Conan Exiles vs Enshrouded: which survival game is best?

Compare Conan Exiles and Enshrouded for the ultimate survival adventure. Discover strengths, weaknesses and gameplay differences.

As one of the most famous survival games of all time, Conan Exiles drops players into the harsh Hyborian Age, a world made up by Robert E. Howard. The environments in the game are as different as the difficulties they offer. They range from the tall peaks of frozen mountains to the scorching heat of empty deserts. Conan Exiles puts a lot of stress on base building.

Players can build huge fortresses that not only protect them from the many dangers, but also serve as hubs for crafting, managing resources, and even political intrigue on multiplayer servers. On the other hand, Enshrouded goes into unexplored territory of the supernatural, giving it a creepy atmosphere and supernatural elements that make it stand out.

The game takes players into a hauntingly beautiful world full of strange animals and strange events. The story and survival elements of Enshrouded are deeply connected, and the game encourages players to find out more about a mysterious world.

Conan Exiles vs Enshrouded: Pricing

Conan Exiles is a video game that can be played on desktop computers, PlayStation, and Xbox, among other platforms. The pricing structure is different for each edition and platform, and there are opportunities to receive discounts on occasion during sales. The game also has downloadable content (DLC), which allows players to access new features and material.

A similar price scheme is utilised for Enshrouded, which is a video game that can be played on personal computers, PlayStation, and Xbox. There may be a base game pricing, and additional downloadable content options may be available for increased gameplay. You should keep an eye out for deals and packages that could potentially increase the value of the item you are purchasing.

Conan Exiles vs Enshrouded: Comparison Table

Use our full comparison table to learn everything you need to know about Conan Exiles and Enshrouded. This table breaks down important factors to help you pick the best survival adventure, from how the game works to how it looks. Read the fine print and make an informed choice about your next gaming encounter.

FeatureConan ExilesEnshrouded
Release20182023 (Early Access)
GenreSurvival, Open World, Action RPGSurvival, Building, Exploration
SettingBrutal fantasy, Conan the BarbarianWhimsical cartoon, vibrant landscapes
MultiplayerUp to 40 players, persistent serversUp to 10 players, dedicated servers available
ModdingExtensive modding communityModding tools planned
Visit websiteVisit website

Conan Exiles vs Enshrouded: User Interface and Experience

Conan Exiles vs Enshrouded

The interface of Conan Exiles is very user-friendly, and the controls are very easy to understand. The head-up display (also known as the HUD) is well-designed and provides critical information without being overly cluttered. The crafting method in the game is simple to understand, which results in a gratifying experience for the player.

The user interface of Enshrouded, which is noted for its atmospheric horror, is kept simple in order to fully immerse players in the game’s unsettling universe. Controls that are responsive contribute to an overall improvement in the experience. Nevertheless, in order to preserve the atmosphere of suspense, the user interface might be less conventional.

Conan Exiles vs Enshrouded: Graphics and Visuals

The video game Conan Exiles contains a variety of realistic weather effects, intricate character models, and breathtaking settings. The harsh desert and treacherous dungeons are brought to life thanks to the game’s graphic fidelity, which helps to the sense of immersion that the game provides.

Enshrouded places a strong emphasis on atmospheric imagery in order to elicit a feeling of fear. Environments that are dark and ominous, as well as character designs that are intricate, all contribute to the game’s horror vibe. A significant contribution to the development of tension is made by the lighting and shadows.

Conan Exiles vs Enshrouded: Character Customization and Progression

The game Conan Exiles provides players with a wide variety of character customisation choices, enabling them to make decisions on their appearance and attributes. Acquisition of resources, creation of equipment, and construction of structures are all part of the progression system, which is necessary for survival and growth.

In comparison to Conan Exiles, Enshrouded may offer a more restricted level of character customisation, with the primary emphasis being placed on the survival horror experience. The progression of the game is driven by exploration, the discovery of the narrative, and the survival of confrontations with terrible things.

Conan Exiles vs Enshrouded: Multiplayer Features

There are two types of multiplayer modes available in Conan Exiles: player versus environment (PvE) and player vs player (PvP). In order to create a variety of gameplay experiences, players have the ability to join or host private servers. Clan structures make it possible for organisations to flourish in the tough environment.

It is possible that Enshrouded will have an element of multiplayer gameplay, which might include either cooperative survival or competitive modes. It is possible that the horror scene could become more intense if friends were involved, which would increase the level of anxiety.

Conan Exiles vs Enshrouded: Communication Style

It is common practice for Conan Exiles to maintain communication with the player community by means of regular updates, patch notes, and development blogs. The developers maintain an active engagement with the community, resolving questions and problems and incorporating feedback from players.

It’s possible that developers who are shrouded in mystery will adopt a communication style that is more cryptic or secretive, in keeping with the horror theme. In order to offer an additional layer of suspense for players, teasers, cryptic messages, and lore revelations could be implemented.

Conan Exiles vs Enshrouded: Performance and Technical Aspects

As time has progressed, Conan Exiles has been subjected to optimisations, which have addressed both performance concerns and bugs. Generally speaking, the game operates smoothly on the hardware that is suggested, which guarantees that gamers will have a pleasant experience.

There is a possibility that Enshrouded’s performance will be manipulated in order to generate tension, with the possibility of inserting deliberate stutters or glitches in order to intensify the horror mood. However, in order to guarantee a playable and interesting experience, developers work hard to strike a balance between the two.

Conan Exiles vs Enshrouded: Community and Modding Support

An active modding community exists for Conan Exiles, and there are a great number of player-created mods that improve gameplay, visuals, and the overall content of the game. Modding is actively supported and encouraged by the developers, which helps to maintain a creative environment within the community.

Because of its narrative and horror focus, Enshrouded may take a different approach to modding than other games. It is possible that the limited modding capabilities are a deliberate decision made in order to maintain the atmosphere that was intended; nonetheless, official support for particular modifications may still be present.

Conan Exiles vs Enshrouded: Future Updates and Expectations

Conan Exiles vs Enshrouded

Throughout its lifetime, Conan Exiles has received regular updates and expansions, which have resulted in the addition of new content, features, and enhancements. Ongoing support and a roadmap that outlines upcoming updates to the game are also things that players need to anticipate.

It is possible that future updates to Enshrouded will focus on enhancing the overall experience, introducing additional dangers, and developing the horror tale. It is possible that the makers would keep the next material a mystery in order to surprise and captivate the players.

Conan Exiles: Pros

  • Rich graphics and immersive environments.
  • Extensive character customization.
  • Robust multiplayer features.

Conan Exiles: Cons

  • Occasional performance issues.
  • Learning curve for new players.

Enshrouded: Pros

  • Atmospheric horror setting.
  • Unique communication style.
  • Potentially innovative multiplayer elements.

Enshrouded: Cons

  • Limited character customization.
  • May not appeal to all survival game enthusiasts.

Which one should you consider?

Your personal preferences are the most important factor to consider while deciding between Conan Exiles and Enshrouded. It is possible that Conan Exiles is the superior option for you if you are looking for a game that offers a proven multiplayer experience, large landscapes, and rich character customisation. Enshrouded, on the other hand, can be the best option for you if you are looking for a survival game that focuses on horror and features a mystery communication style as well as components that are unique to multiplayer.


Will Enshrouded become more expensive after Early Access?

The price has not been established, but you should anticipate an increase once the product is fully released.

Which game has more content?

At the moment, Conan has a greater amount of content available because its development cycle is longer. While the game is in Early Access, Enshrouded is working hard to introduce new features.

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