Social screen review 2024: manage your social media

Before committing to Social Screen for social analytics and publishing, read feedback from real users on its usability, value, and more.

Are you sick of your clients being bored by uninteresting screens? Are you ready to get rid of those old posters and unleash the power of social media? My fellow marketer, fasten your seatbelts, because I’m about to reveal the beans on Social Screen, the digital signage strategy that will revolutionise the game! We will investigate its social feed magic, content production chameleon talents, and analytics power in great detail in order to determine whether or not it is the hero that your displays require.

Social screen review: Description

You should get ready for data-driven insights, live conversations, and interactive polls that will make your screens the pride of the digital jungle where they are shown. Unlocking the mysteries of Social Screen and determining whether or not it genuinely rule supreme in the realm of compelling content is what we are going to undertake.

Social screen: Pricing

The price of Social Screen changes based on how ambitious you are. For about $9 a month, the “Starter” plan lets you dip your toes in the water with simple scheduling and social media integration. “Pro” costs $22 a month and comes with content libraries, data insights, and power over multiple screens. For $33 a month, the “Enterprise” plan gives power users access to interactive tools, custom branding, and advanced integrations. You can choose from monthly and yearly plans that are flexible so you can fit your digital signs goals and your budget.

Social screen Key Features Table

Consequently, regardless of whether you are a data-driven dynamo or a social media enthusiast, Social Screen has a strategy that will let you realise your goals of digital signage.

Social Media IntegrationConnect and display live feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more.
Content LibraryUpload and manage your own images, videos, text, and presentations.
Scheduling & AutomationCreate playlists and schedule content playback at specific times and dates.
Data & AnalyticsTrack engagement metrics like views, impressions, and clicks.
Real-time UpdatesDisplay live data feeds, news headlines, and weather updates.
Interactive Apps & WidgetsAdd interactive elements like polls, quizzes, and contests.
Multi-screen ManagementControl multiple displays from a single platform.
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What is Social screen?

Social screen review

Your static displays will be transformed into dynamic centres by Social Screen, which will pull live social media feeds, fascinating films, and content that is tailored to your preferences onto your screens. It is not limited to merely displaying tweets; picture showcasing customer evaluations, engaging surveys, and organising dynamic playlists in order to attract audiences in retail stores, hotels, or even your workplace. Despite its reputation as a digital signage maestro, it is actually a social powerhouse!

Social screen: Features and Functionality

Your inner digital magician will be released when you use Social Screen! Imagine live social feeds engaging in a dance alongside well selected films and captivating photos, all of which are organised through an interface that is simple to use. Playlists may be scheduled, audience interaction can be tracked, and every pixel can be customised to coincide with your brand.

By transforming any screen into a dynamic canvas, Social Screen is able to captivate crowds and amplify your message. This is accomplished through the use of interactive polls and real-time data streams. It is the supreme combination of social awareness and digital mastery, and it is prepared to paint your vision into the world.

Social screen: Ease of Use and Support

Social screen review

Technical tangles are something that Social Screen does not want to distract you from. Instead of causing annoyance, its user-friendly interface is designed to encourage creative flexibility. The creation of appealing content is made much simpler by the use of pieces that can be dragged and dropped, pre-built templates, and a dashboard that is easy to use.

However, if you are in need of a little prodding to get you inspired, their support team is like a nice genie in a bottle. You will never be left hanging thanks to the availability of live chat, informative tutorials, and email that is timely. That being said, regardless of whether you are an expert in social media or a newbie in digital display, Social Screen gives you the ability to release your inner signage artist without requiring you to break a sweat.

Social screen: Pricing and Plans

Pricing that is tiered allows Social Screen to accommodate a wide range of requirements. To get started with social media integration and simple scheduling, the “Starter” plan gives you the opportunity to test the waters. With content libraries, data analytics, and multi-screen control, the “Pro” version takes things to the next level.

For power customers, the “Enterprise” plan grants access to advanced integrations, interactive features, and individualised branding experiences. In addition, they provide a range of customisable monthly and annual options, allowing you to select the budget and commitment that best suits your digital signage hopes and goals.


  • Social Media Powerhouse
  • Content Chameleon
  • User-Friendly Control
  • Data-Driven Insights


  • Limited Free Plan
  • Learning Curve for Advanced Features

Final Words

Social Screen really shines as a digital advertising chameleon. Need active social feeds? It’s your best friend on social media. Need playlists with interesting content? It’s a hub for creativity. Looking for ideas based on data? It’s your partner in analysis. With its flexible price and easy-to-use interface, it’s easy for everyone to get. Plus, its powerful features can meet a wide range of needs. Try Social Screen if you want to get people’s attention and make your shows better. It could be the last thing you need for your digital sign.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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Social Screen is a digital signage software that allows you to create and manage content for your digital signs. The software is easy to use and has a wide range of features, including the ability to add videos, images, text and social media feeds to your displays. Social Screen also offers a number of integrations with other popular apps and services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. One of the best things about Social Screen is that it's very affordable. The basic plan starts at just $9 per month, and there are a number of higher-tier plans with additional features.Social screen review 2024: manage your social media