Samsung Galaxy S24 review (2024) a great choice for Android fans

Dive into the S24's display technology and stunning quality.

After many rumours, conjectures, and daily leaks, the Galaxy S24 series has finally launched. The trio is, as anticipated, a good but gradual improvement over the S23 models. Today, we’ll be looking at the Galaxy S24, the smallest and runt of the upcoming Galaxy phone lineup a Galaxy mini, if you will. A new matte-finished aluminium frame and flat Victus 2 panels give the new Galaxy S24 a sleek, even, and updated design.

Samsung Galaxy S24: Description

Think again if you believe that the powerful Galaxy S24 Ultra is superior to the Samsung Galaxy S24. With all the processing power of Samsung’s best phone, the smaller Galaxy S24 is a superpowerful marvel that fits more easily into a stylish pocket thanks to its smaller size. With this much power in a phone this small, what can you do? You can make use of the latest artificial intelligence (AI) tools from Google and Samsung, such as the handy Circle to Search, which can quickly provide an answer to the query “hey, what’s that?” whether you’re viewing a YouTube video, a web page, or even a recent photo.

Additionally, you get the Samsung Galaxy AI translation, which is like magic it translates your words into a foreign language so you can understand people who are speaking a different language. Of course, you can also play games, and the Galaxy S24 is an excellent gaming device thanks to its portable design. In side-by-side gaming tests, this phone easily defeats the iPhone 15, and in terms of processing and productivity, it approaches Pro power. It can even run Samsung DeX, which is a desktop environment that, when a keyboard, monitor, and mouse are plugged in, turns your phone into a real computer.

Samsung Galaxy S24: Price and Availability

As of January 31, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is available all over the world. This product is sold on and at many other big stores, including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and more. You can also get it from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, among others. The standard colours are Onyx Black, Marble Grey, Cobalt Violet, and Amber Yellow. However, is the only place to get the Jade Green, Sapphire Blue, and Sandstone Orange colours.

The base model of the Galaxy S24 costs $800 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space, or $860 with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage space. The price can go down with different deals. You could also look at the OnePlus 12, which just came out, for the same price. The OnePlus 12 has a 6.8-inch curved LTPO AMOLED display and is much bigger, but it gives you a lot for your money.

It also has at least 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage space to start. The triple-lens Hasselblad camera is very impressive, with a 50MP main lens, a 64MP periscope telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom, a 48MP ultrawide camera, and a 32MP selfie camera. It can be charged wirelessly with 50W and wiredly with 80W in the U.S. (100W elsewhere). The battery is huge at 5,400mAh and will last for at least two days.

Specifications Table

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is impressive because of how sleek it looks and how well it works. Its bright AMOLED screen, fast 5G connectivity, and easy-to-use One UI 6.1 interface make it a pleasure to use. It’s one of the best flagship smartphones on the market because it has advanced features like fast charging, water resistance, and a reliable fingerprint scanner.

Item Dimensions (LxWxH)5.79 x 2.78 x 0.3 inches
Operating SystemAndroid 14, One UI 6.1
Connectivity Technologies5G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC
Connector TypeUSB Type C
Biometric Security FeatureFingerprint Recognition
Human Interface InputTouchscreen, Microphone, Buttons
Phone Talk Time35 Hours
Shooting ModesNight Mode
Water Resistance LevelWater Resistant
Audio JackUSB-C
Battery DescriptionLithium-Ion
Charging Time59 minutes
Battery Power4000
Rear Camera Resolution10 MP
Effective Video Resolution50 MP
Video Capture Resolution8k
Screen Size6.2 Inches
Display TypeAMOLED
Refresh Rate120 Hz
Display Resolution Maximum2340 x 1080 Pixels
Weight168 Grams
ColorAmber Yellow
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Samsung Galaxy S24: Design and Build Quality

Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung alternates between copying Apple and going its own way. The Galaxy S24 is more like the iPhone 15 than in years, while the S24 Ultra is more unique. The display’s corner curves emphasise the similarity. Like an iPhone, the Galaxy S24 has well-rounded corners, while the S24 Ultra has right angles. Not bad, but not unique. At least Samsung has nice colours this year. Sandstone Orange and Amber Yellow are brighter.

Although I wish they were more saturated and prime, they look natural with a matte finish and texture to the back glass. The glass is Gorilla Glass Victus 2, which was the best last year, but the Galaxy S24 Ultra has Gorilla Armour, making it hard to settle for less. As of now, my Galaxy S24 review unit has a scratch on the back glass and no case.

Only on the Ultra model, Samsung has reduced reflections and glare and improved Gorilla Armour scratch resistance. Samsung still makes thin, light phones. This is no Ultra, but the Galaxy S24 is a great one-handed phone. Though thinner than the iPhone and Google Pixel, it’s the lightest. The Galaxy S24 has the best battery life of all its competitors, so its lighter weight is non-issue.

Samsung Galaxy S24: Display Technology and Quality

Samsung Galaxy S24

Although the Galaxy S24 and its predecessor have similar displays, this year’s upgrade is significant. Samsung uses LTPO AMOLED, which is more power-efficient for always-on displays. LTPO can reduce the refresh rate to 1Hz when idle, while the S23 could only reach 24Hz. Other Galaxy S24 display differences exist. Samsung increased the display to 6.2 inches this year from 6.1 inches. This makes the chassis taller and narrower than last year, and the bezels slimmer.

Although I was worried about the difference, using the S24 for a week has made it negligible. The 6.2-inch Dynamic LTPO AMOLED display reaches 120Hz refresh rate and 2,600 nits peak brightness. Only 1,750 nits were achieved by the S23. The resolution is 1080 x 2340 pixels at 416 ppi. Interestingly, the ppi is slightly lower than the S23, but the difference is negligible. Even in Natural mode, the S24 display was bright and vivid.

Colouring is vibrant, blacks are deep, and text is clear. I like that it can reach 2,600 nits of peak brightness, surpassing my iPhone 15 Pro. Outside in Southern California sun, the S24 display is visible. That adaptive 120Hz refresh rate makes scrolling and transitions silky. S24 displays look great despite lower density than predecessors. Despite being the base model, it has 120Hz refresh rate. Apple could learn from that.

Samsung Galaxy S24: Cameras

Samsung Galaxy S24

With a 50MP main camera, a 10MP telephoto lens, and a 12MP ultrawide lens, the Galaxy S24’s camera setup is mostly the same as its predecessor. But Samsung has made a big improvement in colour accuracy, which means images are more realistic and have more detail. The cameras are great at capturing small details and textures, and they can process images faster so you can take quick pictures.

Even though there is still some noise in low light, the overall image quality is better than previous models and on par with the iPhone 15 and Pixel 8. Samsung’s AI editing tools and different camera modes make it easier to be creative and flexible. The Gallery’s Magic Editor lets you do advanced editing, like resizing objects and replacing backgrounds, and AI makes sure the results look natural.

Samsung Galaxy S24: Software

One UI 6.1 works well with Android 14 and has a polished and easy-to-understand design, making the digital world clean and simple to use. When One UI and Android 14 work together, they not only make the user experience better overall, but they also add a bunch of new AI-powered features that are meant to make things easier and more useful.

One UI 6.1 has a nice look thanks to its clean design and well-thought-out layout. It’s also easy for people of all technical levels to find their way around. This smooth blend of style and usefulness makes it easy for users to interact with their devices, whether they are doing basic tasks or exploring more advanced features.

Samsung Galaxy S24: Connectivity Features

Samsung Galaxy S24

A wide assortment of cutting-edge connectivity capabilities is included in the cutting-edge S24 smartphone. These features ensure that users are able to maintain a seamless connection in the rapidly evolving digital landscape in which they find themselves. It is able to support the most recent and cutting-edge connectivity alternatives that are currently available on the market, which is one of its most notable qualities.

The first and most important feature of the S24 is its compatibility with 5G, which ushers users into the era of ultra-fast and low-latency mobile internet that is already available. Users will be able to experience lightning-fast download and upload speeds with 5G connectivity, which will allow for more fluid streaming, faster downloads, and improved overall performance for applications that require a lot of data.

Samsung Galaxy S24: Performance

That being said, the Galaxy S24 is smaller than the S24 Ultra, but its Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor gives it the same power. When overclocked, it performs better than phones like the OnePlus 12 and iPhone 15 models that aren’t Pro. This lets you play games smoothly, edit photos in Adobe Lightroom in real time, and do more than one thing at once with Samsung DeX.

However, Google and Samsung’s new AI features, like search activation and text message rewriting, are sometimes late. The S24’s 8GB RAM is slightly slower than the S24 Ultra’s 12GB RAM, but the difference is only noticeable when comparing the two directly. Still, the S24 has no trouble running multiple apps or playing high-level games. A mix of cloud services and on-device processing could make it hard to speed up AI features, which could make future software updates less useful.

Samsung Galaxy S24: Battery Life and Charging

Samsung Galaxy S24

The 4,000mAh battery has a good amount of endurance, but it might not be enough for users who use their devices a lot, forcing them to look for ways to charge them during the day. Even though the battery life is usually good enough for everyday tasks, heavy users who do resource-intensive activities like games or streaming videos may need to charge their device more often.

However, even though the battery has a good capacity, the 25W charging speed might not be as fast as other products on the market. More recent products in the market offer faster charging options, so the 25W speed might seem slow to some. People who like to recharge their devices quickly and efficiently may want a device that can charge its batteries more quickly, especially when time is of the essence.


  • Stunning display
  • Innovative AI features
  • Powerful performance
  • Solid build quality


  • Limited storage on base model
  • No UFS 4.0 storage on base model
  • Slow charging speed compared to competitors

Final Words

With its outstanding artificial intelligence capabilities and magnificent display, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is a strong and feature-packed smartphone that packs a lot of features. Some consumers may be dissuaded from purchasing it due to its high price tag, the fact that the base model does not include UFS 4.0 storage, and its poor charging pace. The S24 is a good option to take into consideration if you place a high value on cutting-edge features and an excellent display. However, if you place a higher importance on cost-effectiveness and a quicker charging time, you might discover better solutions elsewhere.

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The Galaxy S24 has a sleek look, with flat screens and a matte aluminium body. The new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip powers a bright 6.2-inch screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The hardware of the camera hasn't changed, but better software processing makes the colours look more natural. The 4,000mAh cell and power-efficient chipset make the battery last a long time. The S24 is a good improvement over the S23, especially in terms of performance and display, even though it doesn't have UWB and charges more slowly at 25W.Samsung Galaxy S24 review (2024) a great choice for Android fans