FreshBooks review 2024: for small businesses and freelancers

Efficiency Redefined: FreshBooks User Experience

FreshBooks is accounting software for small businesses that works well for freelancers and other independent workers. It stands out because it has good phone help and flexible billing options. But because some of its plans have limits on users and clients, it’s not great for businesses that are growing quickly. The program started out as a way to keep track of invoices and later turned into an accounting tool. More than 160 countries now use the software made by the Toronto-based business.

FreshBooks: Description

FreshBooks is cloud-based accounting software that helps workers and small businesses keep track of their money more easily. It has a reputation for being easy to use and having a lot of features since it came out in 2003. FreshBooks has features for entrepreneurs and self-employed workers that meet their needs, such as billing, keeping track of expenses and time, managing projects, and making reports. Its dashboard is easy to use, so users can quickly and professionally send invoices, keep track of costs, and run projects.

FreshBooks makes accounting tasks easier by giving users customizable models and the ability to automate tasks. This saves users a lot of time and effort. It also gives users detailed reports on how their businesses are doing, which helps them make smart choices. Overall, FreshBooks stands out because it is easy to access, has a lot of features, and is simple to use. This makes it a top choice for businesses that need effective financial management tools.

FreshBooks: Pricing and Plans


For $17 a month, FreshBooks Lite is perfect for freelancers and small businesses. For $30 a month, Plus adds more basic business features. For $55 a month, Premium is a more advanced business app, and for custom prices, Select is the best choice.

Those prices are for one person. It costs $11 a month to add an Admin, Manager, Employee, or Contractor to your team, but you can add an Accountant for free. The extra fees for each person seem like they should not be necessary, but FreshBooks’ tools for working together as a team are good. You can try out all of the features for free for 30 days without having to give any payment information.

Key Features Table

FreshBooks is an accounting solution that is hosted in the cloud and is designed to simplify the process of financial management for independently owned businesses and freelancers. The following is an outline of the most important features that are included in FreshBooks’ price plans:

FeaturesLite PlanPlus PlanPremium Plan
Expense TrackingBasicUnlimitedUnlimited
Time TrackingNot IncludedYesYes
Project ManagementNot IncludedYesYes
Advanced ReportingNot IncludedNot IncludedYes
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User Interface and Experience


FreshBooks stands out by putting an emphasis on a clean and easy-to-use layout that makes the whole experience better for users. The style of the platform is not only nice to look at, but it was also carefully thought out to make it easy to navigate. Users can easily switch between the different features and functions, so there is no stress that might come with a steep learning curve.

FreshBooks’ dedication to user-friendly design is clear from how easy it is to move around in it. Whether you’re an experienced worker or a beginner when it comes to financial management software, FreshBooks makes it easy for everyone to get to the tools and resources they need.

FreshBooks: Time Tracking

FreshBooks is flexible and easy to use accounting software that gives businesses power through its flexible time tracking tools. The users of these tools can carefully keep track of time, whether it’s organised by job, client, or specific tasks. FreshBooks’ easy-to-use interface makes time tracking seamless, so businesses can keep accurate records of all the time spent on different tasks.

FreshBooks has a mobile app for professionals who are always on the go that lets them log their time in real time. This way, they can stay busy even when they’re not in their office. This tool for mobility makes sure that time is recorded correctly, no matter where or when it happens, giving users a full picture of their work hours.

FreshBooks: Expense Tracking

Tracking expenses is easier with FreshBooks, which is a platform that is convenient and easy to use for both businesses and people. Keeping track of your spending is easy with the mobile app because you can easily take pictures of your receipts while you’re out and about. The app lets you take pictures of receipts while you’re in a meeting, travelling, or just out and about. This way, you can make sure that no cost is missed.

FreshBooks also lets you post receipts by hand for those who like to do things by hand. This makes it possible for people with different tastes and ways of working to choose the method that works best for them. This focus on the user shows that FreshBooks wants to offer a flexible and complete option for tracking expenses.

FreshBooks: Reporting and Analytics

In addition to the different reporting choices that come with each plan, advanced plans give you more freedom than just basic income and expense reports. Higher-level plans give users more detailed information about many parts of their finances, which helps them get a better sense of how their business is doing as a whole.

Some of these improved reporting features could be in-depth looks at profit rates, cash flow patterns, and trends over certain time periods. Businesses can make smart choices, find places to improve, and come up with growth strategies when they have access to such detailed information.

FreshBooks: Integrations with Other Tools


FreshBooks is able to communicate with a wide range of popular goods in a seamless manner. These products include payment gateways, time management apps, and project management systems, among others. This interface gives users the ability to streamline their workflow by eliminating the need for them to manually enter data. This eliminates the requirement that users must physically enter data.

To summarise, all of these interfaces make it possible for users of FreshBooks to effortlessly integrate their financial data, track their time in an efficient manner, and manage their projects in a seamless manner. This, in turn, leads to an increase in productivity and ensures that operations operate smoothly.

FreshBooks: Security and Data Protection

FreshBooks puts a lot of effort into making sure that user data on its website is completely safe. Using cutting-edge encryption protocols that are standard in the industry, the platform takes strong steps to protect private data from threats and people who shouldn’t have access to it. A strong barrier is created by this advanced encryption technology, which keeps all user data, including financial and personal data, private and safe.

FreshBooks does thorough security audits on a daily basis to show that it is serious about keeping data safe. The purpose of these checks is to find and fix any possible holes in the system before they happen. FreshBooks stays ahead of new cybersecurity problems and acts quickly to new threats because it constantly checks its security infrastructure.

FreshBooks: FreshBooks Mobile App

If you have a mobile app for FreshBooks, you will be able to manage your finances even when you are on the move. A number of functions can be performed, including the generation of invoices, the tracking of time, the recording of receipts, and the acceptance of payments.

This mobile-first strategy makes it simple to keep control of your financial condition, even if you are absent from your place of employment for a lengthy period of time. This is because the method operates on mobile devices. This is due to the fact that the strategy places an emphasis on mobile devices.

FreshBooks: User Reviews and Testimonials


A lot of people love FreshBooks, a famous accounting programme, because it’s easy to use, can make professional invoices, and has quick customer service. Users always praise the platform’s easy-to-use layout, which lets people with little financial knowledge use it. FreshBooks’ accounting features are especially well liked because they make the process easier for both businesses and freelancers.

FreshBooks also does a great job with customer service; users often praise the platform for its quick and helpful help. Users have a generally good experience with the software because the help team is quick to respond.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy invoicing and expense tracking
  • Mobile app for on-the-go management
  • Integrations with popular tools
  • Excellent customer support


  • Limited reporting features in lower plans
  • User limits can be restrictive for growing businesses
  • Certain advanced features require higher-tier plans

Final Words

FreshBooks is a good option for freelancers, independent contractors, and small businesses that want accounting software that is easy to use. It’s easy to keep track of your money with its simple interface, billing features, and spending tracking tools. But if you need more advanced reporting features or are in charge of a bigger team, you might want to look at other choices.

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