Tears of the Kingdom: How To Use Ultrahand Ability

How to Unlock and Use the Ultrahand Ability in Tears: Build Platforms and Solve Puzzles!

The Ultrahand is cool and necessary for Tears of the Kingdom, but 3D item manipulation is difficult. Here’s how To Use Ultrahand Ability in Tears of the Kingdom. The Ultrahand ability debuts in “Tears of the Kingdom,” the highly anticipated Legend of Zelda game. The Ultrahand’s versatility unlocks the game’s many puzzles.

The Ultrahand, inspired by “Breath of the Wild’s” Magnesis, can lift and manipulate almost any object in the vast video game world. Beyond lifting, players can cleverly connect items to create massive structures. Thus, the Ultrahand offers a fresh, creative approach to puzzles.

The game’s immersive environment encourages creative problem-solving and seamlessly integrates the Ultrahand’s innovative capabilities into the Zelda universe. This eagerly anticipated installment promises to revolutionise player interaction and exploration with the Ultrahand.

How To Use Ultrahand Ability in Tears of the Kingdom

  • Open the ability: When you finish the “Shrine of Light,” the first shrine in the Raro region, you’ll get the Ultrahand.
  • Turn on the skill: To open the Sheikah Slate, hold down the L button. Then, use the right thumbstick to select the Ultrahand icon.
  1. Grab things: Point the Sheikah Slate at something and press A to grab it. A blue line will show you where the target is.
  2. Turn and lift: Hold down R to turn the object, and use the right thumbstick or D-pad to change its angle. You can move it closer or farther by pressing up and down on the right thumbstick.
  3. To separate objects: Hold an object in your hand and shake the right thumbstick left and right to separate any parts that are connected to it.
  4. To connect two objects: move them close together and press the A key. For creative builds, you can connect them end-to-end, side-by-side, or even at an angle.
  5. If you want to drop something, press X to let go of it.

Ultrahand Ability Mechanics Explained

  • Grab & Attach: Use the A button to grab most movable objects and the D-pad to move them. Rotate objects for precise placement with R.
  • Connect objects: To make vehicles, puzzles, platforms, and more! Play around with combinations.
  • Consumption: Attaching objects or building complex structures may require Zoneite, a Depths resource.
Tears of the Kingdom: How To Use Ultrahand Ability
  • Find special blueprints: In the world to unlock pre-configured structures, saving time and resources.
  • Addison’s Construction Puzzles: These Ultrahand challenges teach advanced techniques and reward blueprints.
  • Ability to recall: Previously built structures from your history list, useful for revisiting areas.
  • Detach & Rebuild: Shake or press a button to detach and rebuild objects.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Ultrahand

  1. Overestimating its reach: The Ultrahand extends, but not infinitely! Don’t grab things from far away, especially on floating islands. Try to hit targets within reach to avoid frustration.
  2. Neglecting its fragility: The Ultrahand is fragile. It won’t withstand hard hits. Watch your movements and surroundings when grabbing or pulling objects.
  3. Forgetting stamina: Link loses stamina during Ultrahand manipulation. Take your time and don’t grab everything. Avoid running out of stamina in a dangerous situation.
  4. Neglecting the environment: The Ultrahand can help or hurt you. Use vines, ledges, and other objects to anchor grabs and slingshots. Avoid wind gusts and debris that can derail your aim.
  5. Underestimating possibilities: The Ultrahand’s strength is versatility. Try different grabs, slingshots, and combinations to solve puzzles, reach new areas, and defeat enemies in unexpected ways.

Ultrahand Upgrades and Enhancements

Tears of the Kingdom: How To Use Ultrahand Ability


  • Strength: Link could lift and throw heavier objects, grapple with stronger enemies, and launch projectiles further by increasing the Ultrahand’s lifting and throwing power.
  • Speed: Improving the Ultrahand’s grabbing and release speed would speed up object manipulation, combat combos, and traversal.
  • Range: Allows the Ultrahand to grab and pull objects farther, making it useful for reaching distant platforms, activating switches, and stealing items from enemies.


  • Unlocking combo moves: That use the Ultrahand to launch bombs or arrows with its grabs or use it as a shield or weapon.
  • Environmental Interactions: Use the Ultrahand to activate hidden platforms or unlock doors by pulling levers with its grip.
  • Customisation: Players can customise the Ultrahand’s appearance or add cosmetic upgrades for minor stat boosts or unique visual effects.


What does Ultrahand do in tears of the kingdom?

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link’s new Abilities include Ultrahand, which lets him manipulate most objects and combine them to build cars, boats, and even flying structures. How he does it is up to you.

How do I activate Ultrahand?

Ultrahand is selected by holding L and selecting Ultrahand. Aim and press A to grab a highlighted object.

How do you use ascend ability?

Hold L and select Ascend at the top. The camera pans up when activated. The green icon allows Link to pass through the surface above him and emerge on the other side. Though simple, this works through extremely thick surfaces.

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