Apple iPhone 14 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 series in September 2022. This time, most of the interesting updates were made in the Pro department. So if you plan to buy an iPhone 14, you might consider the 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max variants. The 2022 offerings include a brand new Dynamic Island, Always-On Display support, the A16 Bionic chip, an updated 48MP main camera, and more.

This is the Apple iPhone 14 Pro versus the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus-the battle between two $999 smartphones. Apple has introduced a powerful new chipset called the A16 Bionic, based on a 4nm process. While the Samsung S22+ has a great camera setup, the iPhone 14 has a new and improved camera system.

It is never easy to answer this question, especially considering how similar the current product lines of Samsung and Apple are to each other. However, Apple has accomplished something unique with the iPhone 14 Pro. iOS is now almost as customizable as Android while maintaining its commitment to privacy. The iPhone 14 Pro is an overall superior camera, if you want it. Although Apple does not make a firm commitment, the S22+ guarantees four years of Android updates.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus


Both the iPhone 14 and the Galaxy S22+ look sleek enough not to be a problem. The iPhone 14 Pro is very similar to the iPhone 13 Pro in terms of appearance, but now has a replacement for the notch, a pill-shaped cutout called Dynamic Island. The user interface surrounding this implementation is also quite impressive. The iPhone 14 has the same flat design, while the S22+ has a more curvilinear design. Aside from size, both phones feature solid materials. Again, however, there is a key difference.

Both phones have a glass sandwich, but the iPhone uses a stainless steel frame, while the Galaxy S22 has an aluminum body. This is the main reason why the iPhone 14 is heavier despite being smaller. It will also have better structural integrity, especially in the frame, than the S22+. As for the glasses, the iPhone 14’s Ceramic Shield glass screen is more impact resistant than the S22+’s Gorilla Glass Victus+. The latter, however, is more scratch-resistant than the Phone 14’s glass.


Regarding the display, the first thing that is noticeable is the difference in size. The iPhone 14 Pro has a 6.1-inch screen, while the Galaxy S22 Plus has a 6.6-inch screen. More importantly, the iPhone has a higher resolution than the Galaxy. So, if size matters more to you than clarity, buy from Samsung. If not, buy from Apple. Both OLED displays support a refresh rate of 120 Hz, but the Galaxy S22 Plus has a gaming mode that brings it up to 240 Hz. So if you tend to play mobile video games a lot, you might consider this mode. Animations will probably be smoother.

Both phones support the Always-On Display (AOD) feature, although not everyone is a fan of Apple’s execution as too bright and vivid. Speaking of brightness, though, the iPhone has a peak brightness of 2,000 nits outdoors. The Samsung phone reaches about half that. So if you tend to use your phone in direct sunlight, you will appreciate the ease with which you can view content on the iPhone’s screen.


Samsung had the flagship Qualcomm chip in the S22+ when it debuted, but the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has since received a sequel that corrected some of its flaws. On the other hand, Apple has put a brand new 4-nm A16 Bionic in the iPhone 14 Pro, and it is safe to say that this chip can beat the 8 Gen 1, because the A15 Bionic did as well. In regular use, you are unlikely to notice much difference in performance, but the A16 Bionic will be more useful if you are a frequent user.

As for storage space, the iPhone 14 Pro comes in capacities of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB. The Galaxy S22+ has only 128GB and 256GB, with no higher options. Although 256GB is sufficient, the lack of higher storage options makes the S22+ a bad option for those who need local storage space. If you want to do a lot of photography and video recording, the iPhone 14 is better for you.


Smartphones have replaced dedicated digital cameras for many people. We have reached a point where these advanced camera systems produce mesmerizing results. And as we continue to document our lives on online and offline platforms, camera quality becomes something that many users examine before making a purchase. Fortunately, both the iPhone 14 Pro and the Galaxy S22 Plus are equipped with excellent lenses that should capture and immortalize your memories gracefully. However, there are some differences between the two.

For starters, both have a triple rear camera system. These include prime/field, ultra-field and telephoto lenses. Looking at the table of specifications above, we see that those on the iPhone, in most cases, have a better aperture and/or resolution. However, the differences are not excessive and both phones produce shots that belong to our era. The gallery above includes samples taken with the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Note that both phones have identical camera systems, so even with the smaller iPhone Pro you can get the same results. Below is a gallery taken with a Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus. You can click on individual images to view larger versions. I will not say which shots I prefer because it is a subjective matter.


A few years ago the debate between Android and iOS was very different from what it is today. Today, both operating systems offer a similar feature set while retaining some of their individual personalities. Android is more flexible, but iOS excels in user privacy and stability. The iPhone 14 Pro comes with iOS 16, which was a major upgrade for the operating system.

The iPhone 14 Pro offers some unique features that the Samsung Galaxy S22+ does not have. First of all, we have satellite-based emergency SOS. This feature allows users to send a message to emergency services for help if they are stranded without a cellular or Wi-Fi signal. Another new feature exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro is Crash Detection, which can detect an accident and contact emergency services and its own emergency contacts.


As for the battery, both phones can last a full day of average use on a single charge. However, their charging technologies differ substantially. For starters, the Samsung phone offers a USB Type-C port, which allows for faster data transfer speeds and is more universally adopted. In contrast, the iPhone 14 Pro still uses the decades-old Lightning port. Although both ports work, the one on the iPhone is inferior. In addition to wired charging, both phones also support wireless charging. In Samsung’s case, Qi support is available on the Galaxy S22 Plus. On the iPhone 14 Pro, on the other hand, both Qi and MagSafe support is available.

However, in terms of wireless charging, Samsung offers a feature that makes it truly unique. The Galaxy S22 Plus supports Wireless PowerShare, which allows other Qi-enabled accessories to be charged through the phone. For the time being, this feature is not present on iPhones. As a result, this round is a win for Samsung because of the superior port and reverse wireless charging capabilities it includes.

Final Words

As can be seen from the above, the iPhone 14 Pro wins in performance and camera. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S22 Plus is superior in terms of design and battery technology. As for the display, it is a tie as different people look for different things. Keep in mind that these phones are not the same size.

The Apple phone has a 6.1-inch screen, while the Samsung one is 6.6 inches. So if you have a size preference, this will probably end the battle. Similarly, if you are tied to a specific ecosystem and are not willing to diversify, then you may not have a choice.

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