Edifier QD35 review (2023) a mid-size wireless Bluetooth speaker

an extremely powerful speaker unit with phenomenal sound volume

The new Edifier QD35 is a powerful self-contained bookshelf speaker with a heavyweight sound. It has a pretty unique look, with big letters and a shape that looks like a cross between a shipping container and a PC PSU. The Edifier QD35 is made of high-gloss plastic all over and has two fast charging ports (USB-A and USB-C) on one side, rubber feet isolation pads (2mm thick) on the bottom, and two plastic knobs (and a power/mode button) on the other side.

Edifier QD35: Description

The knobs can be turned with a click and move in a smooth, quiet way with a notch. The knobs sit on top of potentiometers that keep turning without stopping. This means that the knobs can turn around forever. The Edifier QD35 speaker lets you change the volume and the RGB lighting effect right from the speaker. You can turn off the RGB lighting and turn down the brightness. By default, RGB effects are mostly light effects that change.

You need to download the Edifier Connect app if you want to use single colors that don’t change and a custom RGB option. There are a total of 4 RGB zones. The Edifier logo light and clock display light can’t be changed or turned off, but the other lights can. There is no audible beep when the volume is at its highest level, but the led bar that runs horizontally below the woofer driver can be used as a status bar for the volume. The clock display, which shows volume steps from 0 to 16, can also be used as a status bar for the volume.

Edifier QD35: Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable over-ear design
  • Long battery life of up to 30 hours
  • Touch controls for easy operation
  • Comes with a carrying case and audio cable


  • May not be suitable for those with larger heads
  • ANC performance could be better
  • No EQ adjustments available in the Edifier Connect app
  • Audio quality could be better for the price

Specification Table

TypeOver-ear, closed-back headphones
Driver Size40 mm
Frequency Response20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity98 dB
Impedance32 Ohms
Bluetooth Version5.0
Bluetooth RangeUp to 10 meters (33 feet)
Battery LifeUp to 30 hours (with ANC off), up to 20 hours (with ANC on)
Charging TimeApproximately 2.5 hours
MicrophoneBuilt-in, omnidirectional
ControlsTouch controls for music, calls, and voice assistant
Weight310 g (10.9 oz)
Accessories IncludedCarry case, USB charging cable, 3.5 mm audio cable
Official linkVisit Website

Edifier QD35: Design

Edifier QD35 review

The Edifier QD35 is a bold-looking speaker from all angles, not just from the front. It’s meant to catch your eye with its flashing colors. We didn’t mind that part, but some people might like it more than we did. If nothing else, its lights were different from other boring Bluetooth speakers for the home. Even though the speaker is small, it needs constant power from a wall outlet. It can then send that power to other devices through USB ports on the side that can charge them quickly.

With TurboGaN charging technology, the USB-C port on the side can send 35W to a device that can handle it. The USB-A port can go up to 18W, and if both are used at the same time, each will provide 18W.There are many different kinds of light patterns that can be used with a lot of different colors. You can also turn off or dim the front light, which is important. Overall, the design was daring, but it didn’t bother us. We didn’t like that Edifier had to put its name all over the speaker, though.

The side saying “Born for speed, born for safety” was also too much. We really liked that the time was on the front of the speaker. It can be synchronized with the Edifier Connect app, and the speaker will remember the time even if it is unplugged or turned off.

Edifier QD35: Features

Edifier QD35 review

The Edifier QD35 does have some cool features, though. The LED lights that come in different colors are a nice touch. Through an Edifier app, you can change the color and “animation” of the lights. For example, there is a mode where the woofer light blinks along with the beat. The app also lets you change how bright the light is, but you can also do that with a dial on the side of the Edifier QD35. It’s just too bad that you can’t change how bright the clock and Edifier logo light up.

If you want to put it in a bedroom for someone who is sensitive to light at night, you’ll need to use the power switch on the back to turn it off. Luckily, this doesn’t also make the clock start over. The best thing would be a light sensor that dims the clock when it gets dark in the room. There is not one, and it also doesn’t have an alarm. Chances were lost. The Edifier QD35 has good ways to connect for a speaker that can only connect wirelessly through Bluetooth.

First, there’s a USB port on the back that lets you use this as a digital speaker for your laptop or desktop. But your PC will need a USB-A port because a regular USB-A to USB-C cable didn’t work. No good for MacBooks made recently. On the back is a 3.5mm aux port, and on the side are two charging ports, one USB-A and one USB-C. The bigger USB-A port can give up to 18W, while the smaller USB-C port can give up to 35W. The QC35 uses the efficient GAN charging technology.

Edifier QD35: Sound Quality

The chassis of this speaker has two drivers that stick out. The smaller one controls the higher frequencies, while the bigger one controls the lower ones. This combination of tweeters and woofers makes for great sound. During my tests, it was able to make a nice, balanced sound right out of the box. It does what it’s supposed to, but to be honest, it’s not the best. But this is where the presets and the custom equalizer come in handy.

You can switch between different EQ modes by pressing the top knob twice. There are modes for music, movies, games, and custom EQ. Each preset has its own qualities, but using the custom EQ setting will give you more control over your sound. You’ll need to get the Edifier Connect app on your device in order to change your EQ. When you tap on the EQ option, you can also change between the modes. When you use the DIY setting, you can change the sound to suit your tastes.

Edifier QD35: Price

Edifier QD35 review

The Edifier QD35 is one of the best tabletop speakers you can get for $199.99. If you want the best sound, headphones will always be your best choice.

Final Words

This speaker is made to look like it’s for a party, but it’s really great for families. It doesn’t have enough bass to shake the walls, and the max volume is not too loud, so it won’t bother other people in the house too much. But it’s a fun, young-looking speaker that’s big enough that you can buy it for your kids or teenagers and not immediately regret it when they blast their favorite song of the week at the highest volume. The way Edifier uses colored LED lights is also cool.


Is Edifier any good?

The quality of the brand’s products is above average, and the Edifier TWS1 PRO True Wireless Earbuds are a great example of this.In short, you can trust this brand for headphones, earbuds, speakers, and anything else that has to do with sound.

Is Edifier an audiophile?

Any audiophile who cares about sound and feel will enjoy the quality performance and impressive specs.

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The Edifier QD35 is a medium-sized wireless speaker with a very provocative design. Its front is transparent, and the two active speaker drivers are mounted on this part. Behind it is a clock display, a glowing Edifier logo, a multicolored LED strip that goes around the woofer, and an embossed chrome background that is supposed to look "technical".Edifier QD35 review (2023) a mid-size wireless Bluetooth speaker