Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock O’Sole Meeo

Bone up on strategy! Guide to conquering the Dragon Shrimp & claiming Vampire Survivors' new hero!

There are a lot of characters in Vampire Survivors video game that you can unlock, and each one has its own set of conditions. Some require the character to stay alive in certain situations, while others demand that they kill a certain number of enemies. Most of the time, it’s worth the work to unlock these characters because they can make bad conditions better. In this article we will show you how to Unlock O’Sole Meeo in Vampire Survivors.

O’Sole Meeo is a figure that you can unlock who meets these requirements. The stats are great, and the bounce attack makes it a good first tool. As its level goes up, its guns can fire more projectiles. Even though it’s not the most common character, it can still get a free passive item that will help it a lot. This is what you need to do to add O’Sole Meeo to your group of characters.

How To Unlock O’Sole Meeo in Vampire Survivors

  1. Unlocking O’Sole Meeo requires the player to kill 3,000 Dragon Shrimp.
  2. Despite the seemingly manageable task, Dragon Shrimp only appear in a specific level at two specific times during a run in Vampire Survivors.
  3. Prior to unlocking O’Sole Meeo, the player must have the Galo Tower unlocked.
  4. The Galo Tower unlocks upon reaching level 60 in the Dairy Plant, achievable for those familiar with Vampire Survivors’ systems and mechanics.
  5. Once the tower is unlocked, the player must survive until the 11-minute and 20-minute marks for the Dragon Shrimp to spawn.

Tips and Strategies for Unlocking O’Sole Meeo

  • Character Choice: Choose a character with high mobility and area damage, like Giovanna or Concetta Cettina.
  • Weapon Selection: Prioritize weapons that clear crowds quickly, like King Bible, La Borra, or Phieraggi.
  • Early Game Strategy: Focus on surviving until the 15-minute mark when Dragon Shrimps appear. Prioritize map exploration and maximizing your weapon upgrades.
Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock O'Sole Meeo
  • Dragon Shrimp Blitz: Once they arrive, prioritize taking down Dragon Shrimps as quickly as possible. Remember, you need to eliminate 3,000 in total.
  • Item Synergy: Utilize items like Wings and Candelabrador for increased mobility and damage output.
  • Practice and Patience: This challenge requires practice and perseverance. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed on your first attempt.

Player Experiences and Success Stories with O’Sole Meeo

  • Gather anticipatory feedback: You could focus on pre-release hype and anticipation instead of player experiences when you ask for comments. Talk to makers, streamers, or other early testers about what they think about the DLC and what gets them excited about it.
  • Look at gameplay videos and coder notes: Look for videos of people playing the game, talks with the developers, or online forums where people are talking about what they think will happen. This can help you figure out what people will enjoy or find hard about the DLC.
  • Look into games like these: Compare and contrast O’Sole Meeo with other well-known games like Vampire Survivors FPS game look at how players felt about those games. Insights into what players might like and expect from the new DLC can be gained from this.
  • Come up with ideas: What do you think the difficulties or possible situations are based on what we know about O’Sole Meeo? This can lead to interesting conversations and get people excited about what the game could become.


Being able to unlock O’Sole Meeo is a useful addition to your Vampire Survivors character roster. It takes skill, strategy, and persistence to do so. As you play, you should focus on getting Soul Shards, hitting certain levels, and meeting other in-game requirements to unlock this quick and strong character. Try out different ways to play, learn from each run, and enjoy the difficult but satisfying journey of getting O’Sole Meeo in Vampire Survivors game.


What is the easiest way to unlock gyorunton in Vampire Survivors?

After making it through 15 minutes of Boss Rash with only one weapon, Gyorunton can be opened. Getting the relic Mindbender is the best way to do this because it limits the number of weapons you can pick up. You can also use Game Killer (0) to stop levelling up, which means you won’t have to get any more guns.

How do you unlock Ambrojoe in Vampire Survivors?

It’s pretty simple to unlock this character, but that doesn’t mean it will be quick or easy. After killing 6000 Stagekillers and Elite Stagekillers, the player can get Sir Ambrojoe. You can find these enemies in the Cappella Magna stage. They look like the active characters, but their colours are darker.

How do you unlock the secret in Vampire Survivor?

You can also get to the secret menu by clicking seven times on the sixth treasure icon in the collection with the pink background. This is the Yellow Sign. The popup will show a message that says “You are now a magician!” and the secret menu will be opened.

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