Android Auto vs Apple Carplay: which one is better for your car?

The newest cars are safer than ever and use less petrol. They are also better for the environment and last longer. We have innovations like lane assist, backup cameras, and responsive braking systems that help you and everyone around you avoid terrible accidents and expensive repairs. But the in-dash displays are one of the safest parts of these cars that don’t get enough credit. The best ones give you relevant information and one-touch controls for music, navigation apps, and communication apps, even though you shouldn’t be talking on the phone while driving.

Over time, the displays have gotten bigger, with bigger buttons and easier-to-read text. This means that you don’t have to look at your dashboard as much when you should be looking at the road. You could use your smartphone, but it’s smaller, and if you mount it to your windscreen, it might block your view. A few decades ago, cars had much less technology than they do now.

In the 1980s, cassette decks, AM/FM radios, and expensive car phones were some of the first car technologies. In the 1990s, CD players, navigation systems, and high-end sound systems came out. These were the first steps towards features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which we use every day. Smartphones have become an important part of our lives because they help us stay in touch with people, our hobbies, the news, and our jobs.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are two popular infotainment systems that let drivers connect their smartphones to their car’s dashboard. This gives them access to music, maps, and messages, among other things. They have changed a lot about how drivers and passengers get information and entertainment in the car. They have also made it easier and safer for drivers to use their phones while driving. Here’s how they compare to one another.

Android auto vs Apple carplay: Comparison table

SpecificationAndroid AutoApple CarPlay
AvailabilityAvailable on many Android devices and in many car modelsAvailable on iPhones and select car models
User InterfaceIntuitive and customizableSimple and consistent with Apple’s design language
NavigationGoogle Maps, Waze, and other third-party navigation appsApple Maps and third-party navigation apps
MessagingSMS, WhatsApp, and other messaging appsiMessage and third-party messaging apps
MusicSpotify, Pandora, and other music appsApple Music and other music apps
Voice AssistantGoogle AssistantSiri
Phone CallsAllows making and receiving callsAllows making and receiving calls
CompatibilityWorks with both Android and iOS devicesWorks only with iOS devices
Official linkVisit websiteVisit website

Android auto vs Apple carplay User interface

Android auto vs Apple carplay

Up until recently, the Android Auto interface only let you see one app at a time on the car’s screen; there was no way to switch between apps. On the other hand, since iOS 13, Apple CarPlay has had a dashboard UI that puts music, maps, and Siri suggestions all on one screen. This makes it easier to see everything you need at once, without having to switch between apps.

Google recently updated Android auto so that shortcuts to the most recently used music, navigation, and phone apps are always at the bottom. This makes it easier to get to these apps while driving and brings it up to par with its competitor. The Now Playing card is also smart because it knows which app you use most often and shows either Spotify or YouTube Music. It’s not perfect because you can’t fully change the layout, but it does make it easier to use.

Android auto vs Apple Carplay Navigation

Both kinds of car operating systems have Google Maps. Users can use the voice assistant with Google’s advanced global navigation system without any problems on Apple CarPlay, where it is available as a third-party app. When compared to Google Maps, Apple Maps still has some work to do. Also, Apple Maps is a deal breaker for many people because it can’t tell where you are when you speak.

Android auto vs Apple Carplay Voice assistants

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto both use the voice assistants that come with their respective platforms, Siri for Apple and Google Assistant for Android. In either case, you can use your voice to make phone calls, ask for directions, and control how music plays.

When it comes to voice recognition, Google Assistant has always been better than Siri. It usually has less trouble with a wider range of commands used in conversation. Still, Siri has gotten a lot better in this area, and a future update that Apple said would come sometime in 2023 may help close the gap even more.

Both will be able to do their car-related tasks well, so the difference comes down to extras that you might think of as icing on the cake, like the fact that Google Assistant can connect directly to a lot more third-party apps than Siri can. Google Assistant will also show you in real time how it is typing any messages you want to send. This can help you catch any embarrassing typos before you send the message.

Android auto vs Apple carplay Calls and notifications

Whether you want to or not, you’ll probably get messages and calls while driving. Even though both systems are made to handle these safely, Apple CarPlay is more annoying than Android Auto because banners show up at the bottom of the screen. This makes it hard to see where you need to go if you need help. At the top of the screen on Android Auto, there are ads.

Android Auto, unlike Apple CarPlay, lets you ignore or turn off a notification. This is useful if you don’t want to hear about updates sent to a WhatsApp group but still want to hear about other notifications.

Android Auto is quiet when it comes to “reading” a notification. On the other hand, Apple CarPlay takes up the whole screen, which is distracting while driving. Worse, Apple CarPlay shows it on the whole screen when a call comes in, which covers up what was on the screen before. Android Auto, on the other hand, has a small banner at the top of the screen. If you pick it up, the first operating system stays on the call page, but Android Auto shows the controls in the dock.

Android auto vs Apple carplay Screenshots

Android auto vs Apple carplay

Even though it’s still uncommon to take a screenshot while driving, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto both let you take a small piece of the screen and share it. But with an iPhone, it’s as easy as pressing the volume up and side buttons at the same time. With Android Auto, it’s more of a pain. You probably won’t choose an iPhone over an Android phone to take screenshots of your car’s screen, but if you need to, you’d better have an Apple device.

Android auto: Pros and Cons


  • On a lot of Android devices and in a lot of car models
  • User interface that is easy to use and can be changed.
  • Provides a safer way to talk on the phone while driving.


  • Not sure if it will work with all car models and entertainment systems.
  • Requires a compatible Android phone to use
  • Not all countries or regions may have access to all features.

Apple carplay: Pros and Cons


  • On iPhones and certain car models.
  • Works for voice control with Siri
  • Provides a safer way to talk on the phone while driving.


  • Only works with iPhones and iPads
  • Not sure if it will work with all car models and entertainment systems.
  • Not all cars can connect to the internet wirelessly.

Which one should you consider?

Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are popular ways to connect a smartphone to a car’s infotainment system. These systems let users access their phone’s apps and functions through the car’s infotainment system.

Android Auto is available on a wider range of cars and devices and gives you more control over how it looks and which apps it works with. It also works well with the rest of Google’s services, like Google Maps and Google Assistant.

On the other hand, Apple CarPlay is easier to use and more seamless for people who are already invested in the Apple ecosystem. It works better with Siri and Apple Music as well.

In the end, the choice between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay comes down to personal preference, the type of phone and car you have, and the features and apps that are most important to you. Both systems let you use your phone while driving in a safer and more convenient way, and they can make driving in general a better experience.


What is one advantage of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are made to make driving safer by reducing the number of things that can distract you. They do this by letting you control them with your voice and making the interfaces easy to use so you can keep your eyes on the road.

What is better Android Auto or Apple CarPlay?

On CarPlay, you can use Google apps like Maps, Play Books, and Play Music. However, Android Auto only works with Apple Music, which is from a competitor. Still, Android Auto has better app support, and the Android for Cars App Library has a better set of navigation features, media recommendations, and more.

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