Amazon Music vs SoundCloud: which platform offers the best?

Amazon Music is a service that lets you stream digital music from Amazon. It has a huge collection of songs, albums, and playlists in many different styles and languages. Users can get to Amazon Music through a web browser, apps for mobile devices, and smart speakers that are compatible. Amazon Music has different levels of subscriptions, such as Amazon Music Free, which is supported by ads, Amazon Music Prime, which comes with an Amazon Prime membership, and Amazon Music Unlimited, which is a paid subscription with a bigger library and more features.

SoundCloud, on the other hand, is an online platform for sharing and promoting music. Artists and creators can upload, share, and promote their music on SoundCloud. It has a big group of musicians, podcasters, and other people who make audio content. There are both free and paid ways to subscribe to SoundCloud. The free version lets users upload and stream music, while the paid version, called SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+, lets users listen to music without ads, play it when they are not connected to the internet, and get access to a bigger library of music.

Amazon Music Vs SoundCloud: Comparison Table

CategoryAmazon MusicSoundCloud
Music CatalogExtensive library with millions of songs and albumsDiverse collection including mainstream and independent music
StreamingOn-demand streaming of songs and albumsOn-demand streaming of songs and user-generated content
PricingSubscription-based with different plans (individual/family)Free tier with ads and premium subscription for ad-free
OfflineDownload songs for offline playbackOffline playback available for premium subscribers
User ContentLimited to official music releases and licensed tracksWide range of user-uploaded tracks, remixes, and podcasts
Social FeaturesBasic social sharing and playlistsEmphasis on user interaction, comments, and community
DiscoveryPersonalized recommendations based on listening habitsExtensive discovery of new and emerging artists
PlatformsAvailable on various platforms (web, mobile, smart devices)Available on various platforms (web, mobile, smart devices)
Official linkVisit WebsiteVisit Website

Amazon Music Vs SoundCloud User interface

Amazon Music Vs SoundCloud

The way Amazon Music and SoundCloud are used is different in a number of ways. Amazon Music has a clean, easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to look around and find new music. Users can easily find their way through the large collection of songs and albums, and the platform makes suggestions based on how they usually listen. The interface makes it easy to stream music on demand, and users can download songs to listen to when they are not online.

Amazon Music’s social features aren’t very advanced, and there aren’t many ways to share music or make playlists with other people. On the other hand, SoundCloud has a user interface that is more interactive and based on the community. It puts a lot of emphasis on content made by users and has a wide range of tracks, remixes, and podcasts.

Users can look for and find music that is not in the mainstream, with a strong focus on new artists. SoundCloud’s interface makes it easy for users to interact with each other by letting them comment, like, and share tracks. This makes artists and listeners feel like they are part of the same group. SoundCloud also lets you stream songs whenever you want, but its platform is different because it focuses on user-generated content and social features.

Amazon Music Vs SoundCloud Features

The best thing about SoundCloud is that it is interactive. People can share their favorite songs with their friends and followers by reposting them. While their spotlight feature will let users pin up to 5 tracks or playlists to the top of their profile page. SoundCloud also lets creators have a unique URL for their profile, which lets them share individual tracks, playlists, or their profile on different social media sites or blogs.

Amazon Music has a free subscription, but it doesn’t let you listen to music when you are not online. You can choose Amazon Prime, Amazon Unlimited Subscription, or Amazon Music HD if you want more features. A membership to Amazon Prime gives you access to more than 2 million songs and more than 2,000 playlists put together by Amazon experts.

You’ll also be able to stream without ads and listen offline. While Amazon Unlimited has more than 50 million songs and over 2000 playlists that were put together by hand. Plus, you can listen to music offline and skip songs as many times as you want. And Amazon Music HD, which is only available in the UK, the US, Germany, Japan, France, Austria, and Spain right now. It has 50 million CD-quality tracks that are not compressed and don’t lose quality, plus millions of ultra HD tracks.

Amazon Music Vs SoundCloud Platforms

Amazon Music Vs SoundCloud

Users can access Amazon Music and SoundCloud from a variety of devices to listen to their favorite songs because both services are available on various platforms. The functionality of Amazon Music is the same across web browsers, iOS and Android mobile apps, and smart devices with built-in apps like the Amazon Echo and Fire TV. This makes sure that people can listen to music on their favorite devices, whether they are at home or on the go.

In the same way, SoundCloud is a versatile platform. SoundCloud can be accessed through web browsers on computers as well as through apps for iOS and Android phones. The mobile apps for SoundCloud make it easy to find new music and stream it while you’re on the go. SoundCloud also works with a number of third-party apps and platforms, which helps it reach more people and gives users access to their favorite songs through different ecosystems.

Amazon Music: Pros and Cons


  • Extensive catalog with millions of songs and albums.
  • Availability on various platforms and devices.
  • Integration with Amazon Echo and Fire TV devices.


  • Mainly focused on mainstream and licensed music.
  • Less emphasis on community interaction and discovery of emerging artists.

SoundCloud: Pros and Cons


  • Diverse collection of user-generated content, remixes, and podcasts.
  • Integration with third-party platforms and apps.
  • Platform for emerging artists to showcase their work.


  • Limited catalog of mainstream releases and licensed tracks.
  • Ad-supported free tier may interrupt the listening experience.

Which one should you consider?

Music fans can enjoy different things on Amazon Music and SoundCloud. Amazon Music has a large selection of popular music and makes suggestions based on your tastes. SoundCloud, on the other hand, focuses on user-generated content and community interaction.

Amazon Music has an easy-to-use interface on many platforms, while SoundCloud is available on many platforms and works with apps from other companies. In the end, the choice between the two depends on each person’s tastes and how they want to listen to music.


Does SoundCloud sound better than Spotify?

There is a clear difference in sound quality between these music platforms. Spotify premium users can download files at up to 320 kbps, while the free version of SoundCloud only lets you download files at 160 kbps.

Is Amazon Music better than Spotify?

Overall, Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify both have pros and cons. Music Unlimited is the best choice when it comes to sound quality because it supports HD and Ultra HD formats, which have the best sound. Both services cost about the same and can be used on the same platforms.

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