How to View Someone’s Phone Number in Telegram

While direct viewing is limited, exploring shared spaces and respecting privacy might grant you a glimpse.

As a Telegram user, you may be interested in finding out who is behind a username, and the platform offers ways to do so. A key feature is looking through a user’s profile and how to View Someone’s Phone Number in Telegram.

The task becomes harder, though, when people choose to hide their contact information. Looking for hidden cell phone numbers becomes very hard in these situations. Finding hidden information requires a nuanced approach that includes carefully exploring different Telegram channels.

User who are good at keeping their privacy settings often make it hard for others to get to their contact information. Unsolving this digital mystery requires both creativity and respect for people’s privacy. This shows how tricky it is to find the right balance between curiosity and online ethics in the Telegram ecosystem.

How to View Someone’s Phone Number in Telegram

Head over to their profile page

  1. Get on your phone and open Telegram.
  2. You can search for a contact by their username or tap on their profile if you find them in a group. You can also tap on their profile from the Chat screen.
  3. When you tap on their name again, their profile picture, username, and phone number will show up on the screen. Okay, that’s it. You can now see their phone number.

Find it in a Telegram chat room

  1. To see Group Information, open the Telegram group you’re in and tap on its name.
  2. If the members of the group are visible to the public, scroll down until you find the member you want to add under “Add Members.”
  3. Click on a contact’s Profile to see some basic information about them.
  4. You should be able to see their number if their privacy setting is set to “Everyone.”

Get their phone number.

  1. Start up the Telegram app on your phone.
  2. Pick up the hamburger menu and pick sets. To get to Settings on an iPhone, tap the icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Pick out the settings for privacy and security.
  4. You can find the Phone Number under “Privacy.” Click on it.
  5. This is where you can choose who can see your phone number. If you choose the “Nobody” option, no one on Telegram will be able to see your phone number.

Understanding Telegram’s Privacy Settings

How to View Someone’s Phone Number in Telegram

Groups and contacts

  • You can choose whether everyone, just your contacts, or no one can add you to groups and channels.
    Make Channels and Groups: You can make groups and channels that only contacts can find and join, or everyone can find and join by link.
  • Synced Contacts Tell Telegram if your phone contacts are automatically synced with it and let people know how to call you.

Data and safety

  • Two-Step Verification: Make it even safer by requiring a password along with your code when you log in.
  • Cloud Password: Create a password for your Telegram data stored in the cloud. This will stop anyone else from getting to it without your permission if your SIM card is stolen.
  • Data Settings: You can change how your data is used and stored and delete synced contacts or stop sharing your location.
  • Active Sessions: See and control your active sessions on different devices, and end any that look fishy.

Adding Contacts on Telegram

How to View Someone’s Phone Number in Telegram

Using the Phone Number

  • If you already have the person’s phone number in your phonebook, this is the easiest way to do it.
  • Tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the Telegram app when it’s open.
  • Type the name or phone number of the person into the search bar.
  • As you type, Telegram will suggest contacts that are a good fit. Tap the person’s name when you see them.
  • A chat window will open with that person if they have a Telegram account. Then, tap their name at the top and pick “Add to contacts” to save them.

Using Your Username

  • Anyone with a public Telegram name can be found with that name.
  • Tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the Telegram app when it’s open.
  • To find someone, type their username into the search bar.
  • If you find someone, tap their name in the search results.

Privacy Concerns and Security Features on Telegram

  • Access to and storage in the cloud: Regular Telegram chats are not end-to-end encrypted by default. This means that messages are saved on Telegram’s servers and can be accessed by them and maybe even by law enforcement with a request.
  • Data Retention: Some user data, like IP addresses and information about devices, is kept for up to 12 months. This makes people worried about possible profiling and government requests.
  • Limited Transparency: Telegram is based in Russia, so it may not be as open as some Western companies about data access and government requests.
  • Secret Chats: This feature can be turned off, but it encrypts messages, social media, and files securely from end to end. The decryption keys are only known to you and the other person, and Telegram does not store messages on its servers.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Making your account even safer by requiring a code from your phone or a special app to log in
  • Self-Destructing Messages: You can set messages to disappear after a certain amount of time in both public and private chats. This gives private information more privacy.


Can we get a phone number from the Telegram ID?

Any other Telegram users can’t see or get to the phone number linked to a user’s account unless the user makes it public. The messaging app Telegram is well-known for putting a lot of emphasis on privacy and safety.

Is contact number visible on Telegram?

When you first use Telegram, your phone number is not shown to other users on the app. It is your phone number, though, that lets other users find your account. They can see your phone number if you add them as a contact or if they save it in their phone’s address book.

How can I search my contacts in Telegram?

The button is in the upper right corner of Telegram. This brings up a search bar. To find the contact, type their username into the search bar. There is a search bar at the top of the screen.

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