UltraEdit review 2024: a user friendly text editor

Ultraedit is a very useful tool for working with text files, programming files and other file types that you need to edit and change frequently.

UltraEdit has been around for a long time and has made a name for itself as a powerful text editor for programmers, developers, and power users. It handles large files, complicated code, and difficult editing tasks with ease thanks to its lightning-fast speed and wide range of tools. UltraEdit gives you the freedom to make your editing experience fit any workflow. It has features like syntax highlighting, regular expression magic, customisable interfaces, and column editing.

UltraEdit: Description

UltraEdit is a well-known text editor that stands out due to the extensive capabilities it offers, which are designed to meet the varied requirements of power users and programmers. It offers a rich collection of features, syntax highlighting, and advanced search capabilities, and it is well-known for its versatility. Across a wide range of programming languages, UltraEdit’s intuitive user interface makes it possible to write computer code quickly and effectively.

Enhanced user experience is achieved through the customisation of themes and layout options, while increased productivity is achieved through capabilities like as multi-caret editing. UltraEdit is a top choice for professionals who are looking for a text editing solution that is both strong and adaptable. Despite the fact that it is a premium product, UltraEdit’s vast functionality, which includes support for FTP and file management, puts it as a contender.

UltraEdit Key Features Table

UltraEdit is important because it lets you change text powerfully, runs quickly, and gives you a lot of ways to make it your own.

User Interface and ExperienceIntuitive layout, customizable toolbars, and various color schemes for a visually appealing workspace.
Text Editing CapabilitiesRobust syntax highlighting, powerful find and replace, column mode editing, and support for large file handling.
Customization OptionsExtensive customization, including toolbar, macros, keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to create and share themes.
Cross-Platform CompatibilityPrimarily designed for Windows with a macOS version available; limited native support for Linux.
Collaboration ToolsSupports FTP/SFTP, version control integration, and project management features, though not as comprehensive as specialized tools.
Performance and SpeedExcellent performance, quick launch times, and efficient resource usage, even when handling large files or extensive codebases.
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What is UltraEdit?

UltraEdit review

With over four million users and a large number of Fortune 100, Fortune 500, and Fortune 1000 enterprise clients, UltraEdit is a sophisticated text editor. With over 25 years of experience, UltraEdit has established itself as the editor of choice for professionals in a wide variety of fields, catering to their most essential editing requirements. Known for its ability to manage and process enormous volumes of data and files with great power, UltraEdit is also a very configurable and themed code editor that supports nearly every language and grammar.

UltraEdit: User Interface and Experience

UltraEdit has earned a reputation for having a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Users will have an easier time navigating through the many functionalities because the layout is straightforward and basic.

A menu system that is well-designed, toolbars that can be customised, and a variety of colour schemes all contribute to a better overall experience. These elements provide users with a workplace that is both visually appealing and personalised. On the other hand, due to the large number of capabilities, the user interface may initially appear to be a little bit overwhelming to some people.

UltraEdit: Text Editing Capabilities

Among UltraEdit’s many strengths, its text editing skills are among its most impressive features. Code readability is improved as a result of its support for syntax highlighting for a wide variety of programming languages. As a result of its extensive find and replace functionality, column style editing, and capability for processing huge files, it is an excellent option for developers and power users. The support for regular expressions contributes to its versatility and makes it easier to do jobs that involve complex text manipulation.

UltraEdit: Customization Options

UltraEdit review

Users are provided with a wide variety of customisation choices, which UltraEdit excels at offering. Users have the ability to customise the editor to meet their individual requirements, making it possible for them to do things such as define keyboard shortcuts, create macros, and customise the toolbar. The ability to develop and share themes improves the overall customisation experience by enabling users to tailor their experience to their individual preferences and the environments in which they operate.

UltraEdit: Cross-Platform Compatibility

Although there is a version of UltraEdit that is compatible with macOS, the cross-platform compatibility is not as fluid as it is with other text editors. UltraEdit was initially developed for desktop computers running Windows. As a result of the restricted native support for Linux, users who are using Linux may be need to investigate alternate options. The Windows edition, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive feature set in addition to a reliable environment.

UltraEdit: Performance and Speed

Despite the fact that it can handle big files, UltraEdit is renowned for its exceptional performance and acceleration. The application starts up within a short amount of time, and its utilisation of resources is generally effective. Users who are working with big codebases or large documents will have a pleasant and responsive experience thanks to the robust search and editing functions that do not sacrifice speed.


  • Robust Text Editing
  • Customization


  • Limited Collaboration Tools

Final Words

It is clear that UltraEdit is a great text editor, with great editing tools, customisation choices, and fast performance. It’s a great choice for Windows developers who want to work alone because it has a simple design and lots of powerful features. UltraEdit is still a good choice for people who want a powerful, efficient, and highly customisable text editing experience, even though it lacks some collaborative tools and seamless cross-platform compatibility.

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UltraEdit shines as a feature-rich text editor that handles large files and different programming languages with ease. Syntax highlighting and code folding improve readability, while powerful search and replace options streamline workflows. Column editing is great for data manipulation, and macros automate repetitive tasks. The customizable user interface adapts to individual preferences, and plug-in support expands the feature set. The price may deter casual users, but for programmers, web developers and data analysts, UltraEdit is an invaluable asset.UltraEdit review 2024: a user friendly text editor