Keychron Q1 Pro review (2023) the premium wireless keyboard

The new plate, switches and keycaps improve the typing experience.

The Keychron Q1 Pro is a well-made mechanical keyboard that is different from the Q1 in an exciting way: it can connect wirelessly. It started out by making wireless mechanical keyboards. Then it made heavy keyboards out of metal. For good measure, it added a knob that you can twist. Now, with the Q1 Pro, it has put all of those parts together. What makes the Keychron Q1 Pro different is that it doesn’t need to be connected to a computer or iPad and has a full aluminium body.

Keychron Q1 Pro: Description

Most likely, Keychron will be on your list of the best mechanical keyboards on the web. At least, that’s what happened to me when I wanted to build my own mechanical keyboard. It was the Keychron Q1 Pro that stood out the most. It’s a 75% custom kit with a durable aluminium chassis, hot-swappable switches, RBG, wired and Bluetooth capabilities, the ability to work with a variety of platforms, and more. Basically, it had a few of everything that someone looking for a great pre-built keyboard that they could change later would want.

Keychron is known for making high-quality keyboards with a lot of features. That’s why I chose the cheaper K2 Pro as my first custom keyboard. Having used the Q1 Pro for a week, I can say that all the hype is true, even when compared to other Keychron models. Even though it’s a bit tall and heavy, and it’s missing a few small features, this is a great mechanical keyboard that has almost everything you need to get started, whether you’re new to the scene or ready to start taking things apart.

Keychron Q1 Pro: Pricing

The Keychron Q1 Pro can be bought on both Amazon and Keychron’s own website, but going straight to the source will get you the best deals. For $199, it comes fully assembled, which is what my review unit did. You can also order it “barebones” for $179 if you want to change the switches or keycaps. It comes in Carbon Black or Shell White.

Keychron is currently sold out of the Silver Grey build. You can also get one with one of three kinds of Keychron K Pro switches: Banana, Red, or Brown. You can change the keycaps and switches after buying the keyboard, though, because it can be hot-swapped.

Specifications Table

A great mechanical keyboard is the Keychron Q1 Pro. With the addition of wireless connectivity, it becomes one of the most complete packages on the market. It has a sturdy build, switches that are smooth and easy to press, and a lot of software-based customisation options. The Q1 Pro is a great keyboard for the price, even though it is pricey.

Product Dimensions12.89 x 5.71 x 1.41 inches
Batteries1 Lithium Ion batteries required (included)
Date First AvailableNovember 10, 2022
Compatible DevicesLaptop, PC, Tablet, Smartphone
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth
Keyboard DescriptionOffice, Home
Recommended Uses For ProductPersonal, Gaming, Business
ColorHot-swap Keychron K Pro Banana Switch
Number of Keys82
Keyboard backlighting color supportRGB
Item Weight5.39 pounds
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Keychron Q1 Pro: Design and Build Quality

Keychron Q1 Pro

Not only does the Q1 Pro keyboard have a clearly high-end build, it also shows how well craftsmanship and durability can work together. The carefully thought-out aluminium frame gives the chair a strong base and adds to its general sense of solidity and weightiness, which gives it an instantly high-end look. High-quality PBT keycaps are one of the most noticeable features that add to the keyboard’s high-end feel.

These keycaps are known for being very durable and not getting shiny or worn down easily. They take typing to a whole new level. Because it is made of PBT, the keyboard will keep its perfect look even after long periods of use. This makes it perfect for people who want both speed and durability from their peripherals.

Keychron Q1 Pro: Customization Features

In this regard, the Q1 Pro really comes into its own. Additionally, it is hot-swappable, which means that you may easily change the switches without having to solder them. Furthermore, the plate and stabilisers are also changeable, which enables an even greater degree of customisation of the sound and feel of the instrument.

The high level of customisation that is available on the Keychron Q1 Pro is one of the most notable characteristics of this product. Users have the ability to easily change switches without having to solder them thanks to the hot-swappable keys, which provide versatility for a more personalised typing experience. A further feature that gives the keyboard a touch of flair is the RGB lighting that can be customised.

Keychron Q1 Pro: Switches and Keycaps

Keychron Q1 Pro

The Q1 Pro is a flexible mechanical keyboard with many switch choices that let users make the typing experience exactly how they like it. Keychron’s own K Pro series switches are one option. These switches are known for being quick and giving good tactile feedback. As an alternative, users can choose the well-known Cherry MX switches, which come with a variety of activation styles to suit different working styles.

With its stock PBT keycaps, the Q1 Pro already has a durable and pleasing surface for typing. But what makes it special is that it has a function that makes it easy to switch out these keycaps. This makes a lot of personalisation and customisation options available, letting users show who they are through their computer.

Keychron Q1 Pro: Connectivity

The Q1 Pro is a flexible and high-performance audio device that stands out because it handles both wired and cellular connections with ease. Its Bluetooth 5.1 feature not only ensures a stable link, but also improves the user experience by letting up to three devices connect at the same time. People who need to switch between different devices, like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, will benefit the most from this function. It makes switching between devices like these easy.

The Q1 Pro’s reliability is shown by the USB-C cable that comes with it, which is in addition to the ease of wireless connection. This cable not only makes sure that the wired link is safe and stable, but it also shows that the device can be used in a variety of ways. Users can choose between the freedom of a wifi connection and the security of a wired connection, and the Q1 Pro can handle both without affecting performance.

Keychron Q1 Pro: Comfort and Ergonomics

The slightly angled shape of the keyboard, which was carefully thought out, makes typing much more easy and ergonomic. The slight tilt lets people keep their wrists in a more natural position, which makes long typing sessions less painful. The rubber feet on the bottom of the keyboard make it even more stable. They keep the keyboard from moving around on the desk and provide a safe place to type.

While the design of the keyboard makes it more comfortable, it’s important to note that some users may find it hard to use because it doesn’t have a changeable tilt feature. People who want to customise their typing setting to meet their specific ergonomic needs look for features that can be adjusted. Some people might not like that the tilt can’t be changed, especially those who find that a small tilt works better for their typing style or comfort needs.

Keychron Q1 Pro: Typing Experience

Keychron Q1 Pro

The choice of switches is one of the main things that can make typing on a keyboard feel very different for different people. There are different kinds of switches for mechanical keyboards, and each one sounds and feels different. Some users like how switches feel when they are pressed, while others might want a smoother, more linear reaction. The experience of typing becomes very unique, based on each person’s wants and needs.

The gasket mount method is one part that makes typing a lot more enjoyable overall. This clever mounting system gives the keyboard a unique feel by suspending the key switches in rubber gaskets, making typing feel more quick and cushioned. The gasket base not only improves the feel, but it also keeps vibrations and noise to a minimum while you type.

Keychron Q1 Pro: Backlighting and RGB Effects

In addition to being vivid, the RGB backlighting on each individual key can be completely customised using the software provided by Keychron. The numerous lighting effects are designed to accommodate a wide range of preferences.

The RGB backlighting on the Keychron Q1 Pro allows you to create a bright typing experience for yourself, and it can be customised to your preferences. You have the ability to customise your setup and create an ambiance that is tailored to your unique taste by selecting from a wide range of colours and dynamic effects.

Keychron Q1 Pro: Battery Life and Charging

The generously sized 4000mAh battery guarantees an impressively long lifespan. It is possible to anticipate weeks of use before the need for a recharge if you use the device moderately and turn off the backlighting.

With the Keychron Q1 Pro, you will be able to work or play for lengthy periods of time without experiencing any interruptions because it comes with a rechargeable battery that has a long lifespan. The simple USB-C charging port enables charging to be done in a quick and efficient manner, hence reducing the amount of time spent waiting.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Extensive customization options
  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Wireless and wired connectivity
  • Per-key RGB backlighting
  • Long battery life


  • No adjustable tilt
  • Potential spacebar rattle
  • Higher price point than some budget options

Final Words

The Keychron Q1 Pro is without a question the best mechanical keyboard for gamers and people who want the best typing experience possible. It is a versatile and feature-rich pick thanks to its high build quality, many customisation options, and wireless connectivity. But the price might stop some people, and the fact that the tilt can’t be changed could be a problem for long typing sessions. The Q1 Pro is a great choice if you value customisation, high-quality materials, and a great working experience.

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With Bluetooth, the Keychron Q1 Pro takes the Q1 to a whole new level, making it a feature-packed wireless mechanical keyboard. It is made of strong aluminium and comes with a gasket mount and different types of switches so you can make it fit your needs. LEDs facing south and a choice of plates improve both sound and looks. The Q1 Pro is a great choice for a wireless 75% keyboard because of its great build quality, features, and low price.Keychron Q1 Pro review (2023) the premium wireless keyboard