ElephantDrive review 2024: a cloud storage and backup service

Explore ElephantDrive's features, security, and performance in this comprehensive review.

ElephantDrive lets you store and back up your data in the cloud, so you only have to worry about one place. Zero-knowledge encryption is also available through the service, but it’s not turned on by default for an account. ElephantDrive is a good cross between cloud storage and cloud backup because it has features from both. But ElephantDrive sees itself as an online backup service. ElephantDrive can be used to store files in the cloud on all of your devices, even network servers. The service has great features, such as end-to-end encryption, smooth sync, and quick file recovery.

ElephantDrive: Description

ElephantDrive is a well-known cloud storage and backup service that caters to both personal and business users with a wide range of powerful features. ElephantDrive works seamlessly on computers, smartphones, and tablets, among other devices, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and cross-platform compatibility. Its best features are automatic backups, file versioning, and advanced security features like encryption both while in transit and while at rest, which keeps users’ data safe.

In addition, ElephantDrive stands out because it has a lot of tools for teams to work together on files and share them easily in real time. It also has storage options that can be expanded to meet the needs of individuals, families, and businesses, making it a flexible solution for a wide range of user needs. Overall, ElephantDrive’s easy-to-use interface, strong security features, and ability to work together make it a strong contender in the crowded market for cloud storage and backup.

ElephantDrive: Pricing and Plans


For both individuals and companies, ElephantDrive has a variety of plans that are made to meet their specific needs. ElephantDrive places a lot of importance on being flexible and scalable so that users can pick a plan that fits their storage needs and budget. The Personal plan is a great choice for individuals because it starts at just $9.95 per month and gives you 1TB of storage space.

People who want to keep their personal files, photos, and important papers safe but don’t want to deal with complicated cloud storage plans should choose this one. Users can trust ElephantDrive to keep their data safe because it has an easy-to-use layout and strong security features.

Key Features Table

ElephantDrive stands out as a strong contender among cloud backup services because it has a wide range of features that are meant to meet the needs of all users. This ElephantDrive review goes into detail about the platform’s most important features and shows how it stands out in the crowded field of cloud storage and data protection.

Automated BackupEffortlessly safeguard your data with scheduled backups
Cross-Platform SupportSeamless integration across Windows, Mac, and Linux
Versioning and SyncEasily restore previous versions and keep files synced
Private EncryptionMilitary-grade encryption for enhanced security
File Sharing CapabilitiesShare files securely with colleagues and friends
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ElephantDrive: Setting Up


After the software has been downloaded, customers are presented with an easy-to-use interface that makes the process of setting up the software much more straightforward. To ensure that even individuals with low technical expertise are able to walk through the procedure without any difficulty, the user-friendly design was implemented. Because of its uncomplicated design, the user interface of ElephantDrive is designed to walk users through each stage of the process, making it simple to comprehend and carry out all of the required actions.

Users are able to easily select the precise directories or files that they wish to protect while using ElephantDrive, which makes the process of selecting backup folders a snap. This degree of adaptability ensures that individuals are able to customise their backup settings in accordance with their specific requirements and priorities.

ElephantDrive: Compatibility

ElephantDrive stands out as a flexible and easy-to-use cloud storage service because it works with many popular devices and running systems. ElephantDrive makes sure that the experience is smooth and the same on all systems, whether you are using a Windows PC, a MacBook running macOS, a Linux-based system, an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, or an Android phone or tablet.

It’s great that ElephantDrive wants to make its services easy for everyone, and the fact that they work on multiple platforms shows that they care about being inclusive. ElephantDrive makes it easy to view and manage your files, no matter what device or operating system you use. In today’s diverse and interconnected digital world, where people often use more than one gadget for work, play, and talk, this flexibility is especially useful.

ElephantDrive: Backup and Restore Process


The automatic and smooth nature of ElephantDrive’s backup system makes it a great choice for people who want to protect their important data without any trouble. The platform lets you make a lot of changes, so you can choose which folders to back up or choose to back up your whole device, based on your needs and preferences.

ElephantDrive’s flexible scheduling choices are one of the best features that make it easier for users. The platform can back up your data daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your preference. This way, your data is always and safely backed up without you having to do it by hand all the time. This flexibility is especially helpful for people whose work loads change or whose data use habits change.

ElephantDrive: Security Measures

ElephantDrive protects your data with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. It is important to note that the platform employs end-to-end encryption, which means that your files are secured on your device before being uploaded to the cloud. ElephantDrive does not provide zero-knowledge encryption, which is an important feature.

Considering that the corporation is in charge of managing your encryption key, it is possible that an employee of ElephantDrive might potentially access your files. The fact that ElephantDrive is transparent about its privacy policy is something that we welcome, yet this is still a cause for concern for the most sensitive storage requirements.

ElephantDrive: Performance and Speed

The upload and download speeds of ElephantDrive are very good for a cloud storage service, especially when dealing with smaller files. For everyday jobs like sharing documents or storing photos, users will be happy with how well it works. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that the platform works less well when sending big files.

The upload and download speeds might not be fast enough for people who work with large amounts of data or high-definition video on a regular basis. For people who work in content creation fields like videographers, graphic designers, and builders, who often deal with large files, the slowness during large file transfers could be a problem.

ElephantDrive: Customer Support


A shockingly small amount of support is provided by ElephantDrive. The only way for Solo users to communicate with one another is by booking a conversation within live chat or via email. Family users, on the other hand, have the option of scheduling a phone call. Business users are the only ones who are eligible for priority service, which means they will receive the quickest resolution to any potential issues.

In the event that you experience an issue with your account and are unable to access your files at a time when you require them, the online knowledge base of the organisation is fairly comprehensive; nevertheless, this may not be much of a concern to you.

ElephantDrive: User Testimonials and Reviews

ElephantDrive has a lot of good reviews from users, as shown by the large number of positive reviews on trustworthy sites like Capterra and G2. Users often point out a few of the platform’s best features, which helps it have a good image as a cloud storage and backup service.

ElephantDrive’s user-friendly design is something that users often praise. This makes it easy for people with different levels of technical knowledge to access and use. The design of the platform focuses on keeping things simple without sacrificing usefulness. This makes it easy for users to find their way around its features.


  • Easy to use and manage
  • Strong security features
  • Automatic backups
  • Mobile access
  • Ransomware protection


  • Slower speeds for large files
  • Limited feature set compared to some competitors

Final Words

ElephantDrive is a cloud storage solution that is dependable and offers a wide variety of advantageous features. This might be especially helpful if you have a number of different devices or if you require a cloud storage platform in order to back up a server for your company. The user is left with the impression that they do not require any additional features, despite the fact that it focuses on only a few critical aspects rather than more.

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ElephantDrive impresses with its seamless integration across different devices and offers automatic backups, file versioning and first-class security features such as encryption. Its collaborative tools facilitate real-time file sharing and meet both personal and business needs. With scalable storage options and a user-friendly interface, ElephantDrive stands out as a comprehensive solution for reliable cloud storage and backup.ElephantDrive review 2024: a cloud storage and backup service