AllTrails vs TrailLink: choosing the best trail mapping and hiking app

"AllTrails vs TrailLink: Trail App Showdown"

Millions of hikers, bikers, and nature lovers around the world love AllTrails because of its powerful and easy-to-use layout. The app has a huge collection of more than 200,000 trails, so it has something for everyone, from people who just want to take a stroll to people who are experienced mountain climbers. AllTrails is great because it has a lot of information about trails, like how hard they are, how long they are, how much elevation they gain, and user reviews. With the live maps and GPS tracking, users can explore with confidence, knowing they won’t get lost in the maze of trails.

TrailLink, a strong competitor, has made a name for itself by focusing on connecting people to a large network of multi-use trails, especially those that were built on old rail lines. This one-of-a-kind approach works for hikers, bikers, runners, and even horseback riders, making it a flexible choice for people who want to try a lot of different outdoor activities. TrailLink is different because it focuses on trails in cities and suburbs, giving people a chance to get away from the city life and enjoy nature without going too far.

There is a free version of AllTrails that may be downloaded; however, the functions that are accessible in this version are limited. This version can be downloaded at your convenience. However, the Pro and Pro+ subscriptions both unlock new features that are of greater utility than those that are not available. This is in contrast to the features that are not available.

TrailLink is normally free to use for basic purposes, with the exception of the premium TrailLink Unlimited plan, which provides offline maps and a few other complex capabilities. Offline maps are also included in this plan. On the other hand, the fact that it only has a small database of trails may limit the flexibility of a wide range of people who enjoy experiencing the outdoors.

When you go on outdoor adventures, you need the right trail partner. We break down the pros and cons of AllTrails and TrailLink in this detailed table comparison. This guide will help you pick the trail app that fits your needs and makes your time outside better, no matter how experienced you are as a walker or how often you just want to explore. Learn about the features, functions, and special offers of each site to help you choose the best one for your next exciting adventure.

Trail DatabaseOver 200,000Over 40,000
Activities SupportedHiking, biking, running, etc.Primarily biking, walking, running
Offline MapsPremium onlyFreemium (limited)
Route NavigationYesYes
Community FeaturesReviews, photos, social sharingReviews, photos
PriceFree (limited features); Pro $29.99/year; Pro+ $39.99/yearFree; TrailLink Unlimited $29.99/year
Visit WebsiteVisit Website
AllTrails vs TrailLink

The website known as AllTrails is capable of accommodating a wide variety of activities and provides a comprehensive database of various trails. Its power is in the community-driven content that contributes to the enrichment of your trail selections. This content includes user reviews, photographs, and social aspects, and it is what gives it its strength. The only people who can access offline maps, complex filters, and safety features like live tracking are those who have paid the Pro or Pro+ edition of the app.

TrailLink is particularly concerned with rail-trails and greenways, which are excellent environments for runners, walkers, and cyclists. In addition to providing thorough information on trail facilities, it excels in providing detailed descriptions of trails. Additionally, offline maps, route customisation, and extra filters are all included in the subscription version of TrailLink Unlimited.

AllTrails is designed to appeal to a wider audience, including hikers, bikers, runners, and other outdoor enthusiasts of both beginner and advanced skill levels. Because of its extensive route network and community amenities, it is an excellent destination for both seasoned explorers and those who are venturing into uncharted territories.

Riders on bicycles, pedestrians, and runners who like embarking on adventures along rail trails and greenways are the primary target audience for TrailLink. Through the provision of detailed descriptions and the emphasis placed on paved trails, it caters to individuals who are looking for routes that are not only easily accessible but also well-maintained.

AllTrails for Business stands out as a complete option that comes with strong tools for managing groups and important safety features. Businesses can use this tool to easily plan and oversee group activities, making sure that everything runs smoothly and that participants are more interested.

The group management tools make it easier to communicate, coordinate schedules, and keep track of participants, which makes the outdoor experience more organised and fun. In addition, adding safety features adds an extra layer of security by taking care of worries about emergencies, guidance, and real-time monitoring. TrailLink Pro, on the other hand, is made for groups whose main goal is to promote rail-trails and encourage outdoor activities.

Customised to meet the specific needs of these groups, TrailLink Pro provides unique tools and features that make promoting and managing rail-trails better. This platform makes it easy to combine rail-trail information, which makes it a useful tool for groups that want to get outdoor enthusiasts to use these marked paths. TrailLink Pro is a dedicated partner for businesses that want to make the most of their effect in the rail-trails and outdoor recreation fields.

AllTrails vs TrailLink

Both the AllTrails and TrailLink apps stand out because of the great features they have for finding trails. One thing that makes AllTrails stand out is its huge database and wide range of filters, which let users find a huge number of tracks that fit their tastes and skill levels. With a huge database of trails from all over the world, AllTrails makes it easy for outdoor enthusiasts to find new and interesting trails that fit their interests.

TrailLink, on the other hand, is different because it focuses on rail-trails and gives users thorough descriptions of trails. TrailLink is different because it focuses on rail-trails, which are special experiences for people who like the history and unique features of old train tracks that have been turned into trails. Users can read in-depth stories and learn new things about each rail-trail, which helps them understand and feel more connected to the places they travel through.

Both AllTrails and TrailLink are great at making it easy to find your way by providing reliable route navigation through user-friendly interfaces that include clear map overlays and accurate GPS tracking. Turn-by-turn guidance in AllTrails, especially in its Pro versions, makes navigation easier by giving users step-by-step instructions to make sure they stay on the right path and easily get to their goal. Through TrailLink, on the other hand, users can get basic route guidance that lets them understand their trail or route without needing detailed turn-by-turn directions.

One cool thing that both platforms have in common is that their paid plans include offline maps. Fans of the great outdoors who might go to places with slow or no internet access will find this very useful. Both apps are great for outdoor adventures in a variety of terrains and environments because they have offline maps that let users explore trails without thinking about losing access to important navigation information.

AllTrails: Pros

  • Vast trail database for various activities
  • User-generated content and reviews
  • Offline maps for reliable navigation
  • Social features for a connected experience

AllTrails: Cons

  • Limited mountain bike-specific features
  • Data-heavy app can drain battery
  • Focus on Rails-to-Trails paths
  • User-friendly interface
  • Freemium model with optional Pro subscription
  • Limited global trail coverage
  • Basic mapping features

Which one should you consider?

Who comes out on top will be determined by the priorities that you have. The best choice is AllTrails because it offers a vast selection of trails, insights from the community, and advanced features; but, in order to receive the full experience, you will need to pay for a subscription. TrailLink is superior to other services in terms of rail paths, thorough descriptions, and cost; nevertheless, it has a smaller number of routes and fewer features than other services that are comparable.


Can I use AllTrails or TrailLink offline?

By purchasing a Pro subscription, you will have access to AllTrails’ offline features.
The Pro subscription grants access to TrailLink, but only to a limited extent from offline locations.

Is there a free version of AllTrails and TrailLink?

Both AllTrails and TrailLink do, in fact, provide free versions that include the most fundamental functionality. With that being said, they also offer Pro subscriptions to users who are interested in gaining access to additional premium services.

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