How to use Microsoft Editor in Edge

Ditch the red squiggles! Learn how to use Microsoft Editor in Edge for flawless writing, improved style, and grammar mastery.

Microsoft Editor is a flexible built-in feature that comes with some Microsoft programmes. It’s meant to help you write better by making sure your content is free of mistakes and interesting. Its many features make it useful for a wide range of people, such as students, professionals, and freelancers. In this article we will explain you how to use Microsoft Editor in Edge.

Microsoft Editor is a reliable friend for students who are learning how to write for school. It can help them make their essays, reports, and research papers better. Because it has good spell-checking features, it takes care of typos and misspellings, so students can focus on making strong arguments and clearly expressing their ideas.

Business professionals who are in charge of writing business letters, proposals, and presentations find that Microsoft Editor is an essential tool for keeping their writing professional and logical. By pointing out grammatical mistakes and suggesting different ways to say things, it helps professionals get their points across clearly and precisely, which improves their professional image and builds credibility. Visit official site for more details.

How to use Microsoft Editor in Edge

  1. Spelling: It identifies misspelled words and suggests correct replacements.
  2. Grammar: It provides indicators for capitalization errors, subject-verb agreement, hyphen usage, and other common grammar mistakes.
  3. Clarity: It highlights areas where your writing may not be clear or might require rephrasing for better comprehension.
  4. Concision: It flags instances of wordy or redundant phrases, helping you enhance the conciseness of your writing.
  5. Formal Language: It detects informal or casual language usage and suggests more appropriate formal alternatives.
  6. Vocabulary: It offers suggestions for improving word choice, such as avoiding clichés and using stronger verbs or clearer adjectives.
  7. Punctuation Conventions: It helps you adhere to standard punctuation rules, highlighting issues like unnecessary commas or incorrect use of quotation marks.

Utilizing Microsoft Editor in Outlook and Browsers

Microsoft Editor is also available in Microsoft Outlook and compatible browsers through the respective extensions. The tool is automatically enabled in these environments, allowing you to see indicators for spelling and grammar errors in your emails or online content. Similar to Word, you can simply select the indicators to view and accept the suggestions or ignore the flagged issues.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Writing with Editor

  • Master the basics: Start by using Editor’s core features like spelling and grammar checking. Pay attention to underlined words and understand the suggestions before accepting or ignoring them.
How to use Microsoft Editor in Edge
  • Embrace synonym power: Use suggested synonyms to enrich your vocabulary and avoid repetitive word choices. This can enhance your writing style without sacrificing clarity.
  • Harness text prediction: Speed up your writing with text prediction. Accept suggestions that fit your context to save time and effort.
  • Customize your experience: Adjust Editor’s settings to your preferences. Choose the formality level you need (casual, formal) and select preferred languages for multilingual writing.


Microsoft Editor is an invaluable tool that can significantly improve your writing across various Microsoft applications. By utilizing its powerful features, such as spelling and grammar checks, clarity enhancements, and vocabulary suggestions, you can elevate the quality and impact of your content. Start harnessing the power of Microsoft Editor today and experience a smoother and more professional writing process!


What is the Microsoft Editor browser?

The Editor browser extension checks for grammar and spelling mistakes, and it makes suggestions for refining your writing, like addressing passive voice or wordiness. Click an underlined word to see a list of suggested revisions. Editor runs as an extension on Edge or Chrome.

Is Microsoft Editor free to use?

It has the most important features of a writing assistant, like a grammar and spelling checker. There is a free version of Editor from Microsoft, but users must have a Microsoft account.

How do I install Microsoft Editor?

Follow this link to get Microsoft Editor: Then click on the “Download” button. Run the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions to set up Microsoft Editor once the download is done.

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