How to Use Rewind in Persona 3 Reload

Don't regret a decision in Persona 3 Reload! This guide explains the Rewind mechanic for perfect replays.

In Persona 3 Reload, setbacks during full moon events are dealt with differently than in the previous game, which was harsh. In the first Persona 3, players had to deal with the challenges of Tartarus and had no way to go back if they failed a mission. Persona 3 Reload adds the new “Rewind” mechanic. In this guide we showed how to Use Rewind in Persona 3 Reload.

With this feature, players can go back in time to a time before the full moon event. This gives them a chance to better plan and prepare for the battle that is coming up. By adding this gameplay element, Persona 3 Reload makes the game easier to get into and more forgiving, while still keeping the challenging gameplay of its predecessor.

Players can now improve their strategies, learn from their mistakes, and go into each full moon event with more confidence. This makes the video game more fun and accessible without making it less difficult. The addition of the Rewind mechanic is a big change to how the Persona series is played, and it’s good for both experienced players and people who have never played it before.

How to Use Rewind in Persona 3 Reload

  1. Access the game’s main menu at any time.
  2. Select the second-to-last option, “Rewind,” from the list of “Systemat the bottom.
  3. Open a calendar that goes back several days.
  4. Utilize every free time in the last few days.
  5. Note the two slots available in a single day.
  6. Choose one of these slots to go back to that time immediately.
  7. Ensure to save beforehand to preserve previous choices.
  8. Understand that without a proper save file, using Rewind will delete all progress made since then.
  9. Trigger “Rewind” to return to the beginning of the selected free time.
  10. Replay any actions or decisions made during the rewound period.

What is Rewind in Persona 3 Reload?

There is a new feature in Persona 3 Reload called “Rewind” that lets you go back in time to certain points in the game. Here is a list of its most important parts:

How it works:

  • You can go back to free times you had recently (during the day, after school, or in the evening).
  • You can make different decisions, spend time with different characters, or finish tasks that you missed.
  • Helps you avoid bad results from decisions you made or chances you missed in the past.

Some problems:

  • You can go back in time only five free periods ago.
  • Story events, full moon battles, exams, and other set days are still the same.
  • Rewinding erases all of your progress up to the point you choose, so be smart about how you use it.

Benefits of Using Rewind Feature

Trying things out and getting better:

  • Try making different decisions: Rewind lets you see what happens when you make different choices without any long-lasting effects. This helps you get the most out of your social links, improve your Personas, and try out different ways to play the game.
How to Use Rewind in Persona 3 Reload
  • Improve your social interactions: During Social Link events, use Rewind to pick the best dialogue options, which will help you get closer to certain characters.
  • Perfect Full Moon battles: If you lose a Full Moon boss fight or make a mistake while exploring Tartarus, you can go back and try again with more knowledge or better preparation.

Managing time and getting things done:

  • Get back on track after missing chances: Would you like to spend time with a Social Link character or do something useful but forgot to? You can get back that lost time with rewind.
  • Focus on specific goals: By letting you quickly play back relevant days, Rewind can help you set priorities for certain goals, such as maxing out certain Personas or Social Links.
  • You can use Rewind to go back and attack certain Tartarus floors again to find rare enemies or materials you need for Persona Fusion, which could save you time and effort.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Rewind

Reliance on Rewind:

  • Not Using Save Points: You shouldn’t just use rewind to save your progress. Tartarus doesn’t save automatically, so use Save Points often to make sure you don’t lose your progress when you go back too far.
  • Social Links Not Found: Going back in time won’t bring back important events that were missed for Social Links. Make good use of your time and make it a priority to spend time with Social Link characters on the days they’re available.

Using Up Resources:

  • Spending too many Twilight Fragments: Rewinding uses up Twilight Fragments. Use them strategically for important decisions, not for small ones. You might want to save them for boss fights or tough decisions.
How to Use Rewind in Persona 3 Reload
  • Ignoring Shuffle Time: You can make strong Personas during Shuffle Time, so don’t miss it. You can change the results of Shuffle by rewinding, but don’t use it too much or you might miss other parts of the game.


How do you reload rewind in Persona 3?

First, go to the game’s menu and select “System.” There is an option called “Rewind” that is right below “Load Data” and “Save Data.” There are times when you can’t save your game, but you should always be able to go back in time.

Does Persona 3 Portable auto save?

One more thing that’s new to this version of Persona 3 Portable is the ability to save quickly. As of 2023, next-gen consoles can save and load games very quickly, and most games have auto-saves built in.

Is it possible to save Shinjiro Persona 3?

On October 4, the pocket watch is what saves Shinjiro in the end. The bullet hits the pocket watch instead of him, putting him into a coma instead of killing him. People who have New Game+ can choose to spend time with Shinjiro after the story is over if he is saved.

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