The great vpn for chromecast to access sites

Chromecast is a great device that digitally projects audio or video content from your PC, phone, or tablet onto the big screen. However, the streaming services available with it, such as Netflix, are geo-restricted in many parts of the world, and to access them, you need a VPN for Chromecast. For example, you cannot stream shows on Hulu outside the US, and you cannot access BBC iPlayer from outside the UK unless you use a reliable VPN.

A VPN can make it look like you, and your Google Chromecast are connecting from another place in the world. It does this by providing a new, temporary IP to your Chromecast. Since an IP is used to detect the physical location of a connected device, this makes it appear as if it has connected from another part of the world. 

A streaming provider sees your new IP address, is fooled into believing you are connecting from a different geographic area and gives you access to geo-blocked content for that area!

This article will mention the best VPNs for use with Google Chromecast with Google TV. I will also explain how a VPN can protect and enhance all your online activities.

The best VPN for Chromecast



Surfshark has an Android TV app for use on your Google Chromecast, and it is available in the Google Play Store. Apps are also available for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS, and Fire TV devices for your other desktop and mobile devices. The provider’s router features can protect all your connected devices through one access point.

The provider also provides a Smart DNS service that unblocks content for gaming consoles, streaming boxes, and Smart TVs that cannot use the company’s VPN offering. But be warned, the Smart DNS service doesn’t encrypt your connection the way Surfshark’s VPN offering does. Surfshark’s unlimited simultaneous connections ensure that your entire family or business is protected at once. Also check this alternate guide about using chromecast with vpn to protect your work.

Surfshark’s server network includes over 3,200 servers in 64+ countries worldwide, providing extensive unblocking power for geo-controlled content around the globe. These providers’ connection speeds are incredible for streaming HD and 4K video, playing games online, and performing any other online pastime—no data caps or bandwidth limitations to spoil your fun.

All Surfshark connections are secured with bank-grade encryption and a kill switch, and DNS leak prevention. You can enable ad and tracker blocking, along with malware and phishing protection. A MultiHop feature routes the Internet traffic through two VPN servers for double encryption and anonymity.

Your privacy is kept hidden thanks to the provider’s strict no-logs policy, as well as their acceptance of cryptocurrency as their payment services. 24/7 live chat support, a searchable support library, and FAQ section, and a support request form mean help is available when you need it.


ExpressVPN is a reliable but expensive VPN. It provides top-notch security and privacy and also access to geo-blocked content. Users can download/install the ExpressVPN app from the Google Play Store. Native app support is there for the Android, Chromebook, Linux, macOS, Amazon Fire, and Windows platforms. 

Up to 5 devices can be used simultaneously on the provider’s network, and extended router support is also available. ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer service lets game consoles, Smart TVs, and set-top boxes benefit from the provider’s geo-blocked content access powers. However, MediaStreamer doesn’t encrypt Internet connection the way a VPN does. 3,000+ servers in 94+ countries provide extensive global server coverage. The server network provides reliable unblocking for geo-restricted content almost anywhere in the world.

The user’s privacy is well-protected, credit to the provider’s no-server-logs policy. Users can also pay using Bitcoin to keep their subscription information incognito. 24/7 live chat support, email support, a problem ticket submission system, and a searchable support library provide 24-hour support.


NordVPN is an optimal VPN protection for the Google Chromecast with Google TV. The Android TV-compatible app is available on the Google Play Store, and an .APK file is available for sideloading from the NordVPN website. Thanks to the provider’s app offerings for iOS, Android, Linux, Amazon Fire, and Windows device platforms, you can also protect your other connected devices. 

The service is compatible with several router makes and models, and up to 6 simultaneous connections are allowed. NordVPN also offers a SmartDNS service with set-top boxes, game consoles, and smart TVs that cannot use a VPN. The service opens up access to geo-blocked content around the world. Keep in mind that SmartDNS does not offer encrypted protection like the provider’s VPN offering does.

The provider’s 5,400+ servers, located in 59+ countries worldwide, provide reliable access to geo-blocked content in most areas of the world. NordVPN’s download speeds were the fastest in the top 5 and can easily handle the connection demands of online gaming and streaming HD to 4K video.

Banking-grade encryption, an automatic kill switch, and protection against DNS and IPv6 leaks provide comprehensive security for your Chromecast’s Internet connection. The provider’s obfuscation capabilities hide your VPN activity by disguising it as regular browser traffic. The privacy is well-protected thanks to the provider’s no-logs policy and Bitcoin payment option.

24/7 live support chat, email support, and a searchable knowledge base mean customer service is available when you need it.


IPVanish is on this list thanks to its excellent online security and its server network that provides an extra layer of privacy. IPVanish’s Android app is available in the Google Play Store and as an .APK app file that can be downloaded from their website. iOS, macOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS apps are also available for router compatibility. Unlimited devices can simultaneously connect to the service on a single username.

Although IPVanish does not offer an intelligent DNS service, streaming boxes, game consoles, and other streaming devices can use a VPN-secured router or share the VPN-secured connection from a Mac or Windows PC. The provider’s global server network (with more than 1,600 servers in nearly 60 countries) is not as impressive as the other providers on this list but can still unblock content in most places worldwide.

The provider’s connection speeds are sufficient to handle HD video streaming, online gaming, and other online activities. You don’t have to deal with data caps or bandwidth limitations here. IPVanish protects your connection using government-level encryption, “kill switch” protection, and a “scramble” option that disguises your VPN activity as regular browsing traffic. 

IPVanish operates its entire global server network, which means third parties are kept away from your personal information. It also protects privacy by not storing any logs of any kind on servers. Unfortunately, you cannot pay for the subscription with cryptocurrency. Customer support includes 24/7 live chat support, email support, and a searchable support library.


CyberGhost is one of the best VPN options for users who are beginners. The provider comes with easy-to-use yet powerful VPN apps, and the provider’s Android TV app is available from the Google Play Store on Chromecast. Thanks to app options for iOS, macOS, Android, Amazon Fire, and Windows devices, your other devices can also be protected. Router protection is also available. You can connect seven devices to the service simultaneously with the same login info.

CyberGhost’s server network includes 6,800+ globally, scattered among 89+ countries worldwide, providing excellent access to geo-blocked content around the globe. The provider offers to stream- and file sharing-optimized VPN servers in several locations. CyberGhost’s connection speeds offer plenty of speed for both gaming and streaming HD to 4K video. 

All CyberGhost connections are protected with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, kill switch protection, DNS leak protection, and IPv6 leak protection. The provider can block online advertising and tracking, block malicious websites, and force websites to offer HTTPS versions of their pages when available. A strict zero-log policy and a Bitcoin subscription option keep your privacy in check. Customer support is always available 24/7, live chat support, email support, a support ticket system, and a searchable knowledge base.


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