface, players can use them quickly and without any problems, responding in real time to what is happening on the battlefield.

Also, emotes help teammates feel closer to each other, which strengthens bonds and makes the whole game experience better. Not only do these expressive movements help players play strategically, but they also help them connect with each other and build a community in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang world.

How to Use Emotes in Mobile Legends

  1. Start up Mobile Legends Bang Bang on your phone or tablet.
  2. Next, log in to your account.
  3. In the bottom left corner of your screen, click on “Preparations.”
  4. After that, go to Effects and click on the Emote tab.
  5. Pick out the move you want to use and press the Equip button.
  6. Each hero can only have 4 emotes equipped at a time, so make sure to choose wisely.
  7. After that, click the button that says “For Multiple Heroes” to give the emotes to the Heroes.
  8. Enter a match and click on the Message button with a smile in the upper right corner of your screen to use the emotes.

Benefits of Using Emotes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Communication that works:

  • Appreciation and Support: You can thank your partners for good plays with emotes, like a “thumbs up” or a happy emote after a successful team fight. This makes the team setting positive and helpful.
How to Use Emotes in Mobile Legends
  • Voice chat isn’t always available or is hard to use. Emoticons are a quick and easy way to send basic messages like “wait” or “attack,” which can help with basic cooperation. For more information go their official website.

Better experience playing games:

  • Self-expression: Emotes let players show off their uniqueness and personality on the battlefield, which makes the game more fun and creative.
  • Adding Levity: Using funny emotes can help keep the mood upbeat and lower the stress during intense matches.
  • Mind Games (optional): Some players use emotes in a planned way to try to change the way their opponents think. For instance, if you time your “dance” move right after killing an enemy, it could throw them off or make them lose their focus. To keep from being harmful, it’s important to use this strategy with care.

Exploring the Impact of Emotes on Gameplay

Effects that are good:

  • Better Communication: Emoticons can help players talk to each other, especially those who don’t speak the local chat language well. After a teammate gets a kill, a quick “Well Done!” emote can boost mood and build community.
  • Strategic Communication: Certain emotions can be used to send subtle strategic information. For example, a “Retreat!” emote could let friends know that a gank is coming, giving them time to prepare.
  • Lightheartedness and Fun: Emotes can add some humour and fun to MLBB, which is often a very competitive league. After a good play, a silly “Dance” emote can be a fun way to celebrate and get to know your friends better.

Effects that are bad:

  • Toxic Behaviour and Tilting: Emotes can be abused to cause harmful behaviour. When used after beating an opponent, taunting emotes can be discouraging and cause “tilting,” a state of anger that makes it hard to perform. This kind of negativity can make it hard for the team to work together and enjoy the video game as a whole.
  • Distraction and Miscommunication: Using emotes when it’s not necessary can take players’ attention away from the game, which can cause them to miss chances or make bad decisions. Also, getting the wrong idea about what an emote means can cause misunderstanding and bad communication within the team.

Troubleshooting: Common Issues with Emotes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

You can’t use the emoticon:

  • Make sure you own the emote. The one you want to use may not be one you bought or won. Check to see if the emote can be bought in the “Shop” area or if you need to finish certain tasks to get it.
  • Check to see if the move only works for heroes: Some emotes can only be used by certain heroes. Make sure you use the move with the character that it’s meant for.

The “emote” button doesn’t work:

  • Restarting the game can often fix short-term bugs that are stopping the emote button from working.
  • Check for new content: Check to see if you have the most recent version of the game. Older versions may have bugs that make emotes not work right.
  • Install the game again: If the problem still happens, try installing the game again. This will make sure that all of the game files are installed properly.

Emote doesn’t show up for other players:

  • Make sure you’re close enough to other players so they can see your move.
  • Check your link to the internet: Other players might not be able to see your emote motion if their internet connection is slow.


Is Mobile Legends Bang Bang a good game?

Developed and published by Moonton, the game quickly gained popularity for itsĀ engaging gameplay and vibrant visuals. Graphics and Visuals: The game boasts high-quality graphics, showcasing detailed character models and visually stunning battle arenas.

Is Mobile Legends and Mobile Legends Bang Bang the same?

Mobile Legends was released by Moonton with the subtitle “5v5 MOBA” on July 14, 2016. The game was distributed by Elex Tech in the United States. However, after the lawsuit from Riot Games in 2017,Ā Moonton has removed the game from Google Play and re-released it as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Who won the M3?

InternationalĀ became the winner of the MLBB M3 World Championship. The M3 World Championship has become an important event for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans and eSports fans around the world. This competition occupies a special place in the calendar of events, eagerly awaited by millions of players.

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