EZVID review 2024: assessing ezvid’s impact on content creation

A Deep Dive into the Pros and Cons of this Screen Recorder.

Ezvid stands out as an all-encompassing screen recorder and video editor, and it serves as a go-to tool for millions of creators who are crafting engaging content for platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. This software is compatible with Windows and offers a variety of innovative features, such as the ability to draw on the screen, the integration of a facecam, voice synthesis, voice recording, and control over the recording speed.

EZVID review: Description

Notably, Ezvid provides a user-friendly experience, enabling smooth video editing as well as direct uploads to social networking sites like YouTube without the imposition of unsightly watermarks on the uploaded videos. The all-encompassing functionality of Ezvid, which encompasses text-to-speech, screen capturing, video recording, and voice recording all within a single platform, is what sets Ezvid apart from its competitors.

Ezvid is a proprietary movie maker tool that is designed for a more professional look and feel. It boasts advanced features such as real-time drawing, narration recording, playback speed control, voice synthesis, and the integration of webcams during screen recording. Ezvid emerges as a top choice for both screen recording and video editing needs, offering a cohesive solution for creators seeking efficiency and quality in their multimedia projects. This is due to the versatility that Ezvid offers in terms of its recording options.

EZVID: Pricing

EZVID is free software that lets you record your screen and edit videos. There are no limits on how you can use it for business or personal reasons. The free version, on the other hand, has ads. Someone can buy a premium plan that gets rid of the ads.
There are two paid plans to choose from:

  • EZVID Plus: This plan costs $5.99 a month or $49.99 a year. It gets rid of the ads and lets you use a library of pre-made music and video effects.
  • EZVID Pro: This plan costs $9.99 a month or $999.99 a year. It has all the same features as the Plus plan plus the ability to use EZVID on more than one device and make multiple accounts.

EZVID Key Features Table

Anyone who wants a simple and easy-to-use tool to record your screen and edit videos should get EZVID. Also, anyone looking for a free tool that can do a lot is welcome to use it.

Screen captureCapture your screen with audio and video. You can also capture a specific area of your screen or take a screenshot.
Video editingEdit your videos with a variety of tools, including trimming, cropping, adding text and effects, and more.
SharingShare your videos and screenshots with others via email, social media, or a direct link.
AnnotationAdd text, shapes, and arrows to your videos and screenshots to highlight important points.
Cloud storageStore your videos and screenshots in the cloud for easy access from anywhere.
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What is EZVID?

EZVID review

When you use Ezvid, recording a video of your screen is not only simple and quick, but it also allows you to capture the entire display. You can record your screen by selecting the Capture Screen option, which is located between the Game Recording help and the Record Voice options. As soon as you begin pressing the Capture Screen button, a square box will appear.

This box will serve as a friendly reminder that you only have a certain amount of space available to capture your screen. When you begin recording your screen with Ezvid, a floating bar will appear on the screen. This is one of the most impressive features of the program. In addition to this, you also have the option to draw on your screen while it is being recorded. After that, it will add the file that you specified to the parameter setting below.

EZVID: Screen Capture

You can record your screen activity with EZVID for tutorials, presentations, or just to keep track of what you’re doing. It lets you capture different parts of the screen, like the whole screen, a certain area, or a window. You can record both your webcam and microphone at the same time.

The screen capture tool in EZVID is very simple to use. EZVID will start recording your screen as soon as you click the “Record” button. You can stop or pause recording whenever you want. You can save your video as an MP4 file when you’re done recording.

You can also capture your screen very well with EZVID. You can record your cursor movements and mouse clicks, and you can also record your screen in high definition (HD). EZVID also lets you change the way your screen captures look by adding watermarks and text overlays, among other things.

EZVID: Video Editing

EZVID review

After you have captured the screen, you can use the video editing tools provided by EZVID to quickly transform the raw footage you have collected into a video that appears polished and professional. You have the ability to adjust the speed of the video, add text overlays and annotations, as well as trim your videos to the ideal length. You also have the option of including a wide range of effects, such as transitions, filters, and soundtracks.

The video editing tools provided by EZVID are extremely user-friendly. After dragging and dropping your clips into the timeline, you can begin editing your video by making use of the tools located on the left side of the screen. You can also use the preview window to see how the changes you make will impact the video you are working on.

EZVID: Sharing and Collaboration

Once you’ve created your video, EZVID makes it easy to share it with the world. Your videos can be distributed to others through social media platforms, emailed, or embedded directly onto your website. You also have the option of creating a direct link to your video and sending it to other people.

Additionally, EZVID makes it simple to work together on your videos with other people. You have the option of inviting other users of EZVID to collaborate on your videos with them, during which time they will be able to add their own clips, effects, and annotations.

Overall, the sharing and collaboration features that EZVID offers make it an excellent tool for working together with others to produce great content and for sharing your videos with those individuals.

EZVID: Annotation and Markup

EZVID’s annotation tools enhance videos and screenshots. Simply add text, shapes, and arrows to your content to emphasize key points, explain details, or draw attention. Use different fonts, colors, and styles to make your annotations more appealing and readable.

Text boxes can provide detailed explanations or narrations, circles, rectangles, and arrows can highlight specific areas, and arrows can guide viewers’ attention and create a clear visual flow. Annotations in EZVID make videos and screenshots powerful communication tools that help you engage your audience.


  • The software includes a free editor.
  • Expect a clean video without watermarks.
  • Only type what you want to be narrated and let text-to-speech handle the rest. If you can’t record your voice, this function is ideal.
  • Capture anything on your recording screen.


  • Recording with this software is only limited to 45 minutes.
  • It can’t hide the recording widget.

Final Words

In general, EZVID is a fantastic tool for capturing screen content and editing videos because it is both simple to operate and packed with a wide variety of features. Anyone who needs to record what’s on their screen or create videos, whether for their own personal use or for their company’s purposes, will find that this is an excellent option. And to top it all off, there is no charge whatsoever to make use of it!

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EZVID is a free screen recorder with an integrated video editor. It is easy to use and has a variety of features, including text-to-speech, green screen and webcam recording. However, there are some limitations, such as a watermark on free videos and no option to record system audio. Overall, It is a good option for beginners or for creating simple screen recordings. However, if you need more features or want to record system audio, you need to choose a paid screen recorder.EZVID review 2024: assessing ezvid's impact on content creation