RIG 800 Pro HS review (2023) decent headset for listening music

The RIG 800 Pro has 40mm low frequency resonator drivers.

The RIG 800 Pro HS is available for Xbox, PlayStation, and soon for PC. Many people know that we use a lot of different accessories, and we have been talking about gear a lot in the last couple of months. Nacon has added another one with the PlayStation model of the 800 Pr we could really start and end this with “Will it Call of Duty? “, which is something else we do a lot, but the RIG 800 Pro has exceeded my expectations so much that it deserves more of your and my time.

RIG 800 Pro HS: Description

Inside is theRIG 800 Pro HS, the USB wireless dongle, a wireless charging base, and a micro-USB cable for charging. The charging base can be used in different ways. It can just be a charging station, or you can plug the wireless dongle into it to save a USB port. The base itself is very nice to look at, and you can charge the headset by standing it up on it, which works well. we haven’t had any trouble putting it on the station without the headset falling off. It fits perfectly.

The RIG 800 Pro has two very comfortable earcups. The ones on the outside are made of fake leather, and the ones that rest on your ears are made of a surprisingly soft material. One of my biggest problems with headphones is that they get hot and burn my ears or the top of my head after a while. The RIGs don’t do that at all, which surprised me because of how they’re made. In fact, we have played Call of Duty for hours with these on more than one occasion, and they’ve stayed cool the whole time. Along with these, the frame of the gaming headset is made of plastic, which shouldn’t work as well as it does. It feels cheap, but it’s insanely durable.

RIG 800 Pro HS: Pros and Cons


  • Long battery life of up to 24 hours.
  • Comfortable over-ear design.
  • On-earcup controls for easy adjustments.


  • Charging time of approximately 4 hours.
  • May lack advanced features found in higher-end gaming headsets.
  • Limited warranty coverage of 1 year.

Specification Table

SpecificationRIG 800 Pro HS
CompatibilityPlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
Wireless Technology2.4 GHz
Battery LifeUp to 24 hours
Headphone Frequency Response20 Hz – 20 kHz
Microphone Frequency Response100 Hz – 10 kHz
Microphone TypeUnidirectional
Microphone Sensitivity-45 dBV/Pa
Microphone Noise-cancellingYes
Earcup DesignOver-ear
Headphone Driver Size40 mm
Headphone Impedance32 ohms
Headphone Sensitivity111 dBSPL/V
Headphone ControlsOn-earcup controls (volume, power, EQ settings)
Wireless RangeUp to 30 feet (9 meters)
Charging TimeApproximately 4 hours
Weight318 grams (11.2 ounces)
Warranty1 year limited warranty

RIG 800 Pro HS: Design

RIG 800 Pro HS review

At first glance, it’s hard to tell whether the design of the RIG 800 Pro HS is above or below its price. You do get the cool docking station that was previously only found in expensive sets like the Astro A50 wireless , but the all-plastic body with its old-fashioned angles doesn’t quite scream “three figures.” There is some sense to this fight, though. Even though the cheaper building materials don’t look as sleek as the metal headpieces on 2023’s hit list, they make for a very light body. When we first put on the Pro, we felt like we were wearing a cheaper gaming headset.

But after a while, that feeling went away, and we was able to play for long periods without even feeling the cups around my ears. The fake leather earcups fit gently around the ears and have a lot of padding while still staying cool. The crown is protected from the hard plastic frame by a new ski-style headband in the 800 Series. In the 700 Series, the main band was just padded. This style of headband doesn’t work for me very often. Most of the time, the pressure from the stretched elastic is more uncomfortable than the solid presence of a more cushioned body.

Still, the design isn’t as good as other headsets that cost about the same. The controls on the scroll wheel on the left cup are not very accurate. They don’t move at all with just a little bit of pressure, but when more pressure is applied, the scale goes up quickly. A second layer of the inner cup is made of creased, slightly loose leatherette that seems to be hanging on by a thread or two. To change the overall size, you have to wiggle and creak a small piece of plastic through three hexagonal holes.

RIG 800 Pro HS: Features

The Nacon RIG 800 Pro HS doesn’t have too many extra features that take away from its main job. In fact, the wireless charging dock is pretty much the only extra thing these 40mm cups have to offer. It works great and will come in handy for people who don’t like to leave a wire lying around to plug into every night. It has a sleek design and a reliable drop-in connection.

There’s also a place to put the USB-A receiver, and you can connect the dock to your console or PC to keep everything in one place. we used the setup this way for the first week of testing, and we found that my headset only charged when the PS5 was in Rest Mode. If you want to keep charging, you can always plug the device directly into a wall outlet and use the USB-A receiver on the device.

The RIG 800 is again behind its competitors at this price point because of the USB-A port and, more importantly, the micro-USB connection to the dock/headset. Connectivity is very hard to do without a Bluetooth connection or a USB-C 2.4GHz dongle. Unlike the cheaper Razer Kaira, you can’t use the Nacon with your Nintendo Switch or your phone. The dock doesn’t do anything else besides charge your device and let you connect it if you want to. At this price, that’s to be expected. There are options that add EQ settings, quick switches, and dual connections through a hub/dock system, but they usually cost more than $200/£200.

RIG 800 Pro HS: Sound Quality

RIG 800 Pro HS review

The sound quality of the RIG 800 Pro HS headset is very good. Its 40mm drivers have a wide frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, which lets them reproduce detailed sound across the whole spectrum. The headset has well-balanced tones, deep bass, and clear highs that make the sound feel more real.

Also, the closed-back, over-ear design helps improve the audio experience by blocking out background noise so you can focus on the game or music without being distracted. Overall, the sound quality of the RIG 800 Pro HS is very good, making it a great choice for gaming or watching movies.

Final Words

We used the Nacon RIG 800 Pro HS for two weeks, playing games and working with it every day. We also briefly used the Razer Kaira as a comparison. During that time, I mostly played The Last of Us Part 2 on PS5, but I also started playing Horizon: Forbidden West: Burning Shores. On the PC, I used Doom Eternal, CS:GO, and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture to test.


Does the rig 800 Pro HS have 3D audio?

It comes with 40mm audio drivers and bass enhancers to give all of your games great 3D sound quality.

Are RIG headsets any good?

The Plantronics Rig 500 PRO is a good choice if you want a gaming headset with a bit of style. Its 300-gram frame makes it easy to forget about while playing games.

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The Nacon RIG 800 Pro HX is an extremely comfortable headset, but it lacks the power to keep up with its competitors. Outdated ports, no Bluetooth, and less power behind the ear cups make it difficult to recommend at full price especially if you don't care for the handy wireless charging dock.RIG 800 Pro HS review (2023) decent headset for listening music