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xTool S1 review 2024: So today we discuss the xtool s1 product which is now available in market For a good reason, laser engravers have been becoming more popular than 3D printers for a while now. The machines can do a lot of different things. They can do fancy engraving as well as precise cutting of different materials. It can be hard to set up and follow all the safety rules, just like 3D printers. But businesses are always making progress in the right direction, too, which makes it safer and easier for people to use. And the brand-new xTool S1 is a great example of that.

The xTool S1 is a desktop laser cutter and engraver that can be used by both new and experienced users. This machine is strong and flexible, so you can use it to make many things, like leather goods, acrylic signs, wood crafts, and more. This S1 has a 10W laser diode that can cut and engrave many different types of materials. It also has a 400mm x 400mm work area that’s big enough for you to work on your projects.

The S1 is easy to use, which makes it stand out from other laser cutters. There are many ready-made designs that come with the machine that you can use right away. Using the S1’s companion software, you can also bring in your own designs. It’s also very safe to use the S1. It’s safe because it has a fume extractor and a laser guard that keep you from getting hurt by the laser beam.

Specifications Table

SpecificationxTool S1 40WxTool S1 20W
Product CertificationIEC/EN60825IEC/EN60825
European UnionCE-RED, ROHS, EN60825, CE-MDCE-RED, ROHS, EN60825, CE-MD
United KingdomUKCAUKCA
JapanTelec, PSETelec, PSE
Australia and New ZealandRCM, SAARCM, SAA
Laser Power40W20W
Spot Size0.08*0.10 mm0.08*0.06 mm
Working Speed600mm/s600mm/s
Working Area498319 mm
19.6112.56 inches
498330 mm
19.6113 inches
Working Area with Automatic Conveyor Feeder470mm * 3000mm (additional transmission rail is required)470mm * 3000mm (additional transmission rail is required)
Output Voltage25V 11A24V 8A
Connection WayUSB/Wi-FiUSB/Wi-Fi
Support XCS SystemPhone: Android & iOS
Tablet: iPad
Computer: Windows & macOS
Phone: Android & iOS
Tablet: iPad
Computer: Windows & macOS
Product Weight20KG20KG
Product Size765 * 561 * 183mm (excluding riser base)765 * 561 * 268mm (including riser base)

Unboxing and Quick Start Guide

Here are some basic things you should know about the xTool S1 before you start being creative with it. Opening this new invention is an experience in and of itself. When you lift the lid, you’ll see a carefully thought-out, fire-resistant shell that surrounds everything inside. This enclosure shows how much xTool S1 cares about safety. It makes sure that there is no laser leakage while it is working, so the experience is safe and easy to use. The high-transparency cover not only makes it look better, but it can also filter at two different wavelengths.

When you use the xTool S1, you don’t need to wear safety glasses because it filters out diode laser and 1064nm infrared laser emissions well. You can now clearly see every step of the laser processing, which keeps you safe without lowering the quality of your work. The xTool S1 has a four-tier safety protection system because safety is very important. You can use this powerful tool without worrying about safety thanks to its five-direction flame detection system, lid-open safety stop, tilt/impact detection, and an easy-to-reach emergency stop button.

Unparalleled Power and Performance

A laser compression technology makes the xTool S1’s 40W of high power a real surprise. With this new technology, eight 5.5W lasers can work together to cut wood as efficiently as CO2 machines. The xTool S1 has so much power that it can easily cut through materials up to 18 mm thick, even solid wood. It is different from traditional CO2 machines because it uses advanced beam compression technology to get better results. The xTool S1’s laser modules can be switched out, which is one of its best features.

You can choose between 40W and 20W modules, which lets you work with a lot of different materials, like leather, wood, stainless steel, plastic, precious metals, and more. The xTool S1’s high-speed movement at 600mm/s and improved guide rail structure make its high-power laser stable and effective, resulting in great results.

Precision Redefined with Twin-Point Positioning

One of the most innovative things about the xTool S1 is its Twin-point Positioning. This method for precise positioning doesn’t use a camera, but it’s just as accurate as one. With a new type of encoder and algorithm, the xTool S1 gives your projects the accuracy of a coordinate system. The software shows this accuracy in a way that is easy to understand, so you can see where the laser module is at all times.

With Twin-point Positioning, you can place patterns within the processing range of the material with more accuracy than with traditional positioning methods. Because the xTool S1 is more precise, it reduces errors and makes sure that your engravings are clear and centered perfectly. This software has an easy-to-use visualization feature that makes it simple and quick to use. With Twin-point Positioning, laser engraving is made easier so that both beginners and experts can use it.

Dynamic-Focus Engraving for Flawless Results

One of the most innovative things about the xTool S1 is its Dynamic-Focus Engraving. The advanced Intelligent Focus System in this system lets you do high-precision ranging and 3D object modeling automatically. The motorized Z-axis changes the focus on the image in real time while it is being processed, making sure that every detail is perfect. The engraving looks just as good on this surface as it does on a flat one. Dynamic-Focus Engraving gives you a lot of options for your art projects.

Endless Creative Possibilities with Accessories

The xTool S1 offers a wide range of accessories to further enhance your creativity. These accessories include:

???? Automatic Feeder for Conveyors: The xTool S1 has an Automatic Conveyor Feeder that allows for automatic passthrough for large projects. This makes the processing area bigger, from 498330mm to 4703000mm, so you can easily work with big materials.

???? Engraving by Rotary: The xTool S1’s RA2 Pro rotary attachment lets you make beautiful engravings on things like rings, tumblers, mugs, and spheres. With this add-on, you can be more creative than ever.

???? The riser base: The Riser Base raises the machine’s height so that it can engrave on things that are up to 125 mm (in non-Europe and the UK) tall. It comes in two different types that meet different laser safety standards to keep you safe while you use them.

Air Assist for Flawless Results

The xTool S1 has a smart air assist system that changes the flow of air based on what is being processed. That’s right, this feature makes sure you get the best results while keeping your hands free. The air assist system helps keep the cutting edges clean and the results are perfect.

Empowered Software for Seamless Workflow

You can use either XCS or Lightburn software with the xTool S1. These software programs can open a number of file types, such as SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIF. Due to its easy-to-use software interface, the xTool S1 can be easily added to your creative process.

Pricing and Deal on offer

Don’t miss this great deal on the xTool S1 Laser Engraver! Using our special discount code “200S1” on the xTool S1 from October 22nd to November 2nd will save you $200 on order of $2,000 or more. Now is your chance to use cutting-edge technology to improve your engraving skills while keeping your wallet happy. Don’t wait, this deal will end soon, so click on the link below to go to the xTool website and get this great deal right away:

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