Keychron Q1 Max review (2024) a luxury typing experience

Discover the Keychron Q1 Max – a keyboard revolution.

The Keychron Q1 Max is a mechanical keyboard that stands out in the competitive market due to its combination of premium build quality, features that can be customized, and an emphasis on providing an amazing typing experience. In addition to being designed for both professionals and hobbyists, the Q1 Max features a form factor that is both elegant and compact, making it suitable for the requirements of current users.

Keychron Q1 Max: Description

The Q1 Max is distinguished by its chassis made of pure aluminium, which exudes an air of opulence and offers unparalleled durability. A 96-key layout that includes a dedicated number pad is available, as well as a 75% layout that has a smaller footprint. Both of these layouts are available.

You are able to customise the typing experience to suit your preferences thanks to the hot-swappable switches that are included in both layouts. In addition, the keyboard is distinguished by having RGB backlighting for each individual key as well as a volume knob that is dedicated to the keyboard.

Keychron Q1 Max: Pricing and Availability

With an initial price of $199, the Q1 Max positions itself as a high-end keyboard in comparison to cheaper options on the market. That being said, the initial price is just a starting place; the final price will depend on the type of switch chosen and any extras that are chosen.

People who are interested in buying a Q1 Max can change a lot of things about it, not just the keyboard. Users can choose the switch type that feels best to their fingers and makes the sound that works best for them whether they are typing or playing games. The Q1 Max can be set up to suit different tastes, whether you like the satisfying click of mechanical switches or the quiet accuracy of linear switches.

Specifications Table

The Keychron Q1 Max has gotten a lot of attention because it looks good, works well, and lets you make it your own. Mechanical keyboards are changing quickly.

Width and Length145 mm x 327.5 mm
Dimensions22.6 x 35.8 x 2.4mm
Weight1724 g ± 10 g (Fully Assembled version)
Body MaterialAluminum
SwitchGateron Jupiter (Fully Assembled version)
StabilizerScrew-in PCB stabilizer
BacklightSouth-facing RGB LED
MCUARM Cortex-M4 32-bit STM32F402 (256KB Flash)
Polling Rate1000 Hz (2.4 GHz & wired) / 90 Hz (Bluetooth)
N-Key Rollover (NKRO)Yes for both wireless and wired modes
Battery4000 mAh Rechargeable li-polymer battery
Wireless Working Time (Backlit off)Up to 180 hours
Wireless Working Time (RGB)Up to 100 hours (Lowest brightness)
Bluetooth Version5.1
Compatible SystemmacOS/Windows/Linux
Connectivity2.4 GHz / Bluetooth / Type-C wired
Operating Environment-10 to 50℃
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Keychron Q1 Max: Design and Build Quality

The Keychron Q1 Max is the best mechanical keyboard in terms of style and build quality. Precision CNC machining is used to make this piece from 6063 aluminum. It is a work of art made of solid metal that goes through 24 more steps of production, showing off its unmatched workmanship. The sleek and long-lasting full metal body is not only beautiful to look at, but it also holds a keyboard that goes above and beyond what you might expect. The clever use of a double-gasket design with rubber pads between the top and bottom cases reduces the sound of metals rubbing against each other, creating a sound experience like no other.

When quality acoustic foams like IXPE, PET, and Latex are added, every keystroke becomes a symphony of tactile pleasure. The Keychron Q1 Max has a powerful ARM Cortex-M4 chip, a 2.4 GHz wireless connection with a fast 1000 Hz polling rate, and Bluetooth 5.1 compatibility so you can easily switch between devices and multitask. It promises an unmatched typing experience that combines premium looks with cutting-edge technology.

Keychron Q1 Max: Switch Options

Due to the fact that it is compatible with a wide range of hot-swappable switches, the Q1 Max provides you with the opportunity to customize the typing experience to fit your individual preferences. Keychron’s own optical switches, as well as those manufactured by Gateron and Cherry MX, are among the most common options. The adaptability of this keyboard is a major selling point for enthusiasts, particularly those who are interested in experimenting and finding out what their perfect typing feel is.

There is a wide selection of key switch options available, which is one of the most notable characteristics of the Q1 Max. The users have the ability to select from a variety of mechanical switches, which include tactile, linear, and clicky switches. This provides the opportunity for a personalised typing experience that is suited to the preferences of each individual.

Keychron Q1 Max: Customization Features

The Q1 Max goes above and beyond with its many customizable features, which mean that you can change everything about your working experience to fit your needs. Furthermore, this exceptional device lets you customize a number of other aspects in addition to the useful hot-swappable switches that let you quickly alter the feel of your keyboard on the fly.

Since the keycaps are one of the most physical parts of a keyboard, you can change them to make it look better or change the way you type. Whether you like a sleek, simple look or a bold statement made by bright, eye-catching colours, the Q1 Max gives you the tools to create a visual character that speaks to you.

Keychron Q1 Max: Typing Experience

The Q1 Max has a great typing experience thanks to a number of well-thought-out design features that improve both comfort and speed. The type of switch that was carefully chosen is a big part of this experience. Users can make the keyboard fit their needs by changing the switches that control the tactile input and the amount of force needed to press each key.

But the keyboard is great in more ways than just the switches. The Q1 Max is amazingly stable, making sure that every keystroke is met with a consistent and reliable reaction. This stability is important for typists who need to be precise and accurate at work or when they play games. The responsiveness of the keyboard is fine-tuned to reduce input lag and make the link between the user and the device smooth.

Keychron Q1 Max: Wireless Connectivity

The Q1 Max is a flexible device with a number of connectivity choices to suit the needs and tastes of different users. It works with wired connections, Bluetooth 5.1, and an optional 2.4GHz wireless connection, so it can easily adapt to different scenarios. The Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity choice lets people who value ease of use and flexibility enjoy a wireless experience for casual use. Whether you’re taking calls, listening to music, or moving through presentations, Bluetooth makes it easier to do all of these things without having to deal with wires.

Keychron Q1 Max: Compatibility with Different Devices

The Q1 Max is appealing to a lot of different types of users because it works well with many famous operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. This compatibility makes sure that people who work or do activities on different platforms have a smooth experience.

The Q1 Max is a unified option for everyone, whether you are a professional who uses a Windows PC at work and a MacBook at home, a creative person who works on design projects on Linux, or a mobile fanatic who uses Android or iOS devices when they’re on the go. Users can keep the same functionality and performance no matter what gadget they are using because it is so flexible.

Keychron Q1 Max: Software and Firmware Updates

As a dedicated and creative keyboard maker, Keychron puts a lot of effort into making sure their customers are happy by constantly improving their products. Because they are so dedicated, they regularly release firmware changes that are meant to fix any bugs and make their keyboards work better overall.

The update method is designed to be easy for anyone to use, so even people who aren’t very good with computers can easily update their devices. Keychron makes this process easier with the VIA software, which is a flexible tool that opens the door to many customization choices. It is easy to change key mappings and lighting effects with VIA’s user-friendly interface, and software updates can also be sent through VIA.

Keychron Q1 Max: Battery Life

This wireless keyboard features a powerful battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh, which not only ensures that it can be used for an extended period of time but also demonstrates the company’s dedication to being user-friendly. Because of its remarkable capacity to support up to 180 hours of working without the use of the backlight, this keyboard becomes a perfect companion for persons who are involved in lengthy typing sessions or who place a high priority on uninterrupted work.

Because the battery life is so lengthy, users are able to concentrate on their work without having to constantly worry about whether or not they will need to recharge the device. Individuals that require a dependable keyboard for extended periods of time, such as professionals, students, or anyone else, may find this to be extremely advantageous.


  • Premium build quality and design
  • Hot-swappable switches and extensive customization options
  • Excellent typing experience
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Long battery life


  • Higher price point for some configurations
  • Learning curve for extensive customization options

Keychron Q1 Max Review: Final Words

The Keychron Q1 is good for use in the office, but its high profile and lack of a wrist rest may make your wrists tired. Having said that, the Gateron Phantom Brown switches on our unit make typing very easy and light, and the gasket-mounted design makes typing feel smooth. The keys are very quiet to write on because the board has sound-absorbing foam inside it. This is great for an office setting. If you get a different switch, though, the typing noise might be different.

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The Keychron Q1 Max is a premium 75% layout keyboard that features a luxurious aluminum body and extensive customization options. Praised for its satisfying typing experience, hot-swappable switches and impressive build quality, it is aimed at beginners and enthusiasts alike. While the lack of adjustable feet and the slightly higher price might put some off, the Q1 Max stands out as a versatile keyboard for work, play and customization.Keychron Q1 Max review (2024) a luxury typing experience