How to Use TikTok Wrapped: 9 simple steps

From viral videos to top songs, see it all with our 9-step TikTok Wrapped guide!

TikTok Wrapped 2023 and other tools like it make it easier than ever to keep an eye on your habits on your favourite short-form video platform. This cool tool, appropriately named Wrapped for TikTok, lets you look back at what you did over the past year by showing you how many videos you watched, liked, or commented on. Let us begin to understand how to Use TikTok Wrapped.

Going back in time a bit, Spotify was the first company to offer the Wrapped feature, which gives users an annual look at their personal music tastes. Because it was so popular, other apps like Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat made their own versions of the Wrapped feature to keep users interested in what they were doing in their apps.

However, this feature was noticeably missing in 2022, which made TikTok’s devoted fans very sad. Because of this gap, though, some creative users came up with their own versions of the Wrapped feature.

What is TikTok wrapped?

TikTok Wrapped gives users a personalised look back at their year on the platform, summing up important data and accomplishments. This yearly report shows important numbers like total likes, views, and favourite songs, giving users a full picture of how active they are on TikTok. You can get to TikTok Wrapped through a special part of the app.

It shows off users’ creative work and how they’ve changed the platform. As a way to remember good times, it lets users relive and share those moments, and it also helps build community and relationship in the large TikTok community.

How to Use TikTok Wrapped

  1. Find your Profile in the bottom right part of TikTok and tap it.
  2. Privacy > Settings and privacy Get the facts.
  3. Ask for JSON (Wrapped for TikTok recommends this).
  4. Wait, this could take a while!
  5. Check out
  6. Click “Log in with TikTok” and then “Connect safely” to finish.
  7. Pick the JSON file you downloaded and click “Submit.”
  8. Wrapped for TikTok will analyse your data and make a personalised video of your top trends, creators, and videos.
  9. Show your friends your Wrapped movie and talk about how you use TikTok.

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing TikTok Wrapped Effectively

  • Engagement Spree: Get involved with your favourite artists, songs, and trends in the weeks before you ask for your data. This will make them show up more in your Wrapped stats.
  • Diversify Your Content: Look into different types of content to show off a bigger range of interests in your Wrapped.
  • Long Videos: Watch longer videos instead of short clips to get more views and maybe make your video the “Longest Watched” one.
  • Comment and Share: Leave comments on videos and share the ones you like to show how you use the site.
How to Use TikTok Wrapped
  • Data Format: Choose the JSON format when you download your data so that it works with Wrapped for TikTok.
  • Data Cleaning: If you’re comfortable doing so, edit the downloaded JSON file to get rid of parts you don’t want, like messages or live streams, leaving only the video data.

Exploring Advanced Features of TikTok Wrapped

Go deeper into the data:

  • Trends: Look at which hashtags, sounds, and effects you used most to get a sense of your unique interests.
  • Creators: Show more than just the top creators. You can also show the creators who got the most comments, the ones you connected with the most, or the ones you found in 2023.
  • Videos: More than just your most-watched movie should be in your videos. Show your most-watched videos, the ones you watched again and again, or the ones that got the most comments or shares.

Comparing things in your own way:

  • You can share your stats with friends or other users who have chosen to do so. This can lead to friendly competition and interesting comparisons.
  • Find trends and creators that you and your friends like, bringing attention to the groups and interests you both share.

Go Back in Time:

  • Let users choose specific date ranges within the year to get a look at different parts of their TikTok journey.
  • Sort the statistics by month or quarter to see regular patterns or changes in how you like to read things.

Is it safe to use?

Bennett writes on the site, “Your TikTok data is only used in your browser and never uploaded to any server.” We’re not going to store or use your information in any way on our site. To show that he really doesn’t want to save your data, he also lets people who know how to read code look at the full source code for Wrapped for TikTok.


Can you export TikTok Analytics?

To get to the Analytics page on a desktop computer, move your mouse over your profile picture in the upper right spot and click “View Analytics.” If you use a desktop device to view TikTok, you can also download and export your Analytics right to your computer.

Is wrapped for TikTok safe?

“Your exported data does not include login credentials or any other sensitive information,” the “Wrapped for TikTok” website says about security. “Wrapped for TikTok is safe and privacy-focused,” the site says on its Frequently Asked Questions page.

Can you export from TikTok?

Tap the Share button on the side of the movie. 3. Click “Save video.” If you can’t save a movie, it’s because the person who made it doesn’t let you.

Do Tiktoks go viral overnight?

It’s important to know that very few videos go popular on TikTok overnight. Building an audience and making movies that people want to watch takes time and work. But if you use the above tips and make content that is both useful and in line with current trends, you’ll have a better chance of going viral.

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