Another Code: Recollection review 2024: a well-made remaster

Immerse yourself in Another Code's storyline and unravel mysteries in this gaming masterpiece.

Another Code: Recollection wasn’t always fun for me, but I’m glad it’s out there. Nintendo usually doesn’t change much about its remakes. It might update the images and controls, but the gameplay and story are usually pretty much the same. That’s not the case here, though, because Arc System Works really stepped it up a notch with this dual remake, bringing two very niche puzzle adventure games right up to date with new third-person views, better voice acting, and new ways to explore.

Another Code: Recollection- Description

It’s clear that the people who work on Another Code care about it, and it’s great to see a big publisher bring back a small series like this. “Another Code: Recollection” is an enthralling interactive adventure that transports players into a strange universe that is packed with intriguing riddles and a narrative that is completely engrossing.

This game, which was developed by Cing and released by Nintendo, is a sequel to the critically praised “Another Code: Two Memories.” The more we go into this review, the more we will investigate the different components that contribute to the one-of-a-kind and captivating experience that “Another Code: Recollection” provides for players.

Another Code: Recollection- Price

Another Code: Recollection Review

Another Code: Recollection, which costs $39.99 USD, is a great game that blends the fun of exploration with tricky puzzles in a way that makes them both stand out. There are two full-fledged adventures in this one package, which makes it a must-have for fans who want to fully immerse themselves in the world of mystery and drama.

When it comes to interactive stories, Another Code: Recollection really shines with a deep story that spans two separate tales. Players are asked to go on an interesting journey where every choice they make and new thing they find takes them further into an interesting story. Players will be on the edge of their seats throughout both adventures because the game skillfully blends tension, emotion, and unexpected turns.

Another Code: Recollection- About

Another Code: Recollection, which came out in January 2024, is a pair of mystery games for the Nintendo Switch. In two separate stories, you can play as Ashley, a determined young woman who is trying to figure out what happened to her parents.

DeveloperArc System Works
Initial Release19 January 2024
PlatformNintendo Switch
GenreAdventure game
ComposerRei Kondoh
PublishersNintendo, Nintendo of America Inc.
Visit Website

Another Code: Recollection- Game Controls and Interface

“Another Code: Recollection” features controls that are easy to use and an interface that is straightforward, making it a delight to navigate through the game. The game offers a smooth and pleasurable experience for players, allowing them to concentrate on the mystery that is unfolding, regardless of whether they are seasoned gamers or newcomers to the gaming world.

When it comes to navigating environments, studying objects, and interacting with the DAS, the controls are clear and easy to understand. They make use of the buttons and touchscreen on the Switch. The user interface is neat and uncomplicated, which ensures that the gameplay experience will be smooth during games.

Another Code: Recollection- Graphics and Visual Design

Another Code: Recollection Review

The game features a delightful art style that is reminiscent of old adventure games. It features vivid settings and character sprites that are detailed. Although they do not push the boundaries of technical capabilities, the visuals do a good job of conveying the ambiance and emotional tone of the game.

The graphics of “Another Code: Recollection” are absolutely amazing, and the game’s visual design exhibits a high level of attention to detail. The game contributes to the overall immersive experience by creating a fascinating mood through the use of rich scenery and character movements.

Another Code: Recollection- Features and Performance

Recollection operates without any visible performance issues and works well in both docked and portable modes. It provides a steady frame rate and does not have any noticeable performance concerns. The game makes good use of the touchscreen capabilities of the Switch, which adds an additional degree of engagement to the experience.

The game is exceptional in terms of its display features, providing clear pictures and a fluid gameplay experience. “Another Code: Recollection” maintains a high level of performance, which significantly improves the overall gaming experience, regardless of whether the game is being played on a portable device or a larger screen.

Another Code: Recollection- Storyline and Narrative

The story is told through a succession of mysteries that are tied to one another, and each of these riddles delves into the lives and recollections of a different collection of characters. In addition to being well-written and interesting, the narrative delves into topics such as loss, sadness, and the significance of memory. Nevertheless, there are instances when the pace feels slow, and the overall narrative might not be appealing to those who are looking for action that moves quickly.

“Another Code: Recollection” features a compelling narrative that unfolds over the course of the game as players go with their progression through the game. This narrative is the most important aspect of the game. The narrative is packed with a variety of secrets and emotions, which helps to maintain the players’ interest and ensures that they remain engrossed in the characters and the journey that they are doing.

Another Code: Recollection- Character Development

Another Code: Recollection Review

Other Code: Recollection features a cast of characters that is not only diverse but also distinctive, with each character having their own distinct personality and reasons for acting the way they do. The protagonist, Ashley, is likeable and approachable, and the path of self-discovery that she takes serves as the emotional centre of the story.

The characters in “Another Code: Recollection” are well-developed, and each of them has their own distinct personalities and contributes to the tale as it unfolds. As they progress through the game, players will realise that they are able to develop relationships with the individuals they encounter.

Another Code: Recollection- Music and Sound Effects

The game’s music is a work of art. It expertly combines moody melodies and silly tunes to create a seamless tapestry that makes the experience better for the player. Each piece of music seems to be perfectly matched to the game’s setting and mood, creating a world of sound that draws you in and holds your attention.

As players discover the virtual world, the evocative melodies take them to the heart of the game’s world and make them feel awe and wonder. The carefully picked music not only sets the mood for the game, but it also adds to the experience, whether you’re in a strange ancient forest, a busy futuristic city, or a realm from another world.

Another Code: Recollection- Game Challenges and Puzzles

The puzzles in Another Code: Recollection are a great example of how clever people can be while still keeping the story logical. Because they are so deeply woven into the game, these puzzles are more than just mental tasks; they also play a part in the story, which makes the whole experience better. The clever way they were put together makes them beautiful. Each puzzle fits in perfectly with the story, making it hard to tell the difference between playing and reading.

There is a good mix between easy and hard puzzles in Another Code: Recollection so that it can appeal to a wide range of players. The game is good for both experienced puzzle fans who like a good task and new gamers who want to have fun without getting too hard. It’s easy to feel good after solving these problems, which creates a satisfying gameplay loop that keeps players interested and drives them to learn more about the story.

Another Code: Recollection- Tips and Strategies for Playing

Another Code: Recollection Review

Players who are looking for a competitive advantage in the game should think about paying attention to the cryptic clues and indications that are scattered throughout the narrative. Also, make sure to take breaks to think about the puzzles you are working on, as new insights frequently lead to breakthroughs in the process of solving them.

  • Pay close attention to dialogue and environmental details, as they often hold clues to solving puzzles.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with the DAS and explore different memories.
  • Utilize the hint system if you get stuck, but try solving puzzles yourself first for the most rewarding experience.

Another Code: Recollection- Community Feedback and Discussion

A lot of people have said great things about the video game Another Code: Recollection. It’s loved by both players and reviewers for its beautiful graphics, interesting story, and unique puzzle mechanics. The game’s artistic merit and visual appeal have been praised the most. Its charming graphics help create an engaging gaming experience that sticks with players.

People are really interested in Another Code: Recollection’s storyline because it tells a great story that keeps players interested throughout their gaming trip. The power of the game to make people feel things and connect them with its characters has been a big part of its overall success.


  • Engaging story with a focus on character development and emotional themes.
  • Unique puzzle mechanics that integrate with the narrative.
  • Charming art style and delightful soundtrack.
  • Smooth performance and intuitive controls.


  • Slow pacing at times.
  • Puzzles can be easy for experienced adventure game players.
  • Limited replay value after completing the story.

Final Words

Again, Another Code: Recollection is a calm and easy adventure that isn’t too hard but has a lot of charm. It’s one of Nintendo’s most ambitious remakes in a long time, and I’m glad Arc System Works carefully brought these two very niche puzzle adventures up to date. While Recollection’s predictable mysteries, frustrating story, and average puzzle design keep it from being great, the game’s new look and great mood make up for it. The journey is also linked by its likeable main character. Ashley’s personal quest to find her lost memories is one I will never forget.

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Solve puzzles across time in this charming remake bundle. Explore the past through "Memories" with unique puzzle mechanics. Enjoy emotive storytelling at a relaxed pace, but don't expect thrills. The voice acting adds personality to the game, but the graphics are a little inconsistent at times. While not one of the most challenging games, its likeable characters and engaging storylines make it an unforgettable journey for adventure fans.Another Code: Recollection review 2024: a well-made remaster