FigJam vs Mural: which collaboration/whiteboarding tool is best?

FigJam and Mural are platforms for collaboration, but FigJam is simpler, while Mural offers advanced features for creativity.

Both FigJam and Mural are dynamic online collaboration tools that are aimed to improve ideation and teamwork via the use of visuals. In addition to being a component of the Figma platform, FigJam provides users with a whiteboard experience that is both minimalistic and interactive, thereby encouraging spontaneous and creative collaboration. The fact that it places an emphasis on freeform expression makes it an excellent tool for ideation and brainstorming.

On the other hand, Mural is an all-encompassing digital workplace that facilitates visual collaboration by means of frameworks and templates that may be customised to the user’s preferences. The facilitation of structured brainstorming sessions, workshops, and design thinking processes is one area in which it works exceptionally well. The goal of both systems is to enhance cooperation; FigJam has an emphasis on simplicity and spontaneity, whereas Mural offers a visual collaboration environment that is more structured and versatile.

FigJam vs Mural Comparison Table

Both FigJam and Mural are dependent on the manner in which you collaborate. For those who place an emphasis on impromptu and creative collaboration while maintaining a simple approach, FigJam is an indispensable tool.

User InterfaceMinimalist, interactive whiteboardComprehensive digital workspace
Collaboration ApproachSpontaneous and creativeStructured, customizable templates
FocusFreeform expression and creativityStructured brainstorming and design thinking
Integration CapabilitiesPart of Figma platformVersatile integrations
StrengthsAgile collaboration, simplicityStructured brainstorming, design thinking
Use CasesIdeal for spontaneous ideationSuited for workshops, design thinking processes
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FigJam vs Mural: User Interface and Experience

FigJam vs Mural

The user interface of FigJam is designed to be user-friendly and has an emphasis on simplicity and intuitiveness. Through the provision of a streamlined environment for ideation and collaboration, the platform is intended to improve the overall user experience. FigJam ensures that users can quickly adapt to its capabilities by providing a layout that is clear and straightforward. This is done in order to nurture a creative process that is both more productive and more pleasurable.

Additionally, Mural places an emphasis on providing a user-friendly interface; yet, it differentiates itself by taking a more visual and dynamic approach. By utilising a comprehensive collection of tools and capabilities, the platform intends to produce an experience that is completely immersive. The user interface of Mural is intended to stimulate creative thinking and improve teamwork, making it an excellent option for groups that have a preference for communication that is driven by visuals.

FigJam vs Mural: Collaboration and Teamwork

Due to its real-time editing capabilities, FigJam is particularly effective when it comes to teamwork and collaboration. Multiple users are able to work simultaneously on the same canvas, which helps to cultivate a sense of teamwork and ensures that ideas may be collaboratively produced and shared without any interruptions. An assortment of collaborative tools, such as comments and reactions, are also made available by FigJam in order to improve the communication that takes place within teams.

Mural is well-known for the significant focus it places on working together and collaborating within a visual environment. The technology enables real-time collaboration, which makes it possible for teams to work together on tasks that are very difficult. Some of the collaborative capabilities that are available in Mural include the capability to add sticky notes, comments, and interactive elements that make dynamic teaming and idea generation easier to accomplish.

FigJam vs Mural: Integrations and Compatibility

FigJam vs Mural

Because it was developed with compatibility and integrations in mind, FigJam is able to provide smooth connections with a wide variety of applications developed by third parties. Users are able to combine FigJam with well-known applications like Slack, Google Drive, and Trello, which not only improves the efficiency of workflows but also ensures that FigJam is able to integrate without any problems into preexisting work ecosystems.

Users are able to connect with applications like as Jira, Microsoft Teams, and Dropbox thanks to Mural’s support for a wide variety of integrations and compatibility choices. It is possible for teams to integrate Mural into their existing technology stack without causing any disruptions thanks to the variety of the platform’s integration capabilities.

FigJam vs Mural: Use Cases and Industries

Design teams, marketing experts, and creative firms are all perfect candidates for using FigJam since it excels in creative collaboration, which is where it finds its greatest potential. Because it places a strong emphasis on visual components and real-time collaboration, the platform is particularly well-suited for design thinking, wireframing, and brainstorming sessions.

Mural was designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses and applications. Mural is a versatile platform that can accommodate a wide range of professional requirements, including tasks such as project management and design thinking, as well as remote collaboration and agile approaches. Because of its versatility, it is an invaluable asset for teams working in a variety of industries.

FigJam: Pros

  • Agile and freeform expression.
  • Part of the Figma platform.

FigJam: Cons

  • May be perceived as less suitable for structured processes.

Mural: Pros

  • Structured collaboration with customizable templates.
  • Versatile integrations.

Mural: Cons

  • May have a steeper learning curve.

Which is better?

Both FigJam and Mural are available, depending on how you choose to collaborate. When it comes to creating a whiteboard experience that is uncluttered, spontaneous, and interactive, FigJam excels. This makes it a perfect platform for freeform expression and creativity. It is suitable for teams that are looking for a more fluid and agile environment for cooperation.

On the other hand, Mural provides a comprehensive digital workspace that includes templates that can be customised. As a result, it is ideal for facilitating activities such as structured brainstorming sessions and design thinking processes.


Is FigJam worth it?

Drawing diagrams in FigJam is simple and easy. I can make process diagrams for internal use and diagrams for customers to help them understand how things work. FigJam’s present product doesn’t really have any problems.

What is FigJam?

FigJam is an online tool that you and your team can use to work together on ideas and come up with new ones. You don’t need to know anything about drawing tools to start jamming. Everyone can participate in FigJam files because they are small and open.

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