Against the Storm review 2024: Embrace the Blight

Dive into this unique city builder, master strategic planning, and build a legacy against the clock!

The idea behind city builder is that I’m making something that will last. Care has been taken to place each street, house, and decoration so that neighbourhood and shopping areas are cosy places where people will live and do well, hopefully forever. When Against the Storm told me that all of my homemade habitats would be destroyed by a terrible storm as part of a cycle that could not be stopped, I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. But one of the smartest, most fun, and most endearing strategy games I’ve played in years has shown itself in the puddles left over when the clouds clear.

Against the Storm review: Description

My threadbare cloak was torn apart by the howling wind, and the rain was stinging my face like little needles of ice. A furious pounding was beating in my chest as my heart pounded against my ribs. I was on the verge of losing consciousness. Not only was this not a typical city constructor, but it was also a waltz with oblivion and a tango with the ever-increasing Blight.

In spite of everything, a spark kindled within my spirit as I stood among the rotting trees and the shadows that whispered. The ruins gave rise to hope as each and every piece of timber was set down and every resource was scavenged. This, my friends, is the story of Against the Storm, a game in which resiliency is formed in the furnace of hardship, and survival is hung by a thread that is fashioned from courage and cunning.

Against the Storm: Pricing

There is no need to pay a king’s ransom in order to weather the storm provided by Against the Storm. Everyone is welcome to put their survival abilities to the test in this roguelike city builder. As a citizen, you should brace yourself for an experience that is well worth every penny because there are regular discounts and deals that further sweeten the deal.

Against the Storm Key Features Table

A land where storms rage, the Blight corrupts, and only the courageous dare to build against the storm is about to have its secrets revealed to you. Brace yourselves, because I am about to reveal such truths.

Genre FusionRoguelike city builder. Combines the strategic planning of city building with the unpredictable elements and permadeath of roguelikes.
Resource ManagementGather and manage limited resources to sustain your city through harsh weather and the ever-present Blight.
Survival MechanicsAdapt to dynamic weather events, seasonal changes, and the Blight, a corrupting force that threatens your city.
Legacy SystemLeave your mark on the world by unlocking permanent bonuses and influencing future rulers through the Legacy System.
Visuals and AudioImmersive art style that reflects the harshness of the world and dynamic weather effects. an evocative soundtrack that builds tension and hope.
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What is against the Storm?

Against the Storm review

In Against the Storm, you fight against a world that is being destroyed by constant storms and the Blight. Help people, magical creatures, and smart leaders build cities that will last. Learn how to use resource chains, deal with harsh seasons, and get upgrades that last between runs. In this roguelike city building, surviving is just the beginning. You have to weather the storms, make the Queen happy, and leave your mark.

Resource Management and Survival Mechanics

In Against the Storm, resource management is a constant dance with nature’s fury. You’ll scavenge for food, wood, and stone, crafting essential tools and shelters before storms lash your fledgling city. Adapt to scorching summers and frigid winters, stockpiling resources during calm seasons to weather the inevitable blizzards and floods.

But the greatest threat lurks ever-present: the Blight, a creeping corruption that saps resources and twists your creations into twisted monstrosities. Master efficient chains of production, prioritize citizen needs, and strategize against the elements every decision becomes a desperate bid for survival in this unforgiving world.

Against the Storm: Character Progression and Unlocks

Against the Storm review

Roguelike excitement is woven into the city-building experience of Against the Storm, which also has a persistent character growth system. You unlock governors with one-of-a-kind skills, technologies that bend the fury of nature, and permanent advancements that resonate through future rulers with each run that you complete.

This means that each run shapes the next. Your legacy will carve a route through blizzards and blight, leaving permanent markings on a world that was born in the storm. Your legacy will be found in everything from modest herders to seasoned architects.

Against the Storm: Visuals and Audio Design

With its striking art style, Against the Storm offers a picture of a world on the verge of destruction. Your city is engulfed in blizzards, pastures that were once drenched in sunlight are transformed into frost-choked wastelands, and the Blight spreads its twisted beauty throughout the region.

Every gust of wind and every crackling of thunder is emphasised by the eerie music, which leads to an increase in tension as you try to keep your citizens alive. Desperation and optimism are the two main themes of this symphony, which is performed against the backdrop of a world that is on the verge of collapse.

Against the Storm: Replayability and Challenge

Strategy game fans will love that they can play Against the Storm over and over again. Random areas, events that can happen at any time, and very hard levels make sure that no two games are ever the same.

Learn how to stay alive through hot summers and cold winters, then test your skills against harder tasks and random death in a roguelike style. Every setback teaches you something, and every win leaves a memory. This cycle of storm, rebuild, and conquer keeps you going. Jump in and weather the storm, but be careful—the task is both exciting and harsh.


  • Unique genre blend
  • Resourceful survival
  • Dynamic weather & events
  • Character progression & legacy


  • Learning curve can be steep
  • Early access polish

Final Words

The game Against the Storm is like a beautiful fabric made of city-building threads and roguelike thorns. It tries your strength against the wrath of nature and the evil that is spreading from the Blight, requiring smart use of resources and planning for how to adapt. Every storm we’ve been through and every memory we’ve left behind leaves its mark on this broken world, whispering, “Rebuild. Thrive. Defy.” Dare to stand up to the storm and build a tomorrow that doesn’t care about what others think.

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Against the Storm is a roguelite city builder in which you lead a group of survivors against the relentless onslaught of apocalyptic storms. Build and manage your settlement, scavenge for resources and keep your people happy as you battle against time to secure your future. The game is challenging but fair, with a high degree of strategic complexity. The Roguelite elements add variety, and the beautiful art style and atmospheric soundtrack make the game a truly immersive experience.Against the Storm review 2024: Embrace the Blight