Audio Pro C10 MkII review (2023) a wireless Bluetooth speaker

offers a slightly more even presentation

Even though they call themselves “The Sound of Scandinavia,” I’m sure the Swedes’ ears are in good hands with Audio Pro. The new C10 MKII sounds great, especially considering how small it is: 166mm x 320mm x 180mm. A lot of speakers these days seem to be mostly about making the floor shake with bass, which is always nice, but the MKII gives you a balanced sound across a wide range of sounds, which is even nicer.

Audio Pro C10 MkII: Description

There is still a dynamic bass range, but it doesn’t come at the expense of the mids, highs, or anything else. They all sound great, with a frequency range from 45 to 22,000Hz and a crossover at 2500Hz. That means that all kinds of instruments from a wide range of musical styles filled the room you can buy this product directly from Audio’s official site.

Drums hit like they were right there with you, drum machines boomed with all the reverb they were supposed to have, keys tinkled with passion, organs swirled, many different kinds of guitar made themselves known, and vocals of different tones sat in their sweet spot, at both high and low volumes.

Soul music sounds great on this unit. When it needs to be silky smooth, the bass guitar sounds warm, and the vocals sound like honey. To push it to its limits, I played it different kinds of rock some classic, some heavy, and some just plain harsh and it still sounded good without sounding like it was trying too hard. On older, less well-produced albums, where it didn’t have much to work with, it did bring out flaws.

Pros and Cons


  • Levelled-up streaming support
  • Greater clarity
  • Cleaner and tighter bass


  • Lacks the fun of the original

Audio Pro C10 MkII: specifications

InputsRCA, Bluetooth
AirPlay 2Yes
Dimensions16.6 x 32 x 18cm

Design and Setup

Audio Pro C10 MkII review

The Audio Pro Addon C10 MKII is a fairly large speaker, measuring 165 x 320 x 185 mm, so you’ll probably want it in a living room. It has two rubber feet on the bottom to raise the front and a magnetic fabric mesh speaker grille. Take that off to see the classic Audio Pro design. It’s great that you can choose between two styles, and you can buy it in one of three stylish colors: Arctic White, Storm Grey, or Coal Black. I saw the grey one, and it looked great in my living room.

However, the black one is more likely to go with everything. With its sharp corners and matte finish, the design as a whole feels very smart and sophisticated. It will look great in a modern room The top of the speaker is made of brushed metal that is gold in color and has six preset buttons that are surrounded by white light. You can assign your favorite playlists or Internet radio stations to these by pressing one of them while the playlist or station is playing.

You can also use the Audio Pro app to set them. The power button, the source button, and the switch to turn on Bluetooth are all on the left side of the panel. Underneath those are the controls for the music, which let you pause, play, skip forward, and backward through the tracks. The volume can be changed with the big round button in the middle. All of the buttons had a nice, solid click to them, and it felt good to use them. There are three small LED lights that show you which music mode you are using.

It was easy to set up the speaker. I already had it set up on my Google Cast multiroom system, so all I had to do was open the app, add a new device, and connect it to the Internet at home. To set it up with Audio Pro, you just need to download the app and choose “Add Speaker.” Either way, it only took a few minutes to get going. You can play music through Bluetooth or the RCA input on the back, as well as through Wi-Fi. The speaker does not, however, come with an RCA cable.

Audio Pro C10 MkII: Features

Audio Pro C10 MkII review

The big news here is that you now have three ways to connect devices in multiple rooms: the Audio Pro app, Google Chromecast, and Apple AirPlay 2. We set up two C10 MkIIs with Audio Pro’s app. To make it easy to tell them apart, we named one “White” and the other “Grey.” It’s surprisingly easy to play audio through one, both, or as a stereo pair.

The app itself is well-designed and easy to use. A small musical note icon in the top left corner of our iPhone takes us to a long list of streaming services it can connect to, as well as the option to use Bluetooth. When we sign in to Tidal, streaming our playlists and looking for songs is easy and doesn’t take much time. Apple Lossless, MP3, WMA, AAC, and FLAC files can all be played on the Addon C10 MkII.

Audio Pro says that if you have the original C10, you can use the C10 MkII as the master speaker with the older model after you update the firmware. In fact, after setting up the older C10 with the Audio Pro app, we can use it as the master and sync the MkII with it to play music in more than one room.

Alexa users should know that the voice control integration that works well on the C10 is not on the MkII model at all. Alexa is no longer available on the C10 MkII because it has Google Chromecast and is built on Google’s software. The switch to Google is better, and the trade-off is worth it, but people who use Alexa often may disagree.

Audio Pro C10 MkII: Sound Quality

Audio Pro C10 MkII review

If all a speaker had to do was look good, things would be pretty easy. Instead, what matters most is how they sound, and Audio Pro has done a great job of making sure the second version of this speaker sounds just as good as the first. According to its documentation, there are a few small changes, like an updated bass port that does make the low end a little fuller. That helps the sound work well, which is good enough for most people.

Even though it looks strange, the way it sounds is not nearly as strange: it’s just really warm, balanced, and clear. So, when you listen to your favorite songs, it’s easy to pick out the instruments and tracks. When we put on some Etta James, we were happy with how rich the sound was, with more than enough detail to let quieter parts stand out. This was also true when we switched to more modern music, like the bassier Alt-J songs from the past few years.

We think this is a great choice for people who like precision and don’t want something that just blasts music for a loud party. It’s great for quieter home listening sessions and the kind of background playlist that makes people stop and listen to how nice the songs sound.

Final Words

When we tested the first C10, we put it up against models that cost almost twice as much as it did, and it did better than them. We’re happy to say that the case for buying a C10 still stands. If you can only spend £500 ($500), it will be hard to find a speaker that comes close to the Audio Pro C10 MkII’s performance. We miss the handle, but we can’t complain about the three options for streaming in more than one room, the stronger bass, or the better hi-fidelity performance.


Is Audio Pro a good speaker?

This is a great speaker that can be used as part of a multi-room system or on its own. It sounds great and has great connection options.

Why is pro audio so expensive?

Creating and making audio gear often requires a lot of careful engineering and research. On top of that, the high standards of the professional audio community mean that equipment has to be made with high-quality internal parts, some of which are made to order or are hard to find.

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The Audio Pro C10 MkII is a high-quality wireless speaker with a sleek design and great sound quality. It has built-in Wi-Fi and works with a number of streaming services. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can also be used with it.Audio Pro C10 MkII review (2023) a wireless Bluetooth speaker