Microsoft Edge review 2024: that works well and looks even better

Microsoft Edge is a decent browser that offers its users a fast and smooth browsing experience.

Microsoft Edge, the default web browser for Windows 10, is fast and up to date with web standards. It also has some features that you won’t find in other browsers. Edge came out with some interesting features, like the ability to add notes to a web page, built-in Cortana features, and a mode for reading without distractions. Updates added more features, such as Tab Preview, Set Aside, extensions, and the ability to read ebooks.

Microsoft Edge: Description

Even without these tricks, Edge is still worth looking into, and most of the time it’s fun to use. But Edge doesn’t work well with some sites, and its ecosystem of extensions is still small compared to browsers that have been around longer. Edge has none of the bad code that made Internet Explorer so popular with hackers. It doesn’t have any support for ActiveX, browser helper objects, or VBScript.

Adobe Flash is also being blocked by default now. Edge uses the new EdgeHTML rendering engine instead of the disliked MSHTML, and the browser tells sites that it works with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It uses the new Chakra JavaScript engine, which is faster than most other engines. Edge can only be gotten in one way: Upgrade to Windows 10 on your computer.

When you do this, Edge will be set as your default browser. Edge can’t be removed, just like Safari on iOS and macOS, but you can install any other browser you want and make it your default.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast
  • Lots of features
  • Compatible with most Chrome extensions


  • No history search.
  • Small number of sites don’t work.
  • Fewer extensions than competitors.

Microsoft Edge: Features


  • Support for Firefox and Chrome add-ons.
  • Faster page rendering
  • Integration with Cortana
  • Automatic form fill, or autofill
  • Private browsing
  • More security features
  • You can download this Microsoft Edge directly from

Microsoft Edge: Ease of Use

Microsoft Edge review

Edge can be used on devices with Windows 7 through Windows 11, Windows Server, Android, iOS, and Linux. Since it is based on Chromium, all versions of it look simple and are easy to use. Edge can be used with or without a Microsoft account, but you need to use your account to synchronise your devices.

Edge Legacy didn’t last long between its release in 2015 and its change to Chromium in 2020. Based on Microsoft’s own EdgeHTML rendering subsystem at first, Microsoft decided to switch to Chromium to avoid compatibility problems on the internet, where most websites are designed to work best with Chrome.

This would give Microsoft’s development team more time and money to work on new browser features instead of always trying to keep up with Chrome. So, the new version of Edge is a more up-to-date browser with more features that keeps getting better. If you can’t beat them, you should join them.

Microsoft Edge: Privacy

When compared to other browsers, Edge doesn’t seem to have as many security features. They do, however, cover the things you may be most interested in: When you use InPrivate tabs and windows, your browsing and search data (cookies, history, and temporary internet files) are not saved on your device after you are done browsing.

Edge also has many ways to protect your information with a password. The browser’s password manager can help you make strong passwords and store them If you use the same password on a lot of sites, you’ll also get reminders, so you can change them if you want the most security. Edge will even let you know if it finds that your credentials have been stolen.

Microsoft Edge: Performance

Microsoft Edge review

Edge’s performance is what has changed the most since its pre-Chromium version. Internet Explorer and the first version of Edge were criticized for being so slow for years, but when Chromium was used to make a new browser, it was a lot faster.

We tested Edge’s speed against Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, Firefox, and Opera in three benchmark tests, and it did well. In fact, it got the same speeds as Chrome while doing much better than everyone else. In one test, it was a little bit faster than Chrome and a little bit slower than Chrome in another test. On average, it was about the same speed as Chrome.

In general, browsers that are based on Chromium work quickly, but they have a problem with using a lot of RAM (particularly Chrome, at least until a 2021 update). We compared how much memory Chrome and Microsoft Edge used while doing the same tasks and found that Edge used less resources than Chrome.

Final Words

Edge has a lot of features but is easy to learn. Collections, which is the most talked about feature, is also the hardest to learn. It took a while to figure out what Collections were, set them up, and add to them. Still, the feature looks better than something like Safari’s Bookmarks, which requires you to just to edit and organize the links you’ve saved. With Collections, you can do everything from a pop-up over any page you’re on.

Edge has a lot of options that you can change to make the browser look and work exactly the way you want. If you’re tired of browsers that are too simple to be useful, Edge could be a great and beautiful alternative. And if you shop online a lot (or at all), this is the best way to go, even if you use a different browser for everything else.


Is Microsoft Edge actually any good?

Microsoft Edge is a good web browser that loads information quickly. It doesn’t crash as often as its predecessor, Internet Explorer, which used to crash all the time. Microsoft released Microsoft Edge to replace Internet Explorer, and it is now the web browser that comes with Microsoft Windows.

What is the benefit of Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge has security features built in that will help keep you and your family safe online. Collections, vertical tabs, and tab groups are built into Microsoft Edge and help you stay organised and make the most of your time online.

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Edge is a significant improvement over its predecessor, Internet Explorer, both in terms of speed and compatibility with standards. Its top performance in several benchmarks and its sleek, uncluttered interface make it worth a try. The updates in Fall Creators make it even more worthy of being your browser of choice.Microsoft Edge review 2024: that works well and looks even better