Ultenic FS1 review (2023) one of the best robot vacuum right now

a good cordless vacuum cleaner

The Ultenic FS1 changes the way cleaning appliances are made. This smart robotic vacuum stands out from the rest because of how well it works and how many things it can do. Let’s take a look at all of its great features and find out why every home needs it. The Ultenic FS1 does a great job because it uses advanced cleaning technologies. It has a strong suction that makes it easy to clean hard floors and carpets as well as other surfaces. It can navigate through your home quickly and easily because it has smart mapping capabilities.

Ultenic FS1: Description

The FS1’s state-of-the-art navigation system lets it make a detailed map of your living space, which helps it find the most efficient way to clean. This makes sure that it cleans each room in the same way and can easily avoid obstacles. You can also set virtual boundaries and “don’t go here” areas to change how it cleans.

The Ultenic FS1 makes cleaning easy because it is easy to use and has simple controls. You can easily schedule cleanings or start them with a simple voice command from smart home devices that are compatible. Its self-charging feature makes sure that it always goes back to its docking station when its battery is low, ready to clean again.

Ultenic FS1: Pros and Cons


  • Good suction on all floors
  • Better than a standard bagless vacuum, if you have allergies
  • Affordable for a self-emptying vacuum


  • Handheld tools could be better
  • Chunky handle
  • Self-emptying isn’t completely hands-off

Specification Table

Dimensions and weight113.8 x 27.3 x 28.4 cm; 7 kilograms
Performance450 watts
Suction power30,000 pascals
Battery life according to manufacturerUp to 60 minutes
ColorsDark blue and gray
Official linkVisit Website

Ultenic FS1: Design and Features

Ultenic FS1 review

The main thing that makes this cordless vacuum different from all the others is that it has a docking station that charges and empties itself. we was surprised at first by how big it is. The vacuum measures 37 x 10.6 x 11 inches (94 x 27 x 28 cm) when it is docked. But if you think about the fact that the dock can charge two batteries and hold a 3-liter dust bag, it’s actually a pretty good size. Keep in mind that you’ll need to put it near a power outlet, and while it’s not ugly, you might want to hide it in a laundry or cleaning cupboard.

When it comes to the self-emptying feature, the dust canister opens every time the vacuum is put on the charging dock. But here’s the thing: the dock doesn’t automatically pull all the dirt into the bag until you press a button to start the process. Then, when you take the vacuum away, the lid of the dust canister stays open, so you have to close it by hand. And if you forget to press the button to suction out the dirt before you take it off again, dust and dirt might come out. Even though you probably won’t make this kind of mistake again.

The power button, which is next to the screen, is used to turn on the vacuum. By pressing a button on the end, you can change the power level. You can easily tell if you are in Eco, Auto, High, or Turbo mode by looking at the screen. The Turbo mode is made to give short bursts of very strong suction, so it turns off automatically after 10 seconds. The vacuum comes with a small brush and a nozzle for tight spaces. These can be attached directly to the vacuum for use as a handheld unit or to the telescopic tube for cleaning high up.

Ultenic FS1: Usage and Performance

We’ve been using this cordless vacuum cleaner for about two weeks, so we can now tell you what we think about it. We tested the strength of the suction not only on traditional ceramic tiles, but also on fabrics like carpets, sofas, and armchairs, so that our tests would be as complete as possible.The battery life of the Ultenic FS1 vacuum cleaner, which is about an hour, makes it stand out. This means that people can clean without worrying about having to stop what they’re doing to charge the vacuum cleaner.

The long battery life is especially important for people who need to clean large areas or who want to clean everything in one cycle.Also, the automatic suction management feature of the Ultenic FS1 makes it even easier to use. This is because the vacuum cleaner can automatically change its suction power based on the cleaning environment.

This means that the vacuum cleaner doesn’t use more energy than it needs to, which saves the battery life of the user. Overall, the long battery life and automatic suction management make the Ultenic FS1 a great choice for people who want a quick and easy cleaning experience.

Ultenic FS1: Battery life

when vacuuming carpet with high suction, the battery life; the battery lasted just under 12 minutes. Ultenic says that the runtime goes up to 60 minutes, but this is only true if Eco mode is used. In Auto mode, battery life will vary. It took just under 2 1/2 hours to fully charge, which is pretty fast compared to other cordless vacuums I’ve looked at.

You don’t have to take the battery out to charge it; just put the vacuum on the docking station to start charging. But if you buy a second battery, the docking station has an extra slot for it to charge at the same time. The vacuum’s display panel has a battery level indicator, but it’s not very clear because it only shows the battery level with three bars. When it’s almost out of power, the last bar will flash when it’s being used.

Final Words

The Ultenic FS1 is a reliable and useful vacuum cleaner that is a great choice for people who want a high-quality product for cleaning their homes. This vacuum cleaner is perfect for people who want a strong and versatile tool that can clean every room in their home quickly and thoroughly. Thanks to an automatic emptying station and the ability to connect two batteries at once, the Ultenic FS1 can clean thoroughly and for a long time without stopping or requiring manual help.

Also, the vacuum cleaner’s telescopic tube lets you clean even the hardest-to-reach places. This makes sure that the cleaning is thorough and accurate. The Ultenic FS1’s dust-collecting bag and UV cleaning system also make sure that it cleans thoroughly and hygienically perfect for people who want to clean their own homes perfectly and hygienically.


How does the Ultenic FS1 navigate and clean my home?

The Ultenic FS1 cleans your home quickly and well by using smart mapping and navigation systems. It makes a detailed map of your living space and follows a planned cleaning path, so it can easily get around obstacles. This makes sure that every room is completely covered.

Can I schedule cleaning sessions with the Ultenic FS1?

Yes, the Ultenic FS1 makes it easy to plan cleaning sessions. It has an easy-to-use interface that lets you set specific times and days for cleaning based on your needs. So, your floors can be cleaned automatically, even when you’re not there.

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The Ultenic FS1 is a great value because it is a cheap wireless vacuum with a lot of great features. Even though it doesn't have a bag, it has a dust bag built into its charging station. Because of this clever design, the vacuum can empty its dust canister into the bag on its own, so you don't have to deal with dirt as often.Ultenic FS1 review (2023) one of the best robot vacuum right now