How to Use Schooltime on Apple Watch: focus time!

Students rejoice! Schooltime on your Apple Watch is your secret weapon for staying focused and acing your exams. Learn how to use it now!

Family Setup is a great new tool for the Apple Watch with watchOS 7 that lets an adult set up the device for a child who doesn’t have an iPhone. Family Setup has many tools to help you keep an eye on your child’s device. Keep reading to learn how to Use Schooltime on Apple Watch.

Family Setup for Apple Watch is a great way to stay in touch with your kids or parents who are getting older without giving them an iPhone. The Schooltime mode is one of the new features that is geared towards kids, but anyone can use it. Parents can set up an Apple Watch with a school schedule that stays on a simple yellow face that is easy for teachers and people to see.

This watch face can be used whether the kids are learning at home or in school. Also, the yellow watch face and “Do Not Disturb” settings in Schooltime mode are meant to help kids (or anyone else) stay focused.

What is Schooltime?

Schooltime is a student-focused alternative to other Apple Watch features like Do Not Disturb in Theater Mode. In Schooltime, you’ll see a special simplified watch face with the current time and date. There are no complications or other distractions. It also silences notifications and blocks all access to apps. You can still receive emergency calls, though. For more details and support, visit the apple official website

How to Use Schooltime on Apple Watch

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap on All Watches in the upper left corner. Pick out the watch for your child and press “Done.”
  2. Press on School Time.
  3. If Schooltime is not already on, tap it and then tap Edit Schedule.
  4. Choose Customise Days to choose which days of the week you want to use Schooltime. You can also set Schooltime to happen Every Day, Every Weekday.
  5. Pick the times for “From” and “To.” To add another block of time to your Schooltime plan, tap on “Add Time.”

Exploring the benefits of using Schooltime in educational settings

  • Distraction-free environment: Silencing notifications during class time can minimize disruptions and help students stay focused on learning.
  • Personalized settings: Teachers could control specific apps and contacts allowed during class, tailoring the experience to different learning styles or activities.
  • Reduced anxiety: Knowing they won’t miss urgent messages while focused on classwork can ease student anxiety and improve overall learning experience.
  • Scheduled Focus Modes: Do Not Disturb would be turned on automatically during classes during school hours, so you wouldn’t have to make any changes by hand.
How to Use Schooltime on Apple Watch
  • Visual clues: Notifications on the watch face can help students remember when Schooltime is going on, which can help them be more aware and switch their attention to other things.
  • Time management: Keeping track of study sessions or breaks on the Watch can help students learn how to use their time well, which is important for doing well in school.

Tips for maximizing productivity with Schooltime

Focus Mode:

  • Set up a “Study Focus” mode. This mode can be customised to turn off notifications from calls, texts, and apps that are distracting. You can set it up to work automatically while you study.
  • Only the essential apps: Pick which apps and people you want to be able to reach you while you’re studying.
  • Customise your lock screen: Put a calming background picture and an inspiring saying on your lock screen to help you concentrate and stay away from distractions.

Apps for Productivity:

  • Task management apps: You can make and keep track of your study tasks right on your Apple Watch with apps like Things, TickTick, and Todoist. Set reminders and keep good track of your work.
  • Apps for taking notes: During class or study, use apps like Notability or Notes to write down important points, ideas, or questions. You can easily get to them on your wrist.
  • Apps for flashcards: You can study specific topics by downloading flashcards and using apps like Anki or Quizlet on your Apple Watch for spaced repeats during breaks or free time.


Can I get my kid an Apple Watch without a phone?

Someone in your family who doesn’t have an iPhone can use their Apple Watch to make calls, send texts, and let you know where they are with Family Setup. For some of the watch’s features, you can use your iPhone after setting it up for a family member.

Can I put school time on my Apple Watch?

As soon as Schooltime is on, tap Edit Schedule. Pick the days and times that you want the watch to do Schooltime. If you want to make more than one plan for the same day, like from 8 a.m. to noon and then from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., tap “Add Time.”

Should a 14 year old have an Apple Watch?

Finally, it depends on the person’s wants and needs to decide if the Apple Watch is a good buy for teens or young adults. It might be a good buy for them if they want to track their health and exercise and have it handy.

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