Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB review

Unlock Infinite Possibilities with Lexar Play 1TB.

The Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB UHS-I Card is a functional microSD/TF card with a large storage capacity. It was specifically created to meet the needs of gamers, multimedia fans, and devices like dashcams and Nintendo Switch systems. The card is small, but it has a maximum download speed of 95MB/s in our real-world test, which makes it great for a lot of different uses besides its main purpose. This card worked well and could handle both big game files and high-definition media content.

Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB: Description

This made it a great choice for gamers and anyone else who wants to store and watch multimedia. After being put through its paces with the AJA System Test light, the memory card demonstrated read speeds that not only made it possible to enjoy a fluid gameplay experience and play back media, but also made it a respectable choice for photography and action cameras, which are applications in which rapid data transmission is essential for capturing high-resolution photographs and videos.

The memory card was able to demonstrate these read speeds after being put through its paces. This versatility allows you to use the card in gaming consoles as well as other devices such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras, which helps to justify the price in some way. Additionally, the card can be used in other devices. In spite of the fact that it might not be the microSD card that is the absolute quickest on the market, the Lexar Play microSDXC UHS-I Card is a fantastic option since it provides balanced performance across a variety of use scenarios.

Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB: Pricing

Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB

One terabyte, 512 gigabytes, 256 gigabytes, and 128 gigabytes are some of the capacities that are available for the Lexar Play microSDXC UHS-I Card. Other capacities include 128 gigabytes. When it comes to gaming devices, smartphones, and tablets, the version with 1 terabyte of storage space that was reviewed in this article is an excellent choice, and it is available for purchase on Amazon.

It is possible that the price will vary, despite the fact that the card is widely available everywhere. You may buy it from retailers like Amazon, Target, and B&H Photo, or you can buy it directly from the Lexar website online. Both options are available to you.

Specifications Table

The Lexar Play MicroSDXC 1TB stands out as a powerhouse in the world of storage options that are changing quickly. It promises to change the way you experience your digital life. This review goes over the main things about the Lexar Play MicroSDXC 1TB that make it a game-changer in portable storage. It’s full of cutting-edge features.

SpeedUp to 150MB/s read, 70MB/s write
A2 PerformanceYes
Temperature-Proof0 °C to 70 °C (32 °F to 158 °F)
Warranty5-year limited warranty
Check Price

User Experience and Ease of Use

Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB

Not only does the Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB provide an incredible storage capacity, but it also ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience for people of all different kinds of technical backgrounds. The user interface of the device has been painstakingly built with simplicity as the primary focus, making the process of installation a breeze for users of all experience levels, from total beginners to seasoned professionals. The Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB has a plug-and-play functionality, which is one of the most notable aspects of this specific product.

Customers are able to immediately begin using the microSDXC card by just inserting it into their desired device. This revolutionary design eliminates the need for complicated setup processes or technical installations, allowing customers to start using the card immediately. Because of this hassle-free approach, the Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB is an excellent solution for individuals that place a high value on efficiency and ease in their digital storage experience.

Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB: Unboxing and Design

As you remove the Play 1TB from its packaging, the exhilaration that comes with removing a cutting-edge piece of technology is not diminished by the fact that the packaging is very straightforward. A careful design that strikes a compromise between elegance and functionality is displayed by the plastic container, which, despite its plain appearance, serves as a dependable protector for the small card that is contained within it.

The entire appearance is elevated to a higher level of sophistication by the use of a sleek colour scheme including red and black. Because the exterior has a glossy surface, it reflects the light that is already there, which results in an eye-catching interaction between the shadows and the highlights. Additionally, the colour combination not only emanates a feeling of modernity but also corresponds with the bold statement that the Play 1TB seeks to make. The attention to detail in the design is evident, and it is clear that the design was carefully crafted.

Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB: Storage Capacity and Usage

Giving you 1TB of storage room takes away the threat of storage anxiety that was once looming over you. It will no longer be necessary to carefully choose which photos or videos to keep or which games to put on your device. With this much storage space, you can build a huge digital library with thousands of high-resolution photos, hours of immersive high-definition movies, and a lot of big games, all without any worries.

For photographers, this large storage option is like a safe haven where they can keep all the beautiful moments they record with their cameras. Think about being able to take pictures without constantly checking your storage space, knowing that every picture will be saved in all its full resolution beauty. The 1TB storage is a safe place for your visual art, whether you’re a professional photographer or just a big fan.

Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB: Compatibility with Devices

Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB

The Play 1TB is very flexible because it works with a huge number of microSD-enabled devices without any problems. This makes it more useful than other storage options. It works with a lot of famous devices, like smartphones, tablets, cameras, drones, and the very popular Nintendo Switch game console.

This microSD card is made to easily adapt to the changing needs of modern users. It lets them add more room to their devices without having to deal with restrictions that are only available on certain devices. The Play 1TB makes sure that everything runs smoothly and reliably, whether you’re taking beautiful pictures with your phone, recording HD movies with your drone, or playing the newest games on your Nintendo Switch.

Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB: Speed and Transfer Rates

The Play 1TB might not be the fastest storage option on the market, but its performance is still very good, finding a good mix between speed and efficiency. Because it can transfer data at a decent speed, this device works well for a wide range of jobs. The Play 1TB shows how powerful it is by handling demanding tasks like moving large files and running programmes that use a lot of resources with little to no lag.

The device’s skill shines through most clearly when sending big files, as its transfer speeds are fast enough to meet the needs of users who need a lot of storage space. The Play 1TB is great at handling tasks that use a lot of data, so users can easily move, store, and access their files without any annoying delays or interruptions.

Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB: Reliability and Durability

The Play 1TB shows Lexar’s dedication to dependability and durability; they happily back this large memory card with a strong 5-year limited warranty. This guarantee not only shows that Lexar is sure of the Play 1TB’s high quality construction, but it also gives users peace of mind by ensuring that their purchase is covered for a long time.

The Play 1TB has a great warranty and a lot of advanced features that make it perfect for a lot of different challenging situations. The card can still be used even when it’s wet because it’s made to be waterproof. This protects against spills or sudden rain. This function is especially helpful for photographers, content creators, and adventurers who are often in places where the weather is hard to predict.

Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB: Performance

Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB

Although the reading rates hit roughly 130 MB/s, which is a little lower than the promised 150 MB/s, it is still extremely great. The results of our benchmark testing show that these speeds were successfully accomplished. On average, the write speed was approximately sixty megabytes per second, which is good but not outstanding. In contrast, the experience of using the product in real life appeared to be swift and responsive, with the loading of the application and the performance of the game being consistent and fluid throughout.


  • Massive 1TB storage capacity
  • Decent transfer speeds
  • A2 performance for app-heavy use
  • Durable build with water and shock resistance
  • Wide device compatibility


  • Slightly higher price compared to some lower capacity options
  • Write speeds could be faster for demanding users

Final Words

The Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB is an attractive choice for those that require a substantial amount of storage space when they are on the move. Unrivalled in its capacity, its 1 terabyte (TB) capacity provides adequate space for storing images, videos, and even huge games. Despite the fact that its write speeds might not be the quickest in the world, it provides satisfactory performance for the majority of tasks. Without breaking the bank, the Play 1 is the best option for those who are searching for the ultimate storage extension.

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The Lexar Play 1TB microSDXC has an enormous storage capacity of 1 TB and is therefore ideal for extensive game libraries, multimedia files and apps on mobile devices. Although it is advertised with read speeds of up to 150 MB/s, the results in practice are rather lower. Write speeds are also considered average. Although it is not one of the top performers, its good price and compatibility with various devices make it a good option for anyone for whom storage space is more important than speed.Lexar Play microSDXC 1TB review