ExpressVPN vs ZenMate VPN: which VPN offers best security?

Comparing ExpressVPN and ZenMate with Regards to Their Servers, Speeds, and Secrets

Both ZenMate VPN and ExpressVPN are virtual private network (VPN) services that cater to diverse consumer requirements. ExpressVPN is a premium alternative that offers top-tier security, high speeds, and a huge server network. Because of these features, it is great for those who are concerned about maintaining their privacy and browsing efficiently.

The ZenMate VPN, on the other hand, has an emphasis on simplicity and economy, and it offers security measures that are fundamental yet effective. The ZenMate VPN caters to a more general audience that is looking for basic protection, in contrast to ExpressVPN, which is geared towards professional customers that have extensive requirements.

You can choose between ExpressVPN, which offers advanced security and performance, and ZenMate VPN, which offers a service that is both user-friendly and affordable. The choice between the two depends on your priorities.

ExpressVPN vs ZenMate VPN Pricing

If you plan to pay for a VPN service every month, these won’t be the most affordable options. ExpressVPN is among the more expensive options, coming in at $12.95 USD per month, with ZenMate not far behind at $10.99. However, if you’re willing to subscribe for a longer period of time, both VPNs offer substantial savings.

PlanExpressVPNZenMate VPN

No matter how you slice it, ZenMate is the more affordable choice. ExpressVPN’s longest subscription period is one year (at $99.95), suggesting it aims for subscribers with a medium commitment. In contrast, ZenMate allows customers to prepay for three years of service. There’s no reason not to sign up for this plan, as it only costs a few dollars more than an annual subscription ($59 vs. $53.88). The additional three months are complimentary, reducing the monthly cost of ZenMate to just $1.51. Customers of ExpressVPN, on the other hand, would have to shell out $6.67 monthly for the same level of protection.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee with both ZenMate and ExpressVPN. This guarantees that you can try out each service and get your money back if it doesn’t live up to your standards. You can try ZenMate for seven days at no cost, and you won’t even have to enter your credit card details. However, it is not entirely clear on the website how to gain access to this; rather than using the website, you must create an account by downloading the mobile application.

ExpressVPN vs ZenMate VPN Comparison Table

With ZenMate, you can pick any port you like. Because of this, you can use networks that otherwise would not permit VPN connections. However, with ExpressVPN, you won’t be able to decrypt any data packet without first having access to the one before it.

FeatureExpressVPNZenMate VPN
SecurityTop-tier encryption, strict no-logs policyBasic yet effective security features
SpeedHigh-speed connectionsEmphasizes simplicity and affordability
Server NetworkVast global networkOffers server locations in various countries
User-Friendly InterfaceIntuitive design, suitable for all usersSimple and user-friendly interface
PricingPremium pricing, includes advanced featuresAffordable option, catering to budget-conscious users

ExpressVPN vs ZenMate VPN: User Interface and Ease of Use

 ExpressVPN vs ZenMate VPN

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service that offers a user interface that is accessible to both novice and experienced customers alike. It is possible for users to connect to servers with just a few clicks thanks to the streamlined design, which guarantees a hassle-free experience.

Additionally, ZenMate VPN places an emphasis on user-friendliness. The user interface is designed to be uncluttered and uncomplicated, making it suitable for users of varying skill levels. Because of ZenMate’s straightforward interface, the application is easy to navigate, which results in a VPN experience that is uninterrupted.

ExpressVPN vs ZenMate VPN: Security Features and Protocols

ExpressVPN is committed to providing a secure service and uses encryption that meets the highest industry standards. Considering that ExpressVPN supports numerous protocols, including OpenVPN, and employs AES-256 bit encryption, users can have faith that the service will protect their actions over the internet.

Additionally, ZenMate VPN places an emphasis on advanced security protocols. AES-256 bit encryption is utilised, and it is compatible with protocols such as IKEv2 and L2TP/IPsec among others. As a result of ZenMate’s dedication to security, users are provided with a safe and secure online environment.

ExpressVPN vs ZenMate VPN: Privacy and Logging Policies

 ExpressVPN vs ZenMate VPN

The no-logs policy of ExpressVPN is quite stringent, which ensures that users’ internet actions are not being monitored or recorded. ExpressVPN, which has its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands, operates outside the jurisdiction of data retention laws, which ensures that users’ privacy is protected.

To further emphasise the importance of user privacy, ZenMate VPN adheres to a no-logs policy. ZenMate, which has its headquarters in Germany, is committed to protecting users’ data in accordance with the severe privacy standards that are in place in Europe.

ExpressVPN vs ZenMate VPN: Customer Support

ExpressVPN is an industry leader in customer care, providing live chat assistance around the clock. The customer service crew is well-informed and quick to respond, which guarantees a speedy response to any questions or complaints that may arise.

The customer care offered by ZenMate is dependable and includes both live chat and email assistance respectively. Their customer service team is quick to respond during business hours, despite the fact that they are not available around the clock.

ExpressVPN: Pros

  • Top-tier security features
  • High-speed connections

ExpressVPN: Cons

  • Premium pricing may be higher than some competitors

ZenMate VPN: Pros

  • Simplicity and affordability
  • User-friendly interface

ZenMate VPN: Cons

  • Basic security features may not meet advanced user needs

ExpressVPN vs ZenMate VPN: Overall Winner

In the battle between ExpressVPN and ZenMate VPN, ExpressVPN comes out on top. Both ExpressVPN and ZenMate offer strong security and encryption, but ExpressVPN is better than ZenMate because it has more servers, faster connection speeds, and works reliably on more platforms. ExpressVPN is the best choice for users who want a premium VPN service that works well and is easy to use. Its easy-to-use interface, great customer service, and ability to get around geo-restrictions make it the best choice.


Is there a better VPN than ExpressVPN?

Our tests showed that NordVPN is the best VPN, but ExpressVPN isn’t far behind. NordVPN and ExpressVPN are two of the fastest VPNs you can use. Virtual private networks all slow down your internet connection a bit, but these two companies do it the least.

Is ZenMate VPN reliable?

ZenMate is safe to use, yes. The best encryption and VPN protocols are used, so ZenMate will keep your information safe.

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