Glorious Model D 2 Pro review (2024) a gaming mouse

Lightweight Dominance: Gaming with Glorious.

The Glorious Model D 2 Pro is here to give fans of the famous mouse design a better experience. A lot of people think that Glorious is one of the best PC game accessories. Everyone in the business knows about their Model D and O mice. The Model D 2 Pro just came out not long ago, and since then I’ve used both the regular and 8000Hz polling rate models of the mouse. The Model D 2 Pro isn’t a bad mouse, but I’m not sure who it’s for.

Glorious Model D 2 Pro: Description

There is a place in the market for game mice for the Glorious Model D series. These light, wired options are praised for their performance and value. With the Model D 2 Pro, Glorious moves into the wireless market, hoping to offer the same winning recipe without the cord. The D 2 Pro’s design, speed, features, and overall value are all looked at in this review to help you decide if it’s the wireless champion you’ve been waiting for.

The Model D 2 Pro is designed for competitive players who want to play without any problems. It is very light, weighing only 60 grammes. This, along with a high-performance sensor and responsive switches, should give you lightning-fast reflexes and pinpoint accuracy when the fight is at its worst. But the D 2 Pro is more than just its numbers; its ergonomic shape and customisable features make it suitable for a range of grip styles and tastes.

Glorious Model D 2 Pro: Pricing and Availability

The Model D 2 Pro is a state-of-the-art gaming mouse that comes in two appealing styles to suit different users’ tastes and game needs. The standard wired version, which costs $99.99, works well and is responsive for games. This version of the Model D 2 Pro was made to be precise and useful, so gamers can move quickly and accurately through virtual worlds.

The Model D 2 Pro also comes in a portable version that costs $129.99 for people who want to play games without wires. This version goes above and beyond by giving users the option of either a 4K or 8K polling rate. This lets them customise and improve performance based on their own tastes. The wireless feature keeps your play area clean and free of clutter, letting you move around without being limited by cables.

Speciffications Table

The Glorious Model D 2 Pro is a game mouse that changes what it means to be excellent. Check out the table below for a list of the cutting-edge features that make this gadget stand out in the crowded world of gaming accessories. Everything about it, from its light weight to its advanced sensor technology, makes for an unbeatable game experience.

Weight60g (wired), 67g (wireless)
SensorBAMF 2.0 optical sensor
DPI100 – 32,000
SwitchesGlorious Optical switches (70 million clicks lifetime)
Polling Rate1000Hz (wired), 4K/8K Hz (wireless)
Battery Life80 hours (wireless)
ConnectivityWired/Wireless (2.4GHz)
RGB LightingNone
SoftwareGlorious Core
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Glorious Model D 2 Pro: Design and Build Quality

Glorious Model D 2 Pro

The design of the Glorious Model D has not undergone a significant amount of change since it was first introduced. Not only does the Model D 2 Pro retain their signature spacious and ergonomic form, but it also features a solid body rather than the controversial honeycomb shape that fans have become accustomed to.

Along with the two primary clickers and a scroll wheel, the mouse includes a total of six buttons, two of which are located on the left side of the device and one on the top. The Glorious Model D 2 Pro logo is displayed on the right front side of the mouse, which serves as a branding element.

Glorious Model D 2 Pro: Ergonomics and Comfort

This gaming mouse’s ergonomic shape makes it work with both claw and fingertip grips, so it can be used by people with a wide range of gaming tastes. The mouse fits well in the hand of people who like to use claw or fingertip grips for accuracy and control. This makes gaming more comfortable and responsive.

But people who like to hold their mice in their palms might find it hard to use this one because it’s not very big. People who use the palm grip may find that their hand doesn’t rest fully on the mouse, which could make it less comfortable to use than bigger mice. Before making a purchase choice, people who want to buy should carefully think about which grip style they prefer.

Glorious Model D 2 Pro: Advanced Features

One thing that makes the Model D 2 Pro stand out is that it puts core performance ahead of flashy extras. This makes it a great choice for gamers who value functionality and accuracy. The BAMF 2.0 sensor, a technical marvel that makes tracking and accuracy unmatched, is at the heart of its great performance.

The BAMF 2.0 sensor is designed to give players an edge over their opponents by letting them move quickly and accurately in the virtual world. It can accurately translate actions from the real world into digital space thanks to its advanced tracking features. This makes it an essential tool for gamers who only want the best from their devices.

Glorious Model D 2 Pro: Performance and Gaming Exp.

Glorious Model D 2 Pro

Since the mouse is designed for e-sports, I made sure to use it in games like Counter-Strike 2, Overwatch 2, and Valorant. Through all three games, the Model D 2 Pro’s BAMF 2.0 Sensor never missed a beat, so performance was great all around. The Glorious Optical switches gave me great feedback, and I felt sure that I hit all of my shots while tagging enemies for my team.

Performance in games is great. It’s perfect for FPS and fast-paced games because it’s small and light, and the controls are quick, so it’s easy to aim and flick. The sensor works perfectly on a variety of surfaces, and the wireless version is just as quick as the wired version.

Glorious Model D 2 Pro: Customization and Software

The Glorious Core software stands out because it gives users important customisation options, like changing the DPI settings and how buttons are assigned to improve the overall game experience. It might not have as many features as some of its rivals, but its simple design makes it easy for both casual and serious gamers to use.

One of the best things about the Glorious Core programme is how easy it is to change the DPI. Users can easily change the levels of sensitivity to suit their needs, whether they want the cursor to move quickly and respond to their input for fast-paced games or more slowly and precisely for jobs that need close attention to detail. Because of this level of customisation, players can fine-tune their mouse settings to meet the needs of different games or apps.

Glorious Model D 2 Pro: Sensor Technology and Accuracy

Because of how well it works, the BAMF 2.0 sensor sets a new standard for game accessories. Its exact tracking accuracy is one of its best features; it stays unmatched even when set to high DPI (dots per inch) levels. For gamers, this means that the sensor gives them the edge they need whether they are playing fast-paced action games or chores that need to be done with great accuracy.

The BAMF 2.0 sensor showed its dependability by not having any jitter or spin-out problems during rigorous tests. Jitter is when the mouse moves all over the place, which can be very annoying when you’re playing games for a long time. When the sensor loses track of movement, this is called spin-out. It makes the user experience inconsistent and annoying. But the BAMF 2.0 showed how strong it was by getting rid of these usual issues, making sure that the performance went smoothly and without any breaks.

Glorious Model D 2 Pro: Durability and Longevity

Glorious Model D 2 Pro

Despite the fact that only time will reveal the actual extent of the product’s long-term resilience, the solid build quality of the product instills confidence in its overall endurance. The equipment, on the other hand, gives off an air of firmness and sturdiness, which indicates that initial impressions are favourable.

One of the most notable features that contributes to the endurance of the device is the incorporation of optical switches, which boast an astonishing lifespan of seventy million clicks. This not only ensures that the performance will be reliable for an extended period of time, but it also implies that the engineering method was developed with the intention of providing a user experience that is long-lasting.


  • Incredibly lightweight design
  • Excellent performance and sensor accuracy
  • Crisp and responsive clicks
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Affordable price point


  • No RGB lighting
  • Limited customization options
  • Smaller size might not suit all grip styles

Final Words

The Glorious Model D2 Pro 4kHz / 8kHz is a great mouse for professional gaming, and it would be simple to sell it to someone. Great performance with no extras that aren’t needed at a fair priceโ€ฆ There’s nothing bad about it. There is a world with the normal Glorious Model D2 Pro, that’s what makes it unique.

The Glorious Model D 2 Pro is a strong contender in the market for a light game mouse. Its clean look, great speed, and reasonable price make it a great choice for serious first-person shooter and fast-paced gamers. For what it’s worth, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles.

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The Glorious Model D 2 Pro is an ultra-lightweight (60g) wireless mouse with premium performance for competitive gamers. Its BAMF 2.0 sensor ensures flawless tracking, while the lightweight design improves agility and shooting. However, the thumb buttons feel a little awkward and the build quality can't compete with more expensive models. Overall, it's a fantastic option for those looking for performance and weight at a great price.Glorious Model D 2 Pro review (2024) a gaming mouse