Mattress Buying Guide

Buying a Mattress that is right for your body and sleep needs is one of the biggest investments you can make for your physical and mental health.

A Mattress that adapts to your body and supports it where it needs help is the right thing for your body and your health, both in the short and long term. That’s why a mattress is so much more than size, quality and other superficial parameters. When the inside and outside of the mattress work well, it helps improve the inside and outside of your body. Sleep is not only a restful retreat, but our daily mood and productivity depend on it in the long run. So beds are not just ordinary furniture, but an investment in our overall well-being.

Proper sleep with the right mattress can improve your mood, energy and concentration. In this case, you need to make sure that you choose the best mattress for yourself. Choosing a mattress is a very individual purchase decision. What is the right mattress for one person may be a source of discomfort and lack of sleep for another. But even though there is no right or wrong when it comes to comfort, there are many other things you should look for when buying a new mattress.

Types of Mattress

Innerspring Mattress

Affordable and durable traditional innerspring mattresses remain the most popular mattresses on the market. These sturdy mattresses have a core of steel coils and springs encased in a soft outer layer of padding and fabric. Because of their strong construction, innerspring mattresses are very supportive and retain their shape for a long time.

Because their coil base allows for good air circulation, innerspring mattresses are airy and have a low temperature, making them a good choice for stomach sleepers and people who tend to overheat during the night. It’s important to note that innerspring mattresses are more reactive than other types of mattresses, so you’ll definitely notice more movement and noise. And depending on the type of bed frame you use, an innerspring mattress may require the purchase of an additional box spring bed.

Hybrid Mattress

The hybrid mattress combines the durable coil springs of a traditional innerspring mattress with multiple layers of cushioning memory foam to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support. This unique design provides good air circulation and valuable pressure point relief, making it suitable for all sleeping positions.

Best of all, these mattresses are available in numerous firmness levels, so you can truly customize your sleep experience. Hybrid mattresses come in a variety of price ranges, but they tend to be expensive. Because of their coil spring base, there is some bounce and noticeable motion transfer. Hybrid mattresses are also heavy, which makes them difficult to move around.

Adjustable Mattress

Adjustable mattresses are designed specifically for use in motorized bed frames. Primarily made of latex or memory foam, these flexible mattresses can be adjusted to almost any sleeping, sitting or lying position. Some even come with luxurious features like massage or heat.

Since they’re adaptable to your changing needs, you’ll always be comfortable whether you’re sleeping, reading or watching a movie. They’re a great choice for people who spend a lot of time in bed, suffer from chronic back pain, or want a truly personalized sleep experience. Available as a standard firm mattress or in a split version where each side can move independently.

To enjoy the benefits of an adjustable mattress, it must be used in conjunction with a motorized bed frame. This level of customized comfort comes at a price. Adjustable mattresses are expensive, and prices vary depending on the features you choose. But if you feel like you’re really benefiting from all the special features an adjustable bed has to offer, it’s worth the investment.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are popular for their soft, snug support and exceptional motion isolation. These innovative mattresses are made of high-density foam that gently hugs your contours and provides excellent pressure point relief for the entire body.

Memory foam is also naturally hypoallergenic, making these mattresses a great choice for allergy sufferers. Memory foam mattresses are available in a variety of firmness levels, making it easy to find the perfect fit. Some people find the tight design of memory foam to be overheating during the night.

So if you sleep hot but still want the comfort of memory foam, consider a low-temperature gel memory foam mattress that has effective cooling properties. It’s important to know that memory foam mattresses are thick and don’t allow for much movement. So if you prefer a springy mattress, memory foam is not for you.

Mattress Based on Sleeping Position

Depending on the sleeping position, the mattress comfort changes. Below you will find simple suggestions for choosing the mattress surface depending on the sleeping position.

Side or back position

Side and back sleepers tend to prefer a softer sleeping surface. This provides additional cushioning for their shoulders and hips and prevents painful pressure points in these areas.

Stomach position

Stomach Sleepers often want a slightly firmer sleeping surface to keep their spine in proper alignment and prevent their back from arching too much.

Mattress Qualities to Consider

Choose a Mattress Size

Most mattresses are available in six standard sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King and California King. Some models are available in additional sizes (e.g. Full XL or Short Queen). They may also be available in “split” Queen, King or California sizes, which include two separate mattresses that can be pushed together or separated. Let’s run through a quick breakdown of the six mattress sizes available from most manufacturers:

  • Twin

38 inches by 75 inches. Twin mattresses are best for small children, teenagers or people who are less than 6 feet tall. A twin mattress is the least expensive of the mattresses.

  • Twin XL

38 inches by 80 inches. Are you wondering what the difference is between a twin xl and a twin? A twin XL mattress is 5 inches longer than a twin mattress and is best suited for young children and teens who are growing faster than Jack’s beanstalk.

  • Full

53 inches by 75 inches. A full mattress is suitable for singles or couples looking for compact comfort. However, those taller than 6 feet should steer clear, unless they don’t mind their toes hanging out of bed.

  • Queen

60 by 80 centimeters. A queen size bed is one of the best bed sizes for couples who like to cuddle, or even for people with a few furry friends. This standard mattress size is perfect for a master or guest bedroom. The price of a queen mattress is usually similar to a full mattress, so it’s a good investment if you have the extra space.

  • King

76 inches by 80 inches. These mattresses offer maximum space and comfort for a king, and are ideal for couples who need a little more room. Or for parents with a couple of nightmarish kids crawling into their bed. The downside? A king-size mattress can make small spaces feel cramped.

  • California King

72-inches by 84-inches. When comparing a king vs. California king, a California king-size mattress is best for taller couples, looking for a coastline of space. Although, stray away from any cross-country moves, as moving a mattress of this size can be difficult. A California king mattress is typically the more expensive option, however, our Cal King and regular King are the same price.


Different people prefer different degrees of firmness. The only way to find out what the description “firm” or “soft” on a mattress really means is to lie on it. It’s important to test the mattress, just as you would test drive a car before buying it. Your sleeping style also affects the firmness level. When it comes to choosing a mattress, you should consider what firmness level will give you relief.

  • Extra Firm

An extra firm mattress lacks padding, so it’s a good choice for stomach sleepers who need a mattress with some resistance.

  • Firm

A firm mattress is the best choice for sleepers with a sturdy build who need more support and don’t want to feel like they’re sinking into bed.

  • Medium

A medium firmness mattress is ideal for back and side sleepers who want their mattress firm enough to support the spine, but still provide hotel-like comfort.

  • Cushion Firm

A cushion firm mattress has added cushioning at the top to provide a firm, supportive base without sacrificing softness. It helps to prevent back strain.

  • Plush

A plush mattress has a soft surface that is popular with side sleepers to relieve pressure points.

  • Ultra Plush

An ultra-plush mattress has a very soft surface that comes from extra padding. Since it is not stable, it does not prevent your back from arching, but it does relieve shoulder and hip tension when you sleep on your side.

Support and Neutral Spine Alignment

It is best when the head, neck and spine are in neutral alignment, regardless of the sleeping position. Without this natural alignment, sleepers may experience stiffness or pain upon waking.

Motion Transfer

For those who sleep with a partner, motion transfer is extremely important. A mattress that handles motion transfer well will ensure that sleeping partners do not disturb each other when they move around at night. Those who want a mattress with low motion transfer should consider a mattress with memory foam. This material is known to reduce motion transfer.


The distribution of body weight or body mass index is another crucial factor to consider when choosing a mattress. This aspect is especially important for overweight or obese people. People with a higher BMI are more prone to various health risks, both internal and physiological.

For this reason, a higher BMI requires a mattress that is both supportive and comfortable. A high-density foam mattress can only help so much. In contrast, an innerspring mattress, especially a pocket spring mattress, provides comfort and support for all curves and is more durable.

People with a healthy or lower BMI sleep better on a softer mattress, and if they have medical problems, a medium-firm orthopedic mattress will help. Irregular body fat distribution requires finer support, which only innerspring mattresses with pocket springs provide. An innerspring mattress can support higher body weight and promote long-term physiological health.

Signs You Should Replace Your Mattress

Back Pain

If you or someone close to you suffers from back or neck pain, you are not alone. If you have back pain, you should buy the hardest mattress you can find – right? Not so fast. While this used to be common wisdom, there’s no solid research on it.

To find the ideal mattress for you, you should focus on firmness level, your sleeping position, mattress type, and materials. It’s also important to know how your bed supports spinal alignment and promotes pressure relief.

Numbness and poor blood circulation

Many renowned mattress brands offer high-tech mattresses that are perfect for people with numbness and circulation problems. The ideal mattresses for people with such problems are those that distribute body weight evenly during the night. Some of the newer mattress models are designed with this in mind and are made of natural latex or high-density memory foam.

Why do your arms and legs feel numb at night during sleep? Well, there are several possible causes for this. In healthy people, the main cause of numb arms and legs is too much pressure on the mattress.

If you recently bought a new mattress, this could be the cause of numbness on your new mattress. If the bed is too firm, it will not provide adequate pressure relief and may restrict blood circulation or put pressure on a nerve, causing numbness.

Sleeping better somewhere else

If you sleep better on a hotel mattress or in a friend’s guest room, your bed at home may not be comfortable enough. The top part of your mattress is made up of “comfort layers” designed to support your body and provide pressure relief.

The comfort layers degrade over time, leading to poor sleep and body aches. In some cases, however, your choice of mattress was flawed from the start and you need to replace it.


Snoring can have many causes, from dry air in the bedroom to obstructive sleep apnea to the wrong combination of mattress and pillow. If you or your partner snore, the mattress you choose can make a big difference in your sleep quality.

A mattress that supports your spine can curb snoring by helping to keep your neck and throat erect. In addition, a mattress made of hypoallergenic materials can help deter dust mites and prevent mold, which can also trigger snoring.

Waking up tired and achy

When the ringing of the alarm clock jolts you out of sleep, it’s hard enough to get out of bed without the curse of an aching body. This can be due to the quality of the mattress, pillow, sleeping position or posture, lifestyle, inflammation, diet and sleep duration.

Given the complexity of our bodies, it can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of certain health issues, such as body pain after sleep. But by going through each item on this list and eliminating as much as possible, you should better understand what’s causing your morning pain so you can sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.

Sagging and Lumpy Mattress

Mattresses and pillows wear out over time due to normal wear and tear. This wear and tear can cause sagging or lumps. Soft foam and cotton mattresses and pillows tend to wear out faster than latex or innerspring mattresses. This is natural, but once you start noticing sagging and lumps, it’s time to consider replacing your mattress.


Purchasing a Mattress is an investment, an investment in your sleep, an investment in your well-being. If you spend a third of your life on a mattress, that’s about 25 to 30 years. Think carefully before compromising on your mattress, and don’t be fooled by the marketing gimmicks of a cheaper mattress. There is a reason mattresses are expensive better material, better quality, greater thickness and better durability.


Buying a Mattress that is right for your body and sleep needs is one of the biggest investments you can make for your physical and mental health. We hope this Buying guide will give you some useful information in making Confirmed Decision.

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