How to Use Motion Tracking in CapCut

Unleash the power of motion tracking in CapCut! Learn pro tips & tricks to elevate your video edits.

How to Use Motion Tracking in CapCut. In film editing, what is motion tracking? To put it simply, it’s a way to make the camera follow the moving things in a movie. In other words, motion tracking editing can help you and make it easier for you to take movies when you can’t move around much. You can make motion tracks with any mobile video editor app as long as it has a tool called Keyframe.

This includes Android and iPhone apps. From what I know, KineMaster, VN Video Editor, and CapCut are some apps that can do that. This post is only going to be about a tutorial on how to use motion tracks in CapCut.

The reason for this is that the CapCut app and all of its features, such as Keyframes, which let you make the camera follow you, can be used for free. Then, how do you use the motion track app CapCut to keep track of moving things in a video? I’ll go over the whole lesson here so you can learn and practice.

What is Capcut?

CapCut is a free app for editing movies that lets people quickly make videos on their phones look like they were made by professionals. It has features that are easy for anyone to use, like cutting, changing speeds, reversing, adding music, stickers, text, and more. It works with online, Windows, and mobile editing and is good for people of all skill levels. CapCut is great because it can improve videos for TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, making sure that the end result looks clean and professional.

CapCut’s templates make it easier to make popular content, which has over 4613.5 billion views on TikTok under the name #capcut. These themes work perfectly with TikTok because they include brand-friendly, non-copyrighted sound remixes. Notably, companies like Duolingo actively follow CapCut trends by adding popular sounds from these trends to their material.

How Does CapCut Work?

CapCut is an easy-to-use option to AI software for editing videos that is more complicated. To use the mobile version, follow these steps:

How to Use Motion Tracking in CapCut
  • Get the CapCut app and open it on your phone or tablet.
  • Press the “New Project” button.
  • You can add one or more video clips to your project.
  • Start making changes on the calendar.

How to Use Motion Tracking in CapCut

  1. Open CapCut and start a project.
  2. Tap “Add” and choose the video to track.
  3. Motion-tracked elements are added by tapping “Text” or “Stickers”.
  4. Choose a starting point on the frame.
  5. Choose your sticker or wording.
  6. Select “Motion”.
  7. Click “Motion Tracking.”
  8. In the video, drag the yellow box over the object or region to track.
  9. A conspicuous feature with defined borders and contrast is best.
  10. Watch the video to see motion tracking.
  11. Reposition the tracking point or tweak settings to refine movement.
  12. Tap “Export” when motion tracking is satisfactory.
  13. Select resolution and frame rate.
  14. Download the video or post it on social media.

Adobe After Effects

There is a strong motion tracking function included in After Effects, which is a motion graphics and compositing software that is extensively used. For the purpose of applying visual effects or creating composites, it enables you to track the movement of objects or people within a video and then utilize that information to build composites.


The motion tracking (pinning or pin) feature of PicPlayPost makes it simple to attach text, emoticons, and animated gif stickers to moving objects such as people, pets, and other moving things. One or more text labels and animated gifs can be pinned to your movie, and you can add as many as you like. By doing so, you will be able to incorporate animated descriptions and visual effects that are both enjoyable and amusing into your movies, as well as censor aspects of the video itself.

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When motion tracking is enabled in iMovie, a tracking point or reference object is utilized. This point or object is then utilized to track the movement of the subject or item being tracked. Users have the ability to apply a variety of effects, filters, or adjustments to the tracked area or item once the tracking process has been completed. These alterations may include the addition of text or images, the blurring of the background, or the alteration of the color.

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Is Capcut Safe for Kids?

When it comes to youngsters, is CapCut safe to use? This is a contentious question that is commonly asked by parents all around the world. The application is not appropriate for children who are younger than thirteen years old; the platform guarantees that it will delete any data collected from an individual who is under the age of thirteen as soon as they collect the personal statistics while using the application. That being said, according to the site, it is not appropriate for children who are not yet teenagers to use CapCut.


How do you follow an object in CapCut?

In CapCut, you may track any item that is similar to this in this manner. Stickers can be added by clicking on them, selecting one, or clicking this button to add your own. Select the image you want to be monitored, click the tracking button, and then adjust the size of the circle to correspond with the area you want to be tracked. After that, click the Start Tracking button.

What app has motion tracking?

While Adobe Premiere Pro is a strong program, After Effects brings a whole new set of tools to the table for anyone who is interested in becoming a video editor. It is equipped with advanced motion-tracking capabilities, which grants you the ability to track virtually any object you can think of. There are editing tools available that are considered to be both basic and advanced.

Which video editing app is better than CapCut?

FilmoraGo is unique because it can be used on both iOS and Android, so users can edit movies on the devices they prefer. FilmoraGo is a good choice for editing videos because it has a lot of useful features.

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