How to View 3D Animals in Google Search

Learn how to use Google Search to view 3D animals in stunning detail.

You can find and talk to some animals if you look for them on Google, did you know that? Google’s 3D search lets you look for an animal, thing, or place and, if it’s available, see and interact with the 3D result in augmented reality (AR). In this article we will show you how to View 3D Animals in Google Search.

You can see the zebra in 3D and augmented reality (AR) if you look for “zebra” on Google with an iPhone or Android phone, along with text, photo, and video results. Google 3D animals lets you do a lot of cool things. You can use them as a biology teacher, a parent, or just someone who loves animals and nature. Let us look at how to set it up.

What Devices Support Google Search’s 3D Animal Viewing?

  • Android Phones: You might be able to see 3D animals in Google Search on most Android phones running Android 7 or below. But if you want to connect with the 3D models in Augmented Reality (AR), your device also needs to support ARCore. Go to to see if your phone works with ARCore.
  • iPhone and iPad: All iPhones and iPads made after the iPhone 6s and running iOS 11 or later can see 3D animals in Google Search. You can also use the Safari browser or the Google app on these devices to interact with the models in augmented reality.
  1. Start up the Google app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.
  2. In the search bar, type in the name of the animal you want to see in 3D.
  3. Find the “View in 3D” button below the animal’s description by scrolling down.
  4. You can see a 3D model of the animal you were looking for. You should choose “View in your space” if you want to enjoy augmented reality.
  5. Moving your phone slowly down to an empty area where you want the animal to show up is how to use the camera.
  6. Use the central shutter button to take pictures or videos of your augmented reality meeting once the animal appears in front of you through your camera.

Educational Benefits of Using Google Search’s 3D Animal Feature

  • Interacting 3D models: 3D models are more dynamic and interesting to learn with than still pictures because users can spin, zoom in and out, and look at the animal from different angles.
  • Visualising complicated structures: 3D models are great for seeing complicated body parts like organs, skeletons, and muscle groups, which can be hard to understand with flat 2D pictures.
How to View 3D Animals in Google Search
  • AR integration (on machines that can handle it): Some devices let you see the animals in Augmented Reality (AR), which makes learning even more fun by letting you virtually place the animal in your own surroundings. This makes the interaction more immersive and interactive.
  • Self-paced exploration: People can look around the 3D models at their own pace, focused on parts or details that interest them. This works for a range of learning styles and lets you learn more about certain features.

Tips for Optimizing Your 3D Animal Viewing Experience

  • Hardware: Make sure that your computer or other device meets the base system requirements for the 3D model or app you’re using. If you don’t have enough gear, you might experience lag, stuttering, and a less smooth experience.
  • Internet Connection (if needed): If you’re viewing the 3D model online, you need a stable and fast internet connection so that it loads and works properly.
  • Screen: A screen with a high quality and accurate colours will make the experience better visually and help you see the details of the 3D model more clearly.
  • Choose the right 3D model. There are many 3D animal models available on different websites and apps. When picking the model that best fits your needs, think about things like the amount of detail, the ability to interact with it, and how accurate it is scientifically.
  • Check out the different ways to view: A lot of 3D programmes let you change the way you see the model by moving it, zooming in and out, and focusing on certain parts of the animal. Try changing these parts to learn more about the animal’s body and traits.
  • Use the lighting settings. Changing the lighting in the 3D viewer can have a big effect on how you see the model. Try out different lighting choices to draw attention to certain parts or make the presentation more dramatic.


Why are Google 3D animals not showing up?

The Google 3D Animals tool depends on Google ARCore a lot. That is why you need to make sure the Google AR app is downloaded and up to date. The most up-to-date version right now is 1.16. If the feature still doesn’t work, turn your phone off and on again.

Where are the 3D animals?

First, open Google Chrome or Safari on your phone. Then, follow the steps below to see Google 3D animals. Step 2: Look for your best animal, in this case a tiger, on the list below. Step 3: To record live, click the “View in 3D” button.

Does Google still do 3D animals?

Mobile phones let you see 3D animals. Both laptops and desktop computers don’t have this feature. Browsers like Chrome and Safari can be used to see the 3D images. You need a phone with Android 7 or later to see 3D animal

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