How to Use ‘Watch Party’ Feature on Amazon Prime Video

Level up your streaming! This guide unlocks the social side of Prime Video with Watch Parties, perfect for online gatherings and shared entertainment.

The “Watch Party” feature on Amazon Prime Video is a revolutionary addition to the streaming service that changes how users interact with material. ‘Watch Party’ lets Prime users stream movies and TV shows at the same time with friends and family, no matter where they are in the world. It was made so that people can watch together. In this article we will discuss you how to Use ‘Watch Party’ Feature on Amazon Prime Video.

Users of “Watch Party” can easily host virtual movie nights or marathons of shows. Everyone sees the same scene at the same time thanks to synchronized playback, which allows for responses and conversations to happen in real time. ‘Watch Party’ turns watching alone into a group activity, whether it’s laughing together at a comedy, screaming at an exciting plot twist, or figuring out why characters do the things they do.

It’s easy and clear how to set up a “Watch Party.” Prime members can start a party right from the video player and invite up to 100 other people to join. The host controls the playback, stopping, and searching, so everyone can watch without any problems. A built-in chat function also lets people talk to each other, share their thoughts, and react during the screening.

What is Amazon Prime Video Watch Party?

Prime Video on Amazon With Watch Party, Prime users can watch movies and TV shows at the same time with friends who are not in the same room. Users can text each other while watching, which makes the experience of watching with others better. To join Watch Party, users must be members of Amazon Prime and have the Chrome browser extension or desktop app.

This feature is meant to help people who live far apart connect and interact with each other through streaming material. It will provide a virtual movie night experience for families and friends who live far apart. Visit the official website for comprehensive details.

Inviting Friends to Join Your Watch Party

  • Make your Watch Party: To start the Watch Party for the show or movie you want to watch, follow the steps on Prime Video.
  • Make the Link: A unique link will be made for you once the Watch Party is set up. In the Watch Party screen, click the “Share” button or choose “Copy Link” to find it.
  • Share the Link: Copy and paste the link into your favourite messaging app, email, or social media site, or tweet or post it straight to your friends.

How to Use the Prime Video App:

  • Open the Chat Room: Once your Watch Party has begun, use the Prime Video app to get to the chat room. You can find this choice in the interface for Watch Party.
How to Use 'Watch Party' Feature on Amazon Prime Video
  • Invite by Email or Phone Number: The app may let you directly invite friends by entering their email addresses or phone numbers. It’s possible that not all devices have this option.

How to Use ‘Watch Party’ Feature on Amazon Prime Video

  1. Sign in to your Amazon Prime Video account.
  2. Pick out a movie or TV show that you want to watch online with your friends.
  3. From the menu that comes up, click on “Watch Party.”
  4. Other options are “Trailer,” “Watchlist,” and “Share.” You can get to the function on both the Prime Video website and the app.
  5. Type in a chat name.
  6. After that, click on “Create Watch Party.”
  7. Amazon will make a link for you to share with your friends and host the stream.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Watch Party on Amazon Prime Video

  • Get going on time: When the time comes, be ready to start the Watch Party.
  • Send the link: You can easily send your friends the Watch Party link through social media, messaging apps, or email.
  • Set your goals: Briefly describe how the Watch Party works, including how the chat works and how participants can change their settings. You can decide whether to let other people handle the playback or keep it in your hands.
  • Talk to your guests: During the watch party, use the chat feature to share trivia, ask questions, or make comments with your friends. Encourage people to take part and make the environment fun and involved.
  • Watch out for spoilers. If your guests haven’t seen the show before, don’t talk about story points or spoilers in the chat.


Why is my Amazon Prime watch party not working?

If the Prime Video Watch Party tool doesn’t work for you, make sure: You have the most recent version of the Prime Video app on your linked device, an Android phone, an Android tablet, a Fire tablet, an iPhone, an iPad, or a Fire TV that supports it.

Can you watch the same movie on Amazon Prime on two different devices?

You can download Amazon Prime videos to more than one device, and up to three devices can stream at the same time using the same login information. However, only two devices can watch the same material at the same time.

Can non Prime members join a watch party?

People who have Amazon Prime Video can join a Watch Party in their country. People who aren’t Amazon Prime users but want to access eligible titles that come with Prime will be asked to sign up for Amazon Prime. If they are eligible, they can get a free 30-day trial.

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