How to Use Protego in Hogwarts Legacy: PC and Consoles

Unleash your inner witch/wizard! Learn how to block spells & attacks with Protego in Hogwarts Legacy

With all the new spells in Hogwarts Legacy game, Protego, the Shielding Charm, is the one that you will use the most. A lot of players use this defensive spell all the time because it protects them against attacks without having to wait for cooldowns. In this guide we showed how to Use Protego in Hogwarts Legacy: Pc and Consoles.

The most important thing is to learn how to use Protego well. Players are taught how to use it during the tutorial at Gringotts Wizarding Bank. You might not notice the subtleties of this charm, though, when you’re in the middle of a fight or when you’re being attacked over and over by living statues.

Protego is both a shield and a way to set up moves like Stupefy, the powerful Stunning Spell. Knowing how to combine Protego with other spells so that they work well together becomes very important as players move through the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy Check Price on Amazon.

How to Use Protego in Hogwarts Legacy: Pc and Consoles


  1. Most Common Key: Q
  2. Timing: Hold down Q until the visual cue goes away right before an attack hits you.
  3. To make a Perfect Protego, you need to wait for the exact moment when the outer ring of the visual cue crosses over the inner ring. This makes enemies weak, stuns them for a short time, and does some light damage.
  4. Stupefy Counter: Hold down the left mouse button and press Q to start a Stupefy counter after blocking an attack. The enemy is stunned for a longer time.

Gaming consoles:

  1. Game Boy: Triangle
  2. PlayStation: Y
  3. Time: Just like on PC, hold down the button right before an attack hits.
  4. Just like with PC, you need to aim for the rings that overlap to get a Perfect Protego.
  5. To start the Stupefy counter, hold down the button after blocking and press the right trigger or bumper.

Significance of Protego in the Wizarding World

  • Unbreakable Defence: Protego is your first line of defence in a world full of dangerous magic and enemies. When used at the right time, it blocks incoming spells and protects you from harm. Being hit by fireballs from goblin archers? Protego has your back. Putting up a troll’s club swing? Protego doesn’t give up. It’s a must-have for any combat repertoire because it can be used in so many ways to defend.
  • Mastering timing and reflexes: Protego is different from most offensive spells in that it needs precise timing. As you need to cast it right before an attack, being able to predict what will happen and react quickly are very important skills. Learning this timing will not only keep you safe, but it will also give you chances to attack.
How to Use Protego in Hogwarts Legacy: Pc and Consoles
  • The ability to counterattack: A well-timed Protego doesn’t just block; it opens the door for a counterattack. When you hold down the button, you cast the Stupefy spell, which stuns your opponent and leaves them open to attack. You can change the course of the battle with this powerful combo that turns defence into offence.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Protego can do more than just block spells. If something is thrown magically, it can also block physical attacks from creatures or things. Its ability to adapt makes it very useful in a wide range of situations, giving you the confidence to deal with threats you didn’t see coming.

Advanced Techniques and Tips for Using Protego

It’s all about timing:

  • Take Protego out of the play too soon! After casting, the shield only works for a short time. For the best block, aim for right before an attack hits.
  • A whooshing sound means an attack, and a grunt sound means a melee attack. Learn how to think ahead and act.

Besides Blocking:

  • Stupefy Counter: Cast Stupefy right after a perfect block for a strong attack that stuns your opponent. To be offensively dominant, you need to master this timing.
  • Disarm Counter: This is like Stupefy, but it takes away your opponent’s weapons, leaving them open to attack. useful against enemies who are mean.
  • Protego Drain: Hold down Protego to soak up the spell of a tough enemy. It will make a strong counter-blast if you let go of it at the peak of its charge. Very risky, but very rewarding.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Protego

The time:

  • Too early: If you use Protego too early, you’ll be open to attack for longer than you need to be. To block an attack, you need to wait until just before it hits.
  • Ignoring red attacks: Protego can’t block red-ringed attacks; you have to dodge them or use a defensive spell like Accio to get out of the way.

Relying too much:

  • Not paying attention to offensive spells: Don’t just hide behind Protego! Spells that attack, like Stupefy or Expelliarmus, can kill enemies faster and stop them from attacking in the first place.
  • Ignoring counters: If your Protego attack works, you have a chance to attack back, just like with Stupefy. If you miss this chance, you could waste valuable time.


Why is my Protego Stupefy not working?

Pro tip: Stupefy will fail if you don’t hold the spell’s input for long enough. To ensure an effective cast, hold the input for Protego until your character narrates the use of Stupefy.

What is the Protego trait in Hogwarts Legacy?

Protego Shielding is a trait in Hogwarts Legacy. It reduces the damage received from Dark wizards, and is unlocked by completing “Defeat Dark Wizards” combat challenges.

Can Protego stop a bullet?

When it comes to bullets, maybe, but probably not in any way useful. It takes about a second to speak the word “Protego” and make a shield appear. So the person who is shooting at the witch or wizard would have to be more than 180 metres away for the shield to fully form.

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