Gaming Chair Buying Guide

Choosing a gaming chair can be difficult, and you may end up choosing an inferior gaming chair. We've created this Gaming Chair Buying Guide to save you the headache of spending money.

Gaming Chairs are special chairs designed for the comfort of gamers. These chairs provide extra back support for gaming or working from home. Gaming chairs feature a high backrest that fully supports the back and neck. The architecture of the chair is ergonomically designed so that users can make different adjustments according to their preferences.

Equipping your workplace with a gaming chair will make your body feel active and less tired. It not only promotes proper posture and saves you from many chronic diseases, but also increases your performance. Today, the market is flooded with countless high-tech games.

And it is a fact that avid gamers spend several hours continuously in front of their gaming PC, as they don’t want to give their rival a chance to win the game. However, sitting for hours can lead to various health problems. In this situation, how can you play games continuously without endangering your health? Well, one of the best ways is to use a suitable chair that is specially designed for games.

Types of Gaming Chair

We can divide the Gaming Chairs into different types. The four major categories that you should know are:

PC Gaming Chairs

PC gaming chairs are the prototypical model that most people think of when they hear the word “gaming chair”. These chairs are designed to fit behind a desk, making them a good choice if you play most of your games on a PC or are looking for a chair that doubles as an office chair for a workstation. They usually consist of a mobile 5-star caster base with a pedestal seat mounted on top.

They also usually swivel to allow you to move freely around your desk, have high armrests to support your wrists when using your mouse and keyboard, and a high backrest to support your neck and prevent you from straining while looking at the screen. Almost all PC gaming chairs are set upright by default, but many can be tilted back and locked into various reclining positions.

Racer Simulator Seats

Racing simulator seats are advanced high-end gaming chairs designed specifically for racing games. They are usually attached to a frame or “cockpit” to which racing game accessories such as steering wheel, gear stick, pedals and more can be attached.

Some racing simulator seats are suitable for casual gamers, and some advanced models are even used for training professional racing drivers. These technologically advanced seats can be very, very expensive – sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Console Gaming Chairs

Console gaming chairs are designed for – yes, you guessed it – console gamers. They’re more versatile than PC gaming chairs, and they come in a much wider range of different shapes and sizes. The most popular type of console gaming chair, however, is the classic “rocker.” Unlike PC gaming chairs, rocker gaming chairs do not have pedestal seats or casters. Instead, they have L-shaped seats that sit directly on the floor. The name “rocker” comes from the fact that the backrest can often rock back and forth as you move.

They’re less ergonomic than PC gaming chairs and not meant for desk use, but many people find them much more comfortable for consoles, as they support the comfortable, “relaxed” posture that many gamers with controller pads like to sit in. They also often come with additional technology that connects them more closely to the console, such as surround sound speakers and USB ports for charging.

Bean Bag Chairs

Beanbags are large bags that are usually filled with foam or beds and padded with either suede or microfiber. They are not specifically designed for gaming, but many gamers choose them because they are so soft and comfortable and conform to the body.

They may not be particularly ergonomic or supportive, but one advantage of these types of chairs is that they allow for a variety of postures and positions. With the largest beanbag chairs, you can even lie down flat and have plenty of room. Another reason why many gamers choose these chairs is that they are usually cheaper than other options.

High back leatherette gaming chair

Explore our range of Upholstered High Back Faux Leather Gaming Any Time Gaming Chairs with ss Wheelbase & buy it at best price in India from VJ Interior (leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of an office chair). These high back office executive chairs give superior lumbar support, a 360 degree swivel option, and a height adjustment facility.

Some of them have a waterfall-like seat front edge, which takes pressure off the lower legs and greatly improves blood circulation. This chair provides more comfort when sitting for a long time, especially if you spend all day at the PlayStation. The high backrest, SS wheelbase, height adjustment and many other features make this chair the best choice for gaming applications.

Things to Consider before Buying Gaming Chair

you need to know the pros and cons of gaming chairs and what to look for. This is crucial because it allows you to properly analyze each chair to make sure it has the features you want and is good value for money.


The size of the gaming chairs is always a key factor for their comfort. Therefore, always check the dimensions according to your body shape and the room where you place the gaming chairs. For example, there are some gaming chairs with a narrow seating position or some with a larger floor area.

The choice between the two depends entirely on the user, who decides which chair is more suitable for them. When buying a gaming chair online, carefully check the specification table, which lists all the important points and specifications of the chair from the seller.


The look and style of the chair will vary from person to person, and that’s no reason to choose. Even though the most attractive gaming chairs aren’t necessarily the best for gaming, it makes sense to buy one that you’ll enjoy looking at. Since the chair will become a permanent part of your room, you might quickly get tired of it if it’s too bulky or doesn’t fit.

Plus, other people may see your chair when they come over to play or when you broadcast online. Therefore, you should get a good-looking gaming chair for your gaming setup. Some chairs can even be personalized with your favorite characters or games. Since every gaming chair manufacturer offers different customization options, it’s always a good idea to ask questions to purchase the chair that best fits your needs.


You can’t buy a perfect gaming chair without optimizing its ergonomic features. Ergonomics basically refers to the physiological principle where something is designed based on the best fit for the user. It also defines the efficiency and stability of the product.

The best ergonomic chair for gaming ensures proper sitting and minimizes the pain that comes with sitting for long periods of time. So, always check the seat height, seat adjustment, backrest and other features that help in seating comfort.

Build Quality

The most important point before buying a gaming chair is to check the quality of workmanship. High quality means longer life and you don’t want your chair to become uncomfortable or parts to be damaged during the first use. The best Build quality will affect the price of the chair, but it will also offer the best value for money.

Height & weight capacity of chair

Most of the gaming chairs do silly mistakes on their first deal like perfect measurement of weight capacity & height of the gaming chair. But this is the very crucial thing that you need to observe very carefully and choose it according to your height and weight.

Mostly, the best manufacturing gaming chairs support up to 100 lbs weight as well as having the height adjustable feature available. If you have any doubts regarding this feature ask the seller before you hand it over.

Compatibility with Consoles

Compatibility with the console in the console gaming chair is very important. So check the integration with your console before you make the final deal on this chair. Most of the console chairs are having the USB ports which help to charge your gaming console & you get to enjoy the game without any interruption.


While most PC gaming chairs have armrests, many console chairs do not. That’s just as well, because if you’re looking for a console chair, you won’t be using a keyboard and mouse, so an armrest is less necessary. The best armrests are movable, so you can adjust them to fit your body and size.

You should be able to adjust them so that your shoulders are relaxed, your elbows are at the right angle, and your arms are protected. Armrests should be adjustable at least in height. Ideally, they should also be adjustable in width so you have extra wiggle room when you really need it. Some armrests fold up to make it easier to get in and out of the chair.

Additional Features

Depending on your favorite games, you may need a gaming chair with additional features. For example, some chairs have Bluetooth ports, subwoofers, and vibration features, while others have storage for food and game controllers.

Some chairs have all of these features and more. If you have the money, it might be a good idea to buy a chair with all these technologies. However, if you will never use the headrest speakers or the rumble function, it is not worth the investment.

It would be best if you also consider a chair with armrests and footrests. Both can make gaming more comfortable, but can also hinder certain actions. For a game that requires you to move your legs, you don’t really need footrests, and if you’re going to be swinging your arms a lot while playing, you should definitely make sure nothing gets in the way.

Material of Gaming Chair

There are a few main materials for most computer chairs. From synthetic PU leather, mesh and fabric to the prestigious genuine leather. It’s worth noting that the latter is relatively rare these days and you often have to pay a higher price for genuine leather compared to the other common materials.


Although the use of genuine leather (or nappa) for an office chair is becoming increasingly rare, these chairs still exist. More often you can find chairs that are made of so-called PU leather (polyurethane). PU leather can range from low quality and brittle to very high quality and very durable.

It is almost always a synthetic leather. It is commonly used for most computer chairs and especially gaming chairs. Both genuine leather and PU leather are often easy to care for, easy to clean, and comfortable to wear.


Fabric chairs are becoming less and less common as PU leather is becoming more and more popular. However, there are still some chairs that are mainly covered with different fabrics such as cotton, polyester, wool, viscose or even a mixture of them.

As for mesh, cleaning a fabric chair can be a real pain compared to leather. Not only does anything spilled go right into the upholstery and fabric, it’s also difficult to remove stains.


Mesh chairs can be made from a variety of fabrics or materials, the most common being polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, PVC and PTFE. This padding is used to wrap around the frame of the chair and give the feeling of floating in the air – at least that’s the goal.

Mesh chairs are often used in offices and workplaces because they are breathable and provide a cooler seating experience. Cleaning a mesh chair can be tedious, and anything you spill on it will either go right through or soak into the fabric.

Gaming Chair Prices

Gaming chairs typically cost between $65 and $800. Prices vary widely depending on features, size and brand. Here are three general price ranges to watch out for.

$65 TO $100

Most beanbag and rocking chairs can be had for less than $100, and many entry-level computer gaming chairs are in this price range as well. If you’re looking for a traditional computer gaming chair, but don’t want to settle for a cheap model, you should up your spending.

$100 TO $300

Gaming chairs in the $100 to $300 price range often offer good value for money in terms of features and materials. If you value extras (e.g. an adjustable headrest, integrated speakers or lumbar cushions), these should be included in the price.

$300 TO $800

The most expensive gaming chairs offer everything your heart desires: lots of features, high-quality materials and brands that gamers value. If your dream chair has wild colors, lots of adjustment options, and is made of Corinthian leather, you should prepare your wallet accordingly.


Choosing a gaming chair can be difficult, and you may end up choosing an inferior gaming chair. We’ve created this Gaming Chair Buying Guide to save you the headache of spending money. We’ve covered everything you should look for when Buying a Gaming Chair.

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