TCL Tab 10 5G review (2024) comes with a vibrant display

A 5G powerhouse with sleek design and powerful features.

The Tab 10 5G from TCL stands out from other Android tablets because it has a long battery life, fast performance, and support for 5G. The TCL Tab 10 5G is much better value than TCL’s more expensive Tab Pro 5G, even though it only has 32GB of storage and TCL doesn’t support software updates very well. It easily beats competitors like the Nuu Tab 10. It’s a good choice if you need fast cellular connectivity from your tablet, but the Lenovo Tab 11 Plus, which only works with Wi-Fi, is still our best choice winner because it’s cheaper and has a better screen.

TCL Tab 10 5G: Description

The TCL TAB 10 5G is a state-of-the-art Android tablet that will take your digital life to a whole new level. This device changes the way you can connect and do many things with its sleek design and powerful features. The TCL TAB 10 5G has the best performance and reliability, whether you’re streaming your favourite shows, playing games with friends, or staying productive while you’re on the go.

It has a beautiful 10.1-inch FHD NXTVISION screen and stereo speakers that make watching and listening more immersive. It’s also unlocked for 5G and LTE, has WiFi built in, and can connect up to 10 devices as a mobile hotspot. Staying connected has never been easier. The MediaTek Kompanio 800T Octa-Core 5G chipset lets you stream, game, and share files very quickly. The TCL TAB 10 5G is both convenient and safe, thanks to features like Face Unlock that make it easy to get in quickly and safely.

TCL Tab 10 5G: Pricing and Plans

The Tab 10 5G’s price is closely linked to deals with carriers, so people who want to buy one should look at all of their choices before deciding. The tablet costs about $300 when bought open, which can be used as a starting point for people who want to buy it on their own.

That being said, the real value comes from the bundled plans that Metro by T-Mobile and T-Mobile give together. Because of these relationships with carriers, customers can get big discounts on tablets, making them a more affordable choice. The bundled plans come with the gadget as well as data, calling, and other services that make the package better as a whole.

Specifications Table

Here is a table that shows the TCL Tab 10 5G’s most important features for quick reference. This includes information about the tablet’s screen, processor, camera, and other features that make it stand out in the market.

Standing Screen Display Size10.1 Inches
Screen Resolution1920 x 1200 pixels
Max Screen Resolution1900×1200
Card DescriptionDedicated
Operating SystemAndroid 12
Item Weight1.9 pounds
Product Dimensions9.51 x 6.24 x 0.33 inches
Rear Webcam Resolution8 MP
Processor BrandMediaTek
Flash Memory Size32 GB
Power SourceBattery Powered
Batteries1 Lithium Ion batteries required
Check Price

TCL Tab 10 5G: Design and Build Quality

TCL Tab 10 5G

The Tab 10 5G is made of strong plastic that makes you feel confident in its sturdiness and gives it a solid feel in your hand. The choice of material makes the building strong, but it might not stand out in a market where high-end materials are becoming more common. When compared to more modern designs, the tablet looks a bit old-fashioned because the bezels around the screen are obvious and a bit chunky.

People who want the most cutting-edge design might not be interested in the Tab 10 5G in a world where sleekness and edge-to-edge screens are common. Even though it’s a matter of opinion, the bezels could be seen as a balance between a modern and sleek look. The tablet makes up for this, though, with its light weight, making it a useful and comfortable choice for people who want to use it for long periods of time.

TCL Tab 10 5G: Display

Not only does the device’s Full HD display have great clarity, it also has good viewing angles, so users can enjoy their material from different angles. By intelligently upscaling material and fine-tuning colour profiles, NXTVISION technology takes the visual experience to the next level. This makes the screen brighter and more engaging, which makes watching films and playing games more fun.

With NXTVISION, the device adjusts colour settings in the best way possible, bringing out a bigger range of colours and making the picture look better overall. This technology is very helpful, especially for people who like to have an interesting viewing experience. The technology works seamlessly to give you a richer and more captivating display whether you’re sucked into the world of films or into highly intense game sessions.

TCL Tab 10 5G: Cameras

TCL Tab 10 5G

On the back of the TCL Tab 10, there is a camera with 8 megapixels, and on the front, there is a camera with 5 megapixels for taking selfies. In addition, the front camera is capable of handling face unlocking for security purposes, which is a really great alternative for gaining quick access to a tablet, particularly for younger children.

This brand-new Tab 10 is powered by Android 12, although it only has a meagre 4 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM) and 32 gigabytes of storage space (after the system software). However, this should be sufficient for watching common movies and browsing the web. Because it is powered by the MediaTek Kompanio 800T CPU, it would be more challenging to take advantage of faster gaming and multitasking capabilities.

TCL Tab 10 5G: Connectivity

In addition to huge speed improvements, 5G connection opens up a huge range of game-changing options that go far beyond faster upload and download speeds. The fifth generation of wireless technology not only makes internet-related tasks faster and easier, but it also brings about a new era of technological progress and connection.

Low latency, or very little delay in data transfer, is one of the best things about 5G. For apps that need to respond in real time, like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), this low latency is very helpful. With 5G, users can have engaging and smooth AR/VR experiences, whether they’re playing games, working together remotely, or practicing.

TCL Tab 10 5G: Productivity Features

The Tab 10 5G lets you do a lot of different things at once because it supports split-screen and app sharing. This feature lets users manage and finish multiple jobs at once, which makes them more productive and saves them time. When you divide the screen’s space, you can do things like browse the web while writing emails or watch a video while keeping an eye on your calendar without any problems.

It’s important to be aware of the device’s limits, especially its limited RAM capacity. The limited RAM can be a problem when using applications that use a lot of resources or when doing too many demanding jobs at once. When you split-screen multitask or pair apps, the available RAM may be used up quickly. This could cause performance to slow down, apps to respond slowly, or even apps to crash.

TCL Tab 10 5G: Software

With a nearly stock Android 12 design, the Tab 10 5G is easy to use and doesn’t require any training. TCL made this choice so that users will have a clean and familiar layout. This makes it easier to use and reduces the learning curve for people who are already used to the Android environment. The close-to-stock Android experience not only makes it easier to use, but it also makes the general performance smoother and faster.

TCL has carefully added a few customisations to the tablet to make it work better. Notably, the addition of Kids Mode is a family-friendly feature that makes the game safer and more fun for younger users. This feature gives parents peace of mind by letting them control and keep an eye on what their kids are doing on their tablets, making sure they have a safe time online.

TCL Tab 10 5G: Gaming Performance

TCL Tab 10 5G

When it comes to simple games, the tablet handles them well and runs smoothly, but it struggles with games that need plenty of graphics. Users may occasionally experience frame drops and lag when playing games that use a lot of resources. Because of this, it is better to think of this tablet as a good choice for mobile games on the go instead of calling it a gaming tablet.

The device’s ability to handle less demanding games makes sure that users who want to pass the time on their daily trips or for short gaming sessions have a fun and smooth experience. The fact that it is portable and light makes it a good choice for people who value flexibility and freedom. But when you try to play high-end games with lots of images, you can see that the tablet’s hardware restrictions become clear.

TCL Tab 10 5G: Battery Life and Charging

The 8000mAh battery that comes with this device is a real powerhouse, giving it great speed and easily lasting a whole day of standard use. Its large capacity not only meets the needs of long-term use, but it also shows amazing durability, lasting well into the second day with fewer chores and less activity.

Even though the battery life is good, it’s important to note that it charges more slowly than most devices. It takes a few hours to fully charge the battery to its full 8000mAh capacity, so users need to be patient. As a general rule, a slower charge is better for the health and performance of a battery over time. This measured charging speed may be a trade-off for the battery’s sheer capacity.


  • Affordable price with 5G connectivity
  • Vibrant display with NXTVISION enhancements
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Clean and familiar Android experience


  • Average build quality with chunky bezels
  • Limited processing power for demanding tasks
  • Basic cameras suitable

Final Words

The TCL Tab 10 5G is a tough competitor in the tablet market since it provides connectivity to 5G networks, great performance, and a wide range of features. This tablet is designed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of users, regardless of whether you primarily focus on productivity, entertainment, or both. When deciding whether or not the TCL Tab 10 5G is the correct choice for you, it is important to take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages that have been discussed above.

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The TCL Tab 10 5G offers reliable performance and a vibrant display, making it suitable for everyday tasks and multimedia consumption. Its slim design and long-lasting battery improve mobility, while 5G connectivity ensures fast and seamless internet access. However, some users may find the camera quality inadequate.TCL Tab 10 5G review (2024) comes with a vibrant display